dvd recorder basic questions

bluezephyrSeptember 26, 2006

I've been talking to friends, co-workers, and salespeople at retailers as well as checking the net and I'm still confused. If anyone could help me out here I'd really appreciate it.

I have Directv satellite. I'm looking to buy a dvd recorder so I can record the following:

1. HBO programs and movies

2. Network shows (Lost, etc)

3. Other cable shows (Mythbusters, etc)

Is possible to record any or all of these? Does each station (HGTV, etc.) have their own prohibitions?

Thanks very much. I've heard every explanation under the sun and they all conflict.

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You're not interested in a Directv DVR? If you can find one, I have the Directv with TIVO HR10-250 which I really like.
Directv has it's own DVR's without TIVO.
My brother has a Panasonic DVD recorder and it sounds like it does what you want to do. He uses it on cable.
Check out the DVD recorders on the Panasonic web site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Panasonic

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Thanks for the info and suggestions.

Are you able to record premium channels (HBO, Showtime, etc) with the Directv DVR? I've heard so many conflicting stories. Do you know if your brother is able to record premium channels with his setup?

I'll check out the link. Much appreciated.

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blue: I also have a Panasonic DVD Recorder, a combo unit with a VCR. You can record basically anything EXCEPT commercial videotapes, most often they are copy-protected. Likewise, you usually cannot make a copy of a commercial DVD to a VHS tape. However, you can record whatever signal comes into the unit (cable for instance) on either format. The tricky part is the format of the disks: +R, -R, etc. Difference machines take different formats, the Panasonic takes several, the different formats have somewhat different procedures. I've posted on this topic in the past, you might try a search.

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Hey Steve,

Thanks for the reply, and the reminder about formats. I'm also looking at a Panasonic combo unit. What concerns me is that some people say I cannot record premium channels with Directv- and some say I can. I've also heard that some stations like TLC or HGTV also cannot be recorded off Directv.

If I can't record the premium channels, I'll probably hold off on the dvd recorder for now as my vcr works fine. But it's perplexing when everyone has a different answer.

I appreciate the feedback.

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I want to hook one VCR/DVD recorder/Player to another VCR/DVD recorder/player and then to my TV, so that i can record cartoons from DVD to VCR for my grandbabies who only have VCR in their room, and as you know you can not record from the same DVD that is in the unit your trying to record too, so im tryin to figure out a way around it without buying a bunch more parts to do it, the s video cables are out of the question,i dont like the pic they put out, but i have loads of RC cables to use, just need to know how to hook it all up and make it work, thanks ASAP!

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I've had a couple of Directv with TIVO receivers over the last 5 or 6 years, and there hasn't been anything I could not record, including HBO/Showtime nd PPV channels.
I follow several satellite TV forums and I've seen nothing about the newer Directv DVRs without TIVO not being able to record everything.
In fact, when one of the premium channels has a free weekend, I record a lot of movies.

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Thanks for the additional feedback. Sounds like Directv DVRs would be great- but it raises another question: Does the Directv DVR record to disc, or does it just stay on its hard drive?

I'm looking for something that will record to disc- so I can play them on a laptop. Maybe I'll have to re-check the Panasonic DVR.

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I just got DirecTV. They gave me a DVR, but I have 3 rooms hooked up. I want to continue use my Panasonic Showstopper DVR but it doesn't recognize the DirecTV signals. Anyone know how to make this work? or am I just out of luck?

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