RP: Best compact fluorescent bulbs?

stumpystumpJune 24, 2006

Put this post in kitchen forum too, but thought y'all might help me too!!

Hello all!

Looking to get some CFL's -- I have had a few, but I am going to replace all of them now.

Looking for any help on brand and "color" of the bulb. (I guess it's by Kelvins the higher being a truer or dayitme light.)

I am hoping to find a right balance -- nothing to yellow or too bright. Any help would be appreciated!!!

Also looking for a CFL that can be used on a dimmer switch -- I know they exist. 9I just haven't had any luck yet)

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My local big orange place always has a pretty good selection of CFL's . . including "daylight" spectrum bulbs. I've had pretty decent luck with the Commercial Electric brand they sell there . .

I've even seen CFL floods, bug lights, and 3-ways as well . . .


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I'm so glad you asked that question. I have a great source for compact fluorescent bulbs--it's Energy Federation, Inc. The website is energyfederation.org or efi.org. Go to 'Consumer Division' then 'Lighting' then 'Bulbs.' They have every imaginable compact fluorescent bulb with good information about warm v. cool v. daylight, efficiency, and life on each bulb they sell. I bought dimmable c.f.'s there that work great and have a nice warm color. They cost $6.50 each for 15 watts (60 watt equivalent) or $6.75 each for 20 watts (75 watt equivalent). I also bought a great floor lamp there that has a very bright circular fluorescent bulb. Oh, yes, I bought candelabra-base bulbs there for my dining room light fixture.


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