installing new flat screen pleas help!!!

marilyn234September 30, 2010

Okay, we are installing a flat screen on the wall and contractor installed tube in the wall for wires. We have direct tv, dvd and dvr and new surround sound. My son said all we need is a good HDMI cable and the plug through the wall so this is what we did. He said that no other wires have to come from the tv through the wall as he ordered us a 5.1 I think he said receiver with our new surround sound. Now my Dad is saying he is wrong that the wires have to come from the tv through the wall for the dvr,dvd etc or we will lose quality. I bought a monster cable so we wouldnt lose quality. Please if anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate it. TV will be ready to hang over weekend and I am so confused. Who is right??? Hooking with short hdmi cables from the 5.1 to the dvr and dvd or wires directly from tv through the wall..

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unfortunately the only way to get true (DTS-HD Master Audio),found on blu-ray players, and most newer electronics you have to bring the HDMI to the receiver first then to the T.V,as it only passes this signal on the HDMI cable.As for older stuff like a dvd player that is just your standard (DTS) or 5.1,you have the option of running for example:the fiber optic cable to the receiver,and your video cables to the TV.It is your choice really but like i said with most newer electronics to enjoy the full (DTS HD) sound you will have to pass it thru the receiver.If you choose to hook up all of your electronics straight to the TV with HDMI cables you will not get the (5.1),just stereo sound.

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HDMI cables are the only way to go. You need to lay out how you want your system to work, there are really 2 things to consider;

Do you want all of your audio to go through the Stereo System, or through the TV?

One Way to lay it out is like this:

DVD Player ---HDMI---> Receiver
Direct TV ---HDMI---> Receiver
MISC ---HDMI---> Receiver

Receiver ---HDMI---> TV

That gets you Everything in HD, and your Receiver is the "splitter" for the HDMI, which has a 1:1 relationship with other devices.

Another way is this

DVD Player ---HDMI---> TV
Direc TV ---HDMI---> TV
DVD Player ---Digital Coax or Fiber Optic ---> Receiver
Direc TV ---Digital Coax or Fiber Optic ---> Receiver
MISC ---Digital Coax or Fiber Optic ---> Receiver

With this setup, the TV has to switch between the sources, and the Stereo can also use the source for audio when desired...

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