help! who makes a 37' -42'lcd tv in 4:3 aspect ratio?

Lynne_SJOSeptember 29, 2006

Greetings group:

I am looking to replace my old 31" monster TV with an LCD or Plasma. However, I have a huge DVD collection of classic movies and mostly watch B&W films that were made in standard 4:3 aspect ratio. While I do buy widescreen movies when I have the choice, I watch very few.

In shopping, all I can find in larger (>20") LCD and Plasmas are widescreens, but I don't want a "stretched" or distorted picture, and would prefer not to have the grey bars on the sides.

Help! Does anybody make a larger size - such as 37" or 42" LCD or Plasma in the standard aspect ratio any more?? If not, what other alternatives are available for a thin TV with a high quality picture?

Thanks - I would appreciate any advice you have, as I have had no luck finding anything larger than 20".


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I can't think of a single mfgr who makes a big flat panel tv in 4:3 ratio. Time marches on and the mfgrs have all gone widescreen.

I would look for a set that has black bars on the side instead of gray bars. Less noticeable that way.

I would then recommend an LCD instead of plasma as the chance of burn-in on the plasma, even though now quite remote, is still more likely than an LCD set.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I went shopping for LCD's yesterday; w my favorite classic DVD's in hand. It had been at least 2 yrs since the last time. I gave up in frustration then, because I hated the stands and could not imagine any of them in my mid-century modern home. The big black monster I have now is bad enough w/out those terrible wooden colonial style ones. Uuk. And the steel/glass ones don't look so great either. Something by Eames or Blue Dot would be best, but all of theirs are too wide (40"+) and very pricey.

I know, its just a TV, but it (unfortunately) ends up being a focal point in an otherwise well designed MCM home with a slight asian flair. So I have been waiting for them to come out with some decent stands. I was ready to have one custom built, but our guy has since moved away. But I digress...

I looked at the new Sony's and did notice a huge difference in the black bars they are now using, as opposed to the grey ones of old. They did not bother me at all. (Same as watching widescreen on our 4:3 set does not bother me now...)When you turn off the lights, it just looks like you are watching a high quality 4:3 set anyway. The only difference being the sharp edge of the picture (R and L) rather than the softer edge of a traditiional set.

Now the argument w hubby is over size. Neither of us wants a monster in our tiny MBR (12x16), but a 40" Sony (too big) will effectively give us a picture about the size of a 32" 4:3 TV, or so they say. Hubby wants to go down to a 32" widescreen, which will then make my classics look really small, though I should say that we are only sitting about 8' from the TV, so maybe that is tolerable anyway. We discussed 37", but he believes that with the stand it will still be too big in the room. PS it needs to go in a corner, so he wants a traditional stand turned at an angle. I want a traditional stand flat against the wall w the TV swiveled on its base to which he says "NO" bc he worries about it tipping over a smashing on our tile floors. Wall mounting is not an option. We do not want anyone cutting into our post and beam contstruction or wood paneled walls. What a pain. This was worse than our kitchen remodel! I guess after 35 years of wedded bliss, we'll survive this bump too.

Thanks again.


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