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nhsuzanneJuly 19, 2004

Good Morning All,

Patti, good to see you post.

It's so humid here that I feel like I am underwater! Supposed to be like this all week with thunder showers. It feels quite tropical.

Back to work today.....ugh.

Hope you all make it a great day.

Besh, did you catch any fish?

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Well, another Monday has arrived!

YAY! Make the week a good one!

Back later~I have to take my teens to the mall.

Thanks for starting us off, NHSuzanne!

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Good MONDAY everyone!

Not much time to post; got lots to do here at work.

Raeanne, I went shopping this weekend and bought 2 great suits (jackets and skirts) 2 sizes smaller than I wore in February(!) Anyway, the suits look great, but I don't know what kind of shoes to wear with them here in the office. Gotta put on a thinking cap for that, because I need comfort, not necessarily style. LOL!!

BJ, hope you survived the mall with teens! YIKES! I'll bet they stopped in Claires to accessorize!!

Amy, have your guests left yet? Looking forward to a followup from you.

Patti, so glad you posted. It was like old times here this weekend. :-)

Maddie, you were a blast from the past too! LOL! Tell us more about your adventures.

NH Suzanne, you are on my mind.

OUCH, gotta run

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Tikanis - in case you weren't kidding - French Lick is a resort in KY we are going to in April and you are welcome to join us and I hope you do.

DeeMarie - what size shoe are you, I have a nice pair of size 7's that are looking for a new home LOL. Unless DD#1 sees them first. WTG on dropping 2 sizes, I can't wait to drop 1 size right now and get back to where I was in February.

Marci - you are way too organized LOL. You would have so much fun in my basement. I'm going to start calling you Monica (from Friends).

I just got back from NYC. I had a wedding shower yesterday and was planning on coming right back home, but there was a lot of people we haven't seen in a long time and the weather was miserable, so we stayed over.

Is this the norm for showers now? 80 people, the bride-to-be got nearly every item on her bridal registry. It was a buffet brunch with elaborate table settings, favors, etc. held in a hotel. My wedding wasn't that fancy LOL. I think most of this stuff is a big waste of everyone's money. I like more intimate and simple things, I guess.

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Raeanne, the bridal shower stuff is overwhelming, isn't it? I paid over $200 for a gift (cappuccino maker) at the last shower I went to...everything on the registry was astronomical! I got off cheap! LOL It was held at a country club with valet parking, champagne, and a $1200 cake!!! Amazing! Don't even ask what the wedding was like...I believe the bride's father spent over $30,000 for flowers. I know the cake at the wedding was about $6,000. You'd better start saving NOW for your DD's affair!

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DeeMarie~I could put that kind of money to way better use. LOL I'm sure that they have very fond memories of their wedding but simple weddings aren't too bad either! :)

Raeanne~Wozzers! (Don't know how to spell it but I hope you know what I mean.) LOL

BJ~Any good movies lately?

NH Suzanne~Humidity? What is that? LOL Dave was telling one of his TX buddies last night that we just cannot hardly leave the house in this kind of weather. We only do when we absolutely have to.

Love to all~Patti :)

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Patti - I wanted to say WELCOME HOME, we have missed you badly. Give Dave a big hug from me.

DeeMarie - well the shower you went to has this one topped. My daughters know better LOL. My oldest just sat there in disbelief. I told her I would buy her tickets to Vegas when she decides to get married. These kids could have a downpayment on a beautiful home. With all that said, it is a special day and should be celebrated any way the couple decide to.

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I will not go into any detail but I have been attending a court case this past week for a family member that was wrongfully accused of rape. It was a horrible experience, however a NOT GUILTY verdict was reached today. Amen! I hope I never have to sit through a trial again. It was an eye opener as well as more stress than I care to handle.

Patti, thanks for asking, Pete is doing great. He gets tired but that is to be expected. He is doing so much better than anyone had anticipated. We are truly blessed!
So glad to have you back!!!!

Suzanne, a friend of my Mom's always says that when it is humid like that, it is like being inside of a dogs mouth! How gross, but a pretty accurate description. The humidity is supposed to be here tomorrow. DH is on vacation for the next 2 weeks so I am sure we will find something to do to beat the heat. Yes, we caught a couple of fish, but no keepers. It was just nice to be on the water.

Dee, congratulations on the sizes. TWO sizes down is awesome!! I'm so proud of you!

Raeanne, I have to say, that I think a simple wedding is so much more elegant. I just can't get beyond the amount of $$ being spent, especially when the bride probably won't even remember it until she watches the videos!

Have a great evening,

Love, Besh

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Good Morning All,

Besh, what kind of fish are you catching? Any sea bass? Yummmmmmm. Do you do the tuna fishing thing too?

It was horribly hot here yesterday. Dead air, no breeze just saturated. Ugh. After barn chores I sat with my DS (dear Siamese) Blue who was having trouble breathing. I called the vet emergency line and my vet now has an emergency service in Manchester, NH which is a good 50+ miles from here!! I couldn't believe it. I called someone in Keene which is 20 miles and got a vet to agree to see us.
So off we go into the night and pouring rain. Blue was having a pretty severe asthma attack and really needed help. He got a bunch of shots and is on prednisone and will be okay. Whew. When it rains it pours!

So I am tired this morning and don't want to do any of this!! But I will perservere!

Hope everyone checks in today.

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Suzanne, ((((HUGS))) to you and Blue. I hope he is feeling better today. We go fishing for Striped Bass, which I love! It is a very hearty fish, but with a mild fish taste. I cook it on the grill and it is awesome. My kids love it. They have to be 28" long to keep, but DH won't keep them unless they are 30". He is a good sportsman.

It is overcast here today, so I am going to clean the house and do laundry. It was very neglected last week and my fairy godmother never showed up!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Oh Besh, I LOVE freshly caught sea bass! It's the best, especially grillled. I will be over for dinner ANYTIME you are serving that! I once had it at Chanticleer on Nantucket. The chef caught it that morning and it was wonderful. It's hard to get up here I should say impossible.

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Good morning all!

I have finally managed to get on here during work, and of course, this is the first place I come to! :)

Raeanne--wowza! I think showers are going so over the top nowdays. I have a good friend that swears that one bridal shower she attended included baby items b/c the bride to be intended on getting preggers on the honeymoon. (I know--bizarre--I thought baby showers were for that.) And then she said that the women at that shower were giving the B2B conception advice. All righty then.......... LOL!

Besh--I am so glad to hear that Pete is doing so good!! :) And I'm very glad your relative was exonerated--

Things are good here--I'm tired, but happy. I do have some news about my unemployment situation, but it's a bit too long, so in a nutshell--I did appeal, and we went to mediation. My former boss showed up, and while I was expecting the truth to be stretched, I wasn't expecting it to be mangled the way it was. She told several out and out, blatent lies, and at one point I laughed out loud at her. It was truly absurd. I had paperwork that supported my claims, and I gave copies to the court officer after we were sworn in, and then I get a letter from the office that is full of inaccuracies, and they denied it yet again. This after the court officer asked my former boss where her supporting documentation was since she was the one making the accuations (she din't have anything to back her words up with). So--BJ--you were right--I guess that money speaks louder than facts, and the employer always wins. Sigh.....At least I have the satifaction that Scott Adams agrees with me--my office manger (QT) was the subject of a Dilbert cartoon on 11/13/03 (and yes, I did send the story in to him, and it is true). So, I am free of that h3llacious mess that I was in, and they can take their, prentenious, wannabe, smug yuppiness, and shove it where the sun don't shine. Idiots--at least I don't have to hear about how her carpet salesman hubby went and bought a $45K+ car without telling her, and how tired she is from being a frustrated stage mom and schlepping the kid all over town b/c duh-die won't--more fun to sit on his @rse and play video games on the 65" TV he made her buy to put in the movie room of their $500K+ house. And how he won't help out with the kid, and he expects her to do all of the housework. And how he wants to go back to college, but since he flunked out of 2 colleges, no one will give him a third chance, and he realllllly wants to be a lawyer. (Well, maybe not--daddy owns the carpet store, so he'll inherit it one day, so who needs and education??)And he's getting old--31--and is starting to loose his hair, but he heard of a European treatment that requires a 2 month stay in Paris--and he's going to do it. Oh, yeah--I've heard it all from her--and all I can say is: Bed. Made. Lie.

Sorry for that rant--I had to get it off of my chest--I've been faily quiet about this whole mess, but I knew it would boil over eventually--

So--is anyone reading anything?? I just finished "Bitter Blood" about a murder that a former co-worker's DH was involved in (he's a detective). What a tangled web that one was--any suggestions as to something new to read?

Gotta go--I miss youse guys like crazy--once I get my office set up, I'm sure i'll be here more--

Hope all is well--

Love and hugs,


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Good afternoon ladies.....sorry it has been quite awhile since I last posted. I got caught up and thought I would say hello.

Suzanne - glad things are better for Sweet Pea.
Reanne - your shoes sound great, I would break my neck in them for sure.

Marci - sounds like you are doing well on the WOE, however I am not even near eating well....I have strayed....I am gonna do the dog link and see if I am a stray dog or a junkyard dog.

It sounds like everyone is very busy and or having fun.

My husband is home from his extended vacation and he brought my two neices with him, 16 and 13, so we are taking them to disney world. I am looking forward to it. I am hoping the weather will be nice.

I need a push on the WOE.....I need to be held responsible for my eating....which I justify each time I put something in my mouth.

Take care - Lynn

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Just checkin' in.

Besh, I love bass too! I am grilling Cod tonight and having it with gazpacho and a salad.

NHSuzanne, I am still thinking about you...
My cat, Oreo, was very sick for a few days, dehydrated and lethargic, no appetite and very constipated. He was just diagnosed with FIV, the feline equivalent of Hiv but that was not the reason he was under the weather. He's fine now , after some fluids and medicine. Boy, do I hate putting pills down his throat! He fights me every inch of the way!

Raeanne, I was pretty sure that "French Lick" was not an hor doevre, rofl! But didn't know that it was a resort. Tell me more!!

It's TTOTM and I am RAVENOUS!! Each month I go thru the same thing. So far I have managed to be good. Waving the white flag in surrender is NOT an option!

Hope everybody's having a good week so far!


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Good Morning,

Tikanas, I am glad that Oreo is feeling better. I have to give Blue some prednisone twice a day but they are small pills and he's a pretty good patient. He is starting to feel like his old self again. Don't you hate it when your animals are sick.

The humidity continues but it's oddly pretty cool at night. I don't mind it as long as I can sleep at night.

Lynn, have a good time in Disney World.

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BESH! Life is full of surprises! Can you find the surprise in this post? Life is full of surprises! Can you find the surprise in this post?

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Love, NH Suzanne

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Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birrrrrrttthhhhhdddday, dearest Beeeeessssssssshhhhhh
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you heard that!

I tried to find the surprise in the post, Marci, but I'm clueless. Is it the bee?


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No. Keep looking! LOL

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Besh...Happy Birthday and I am so lame....I have your birthday on my calendar and I completely spaced it out. Last week I kept saying " Don't forget Besh"s birthday" AND LOOK AT WHAT DID...I could give you a whole list of excuses...but none of them will make up for the fact that I didn't get your present there on your birthday. I will have it to you next week!

Please have a wonderful day....

Gretchen.....who is so embarassed....

Here is a link that might be useful: French Lick

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Happy Birthday Besh!!! I hope you have a fun filled wonderful day and all your wishes come true. It is great having you as a sister. Love ya!

Tikanis - I posted a link to French Lick - it is actually in IN, but close to Louisville. Come along!

Lynn - have fun in Disneyworld. Sorry about Oreo, hope he is feeling better soon.

NH Suzanne - glad you are checking in everyday. The horse I am working on, is showing some great improvement, eating and drinking much more, his mouth shows some improvement too. He is so sweet - I think I'm in love. The owner found a maple tree on her property that she was told was a red maple and she didnt' think it was, so she had that cut down and taken away yesterday. The horse did eat some bark from it and that could be the problem.

Marci - thanks for the decorations for Besh's birthday.

I gotta run work in a bear, I came in 2 hours early and I still haven't caught up.

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Marci, the only surprise I founds that when I point to where it says that life is full of surprises a message pops up saying it's Besh's that it? How did you do that anyway?

Raeanne, I don't think the bark to the red maple is toxic. Just the leaves, especially if they are wilted some. So some may have come down in a storm or something and got consumed. Usually though horses know it's bad and won't eat it. But you never know. So, you see how easy it is to fall in love with a horse? Morgan no less. What color is he and what is his name?

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Yes, I found that sign too Marci! You need to give us all lessons on how to amaze our friends with computer skills!

Say, French Lick is not too far away when you think about it! I've been planning vacation for 2005, and told everyone to stay away from the time around April 23!!

Did I ask if any of you watch "Blow Out"? Can't remember what the heck I ate for breakfast! Anywho, my goddaughter is a stylist for Jonathan, and I'm attending her wedding in October. My girlfriend (her mom) and her fiance are going to Las Vegas with me and DH after the wedding (which will be held in California where everyone weighs 89 pounds). I cannot believe how quickly this is coming up, but I need to find a dress that makes me look 50 lbs slimmer and get some snazzzy shoes too. Any ideas ladies? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

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If we can find a dress to make us look 50 lbs slimmer we will all be rich! You are right DeeMarie, October is coming right up!

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DeeMarie and NHSuzanne - Yes! That is the surprise. It is called a MouseOver and it really isn't that hard. Email me if you want the "formula".

Well, I got the results of my dexa-scan back. I do have osteoporosis and I have to start on Fosamax. I just got back from getting more blood work done and getting samples of the Fosamax. I guess that is what I get for not drinking my milk when I was younger. But I am glad they found it in the early stages and hopefully the Fosamax will stop the bone loss or even reverse it.

I worked at my sister's house the last two days and my niece and I got the 5,000 piece mailing done. I worked for 10 hours on Monday and 5 hours yesterday. So I treated myself and went and got the skirt I wanted and found a cute top on sale for 60% off. Now I just need somewhere to wear it. LOL

Jen - Happy Birthday to Erica!!

Besh - I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Lynn - Yesterday was one of those days I needed some chocolate. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from my sister's and threw a Hershey's bar in the cart. I was sitting at the computer eating it when I read your post last night about how good I was doing. My first thought was, "If she could only see me now!" LOL Then I felt guilty and thought that I had better fess up. (It was a KING size bar too.) I just ate some sugar-free jello and I don't think we have anything chocolate in the house, so I think I am safe today.


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DeeMarie - I got a beautiful dress from Ann Taylor for the rehearsal dinner, it is an a-line dress with a halter top (not dressy enough for a wedding). It really slims me down quite a bit. The dress I got for the wedding, is a waisted dress and the bottom flares out a little bit - I got that from Talbots and that seems to give me more of a waist and hides my hips. And funny you should mention shoes.....

Marci - you sure have been busy, I'm glad you treated yourself, you deserve it. Glad they caught the bone loss in time too. I was never a big milk drinker either.

NH Suzanne - Dan is red (is that what they call liver). His bucket was down 2 gallons yesterday when I went to visit and it had been filled up not too much earlier - so I felt good to see that. He is such a good guy and let's me do anything I want to him. She has another Morgan, Cody, he is black (or very dark brown) - I have only seen him in the stall. He is mellow but not as social as Dan, but is very concerned for Dan and watches every move I make when I'm with Dan.

BJ - you have been way too quiet and that gets me nervous LOL. Tell us what you have been up to.

I am still on track with my eating, but my dress for Saturday is still snug. I bought one of those girdle type panties and will use it if I need to LOL. I prefer to be comfy, but it is all about the clothes.

Just got back from a boat ride - trying to get a little sun on these legs and arms.

Here is a link that might be useful: The colors of horses

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Marci, great gif. I didn't see the gif all day and just now I see it! Pretty good. It's funny DeeMarie saw a bee?

Raeanne, I am glad that Dan has you in his life. 2 gallons of water isn't nearly enough for him especially in this weather. How old is he? Doe he have to stay in a stall all day or is he turned out? Just curious. I have included a link so you can see the many colors of horses. Horse color genetics is a fascinating subject. Casey is Liver Chestnut, you will see at this site that there are several variations of chestnut. Sweet Pea is a black or dark bay. Casey has two hind white socks and a white star on her forhead. Sweet Pea has no markings except a small star on her forhead. Your dresses sound great. I love Talbots, don't you? I love Anne Taylor too but I don't ever seem to find things that fit or that are flattering for me. I would love to get rid of the boobs. LOL

Have a great night everyone and Besh, I hope you are having a great birthday.

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NH Suzanne - I didn't explain myself well. Dan drank that water in the evening, he had drank more throughout the day. I would say his color is more a chestnut red. Cody is probably a dark bay. Thanks for the link.

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Happy Birthday, Besh!!

May you have a wonderful day and an even MORE wonderful year!


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Good morning!

Besh! Happy birthday a day late!! I hope you had a wonderful day! :):)

Dee-yeah--Ii need to figure out how to get that same dress, but only with it making me look like I got a b00b job, too! LMAO!

Hey--did anyone see that the Donald got the bid to build a Trump casino at French Lick, starting next year?? It was a toss between him and Larry Byrd (who is from French Lick), but Donald won out--this should be interesting! :) Since Indiana can not have land-based gambling, the kick is that Donald is going to build a huge lake, and float a gambling boat, with the surrounding area to be the hotel, golf course, etc....

Gotta go--hope all is well!



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WOW, looks like we need to make French Lick an ANNUAL event! Maddie, we may be able to win you enough money for that b@@b job!!! LMAO!

Steady as she goes................

[[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] to all who need them today!

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Dee--actaully the boys are kinda starting to look depressed these days--they need to be .... ahem...."uplifted", shall we say......

And, shoot, we might as well go for the whole ball of wax--lipo, butt lift, lasix, teeth--heck, I'll be the $6M woman!! LOLOL!!

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Maddie, if it takes you $6M, it will take me $12MM....I gotta L-O-N-G way to go!! Where's the nearest progressive slot machine! LOL!!

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Been working and running around like mad. Just had to stop and say that I will miss you while I'm in Chicago. I will be back Sunday night. I'm not going to get to meet up with Gretchen, it is her DD's bday and her DS is coming home, so things are hectic for her too. There is always French Lick!

Maddie & Dee - you two have me ROFLMAO

Besh - must've had quite a celebration, that she hasn't checked in.

BJ - I'm still looking for you and some crazy Alaska stories. Are you entertaining the neighbors?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Hi all!

Maddie, there are good things ahead. don't give up!

Lynn, have fun at Disney World. I am hoping to go to Epcot Center next year myself.

Besh, I hope you had a very nice B-day.

Raeanne, Where do I sign up for French lick?? sounds/ looks GREAT!! Dates? More info?

Dee Marie, I must be the ONLY one out here on the "LEFT COAST" who does NOT!!! weigh 89 lbs (Ha HA!) My scale must be off..... : ) Seriously though, when are you coming to So. Cal? We should meet up!

NHsuzanne, My prayers are with you.


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QOD: What's up for this weekend? I have absolutely no plans, and I love it that way. DH and I were invited to go to a hot-air balloon festival; however we declined because we have so much to do around the house. The weather is supposed to be cr@ppy, so it will give me incentives to clean out a closet or two.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

(L@rd knows with my stall in weight loss, I've thought about throwing in the towel, but I'm not giving up. I faithfully measure and count each point that goes into this chubby body...some morning I hope to wake up a size 8! Haaaaa! I was BORN bigger than a size 8. LOL)

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HI GUYS! Back in a few minutes---REALLY!---I'll read and write a post, NOW!

I've been trying to adjust to life with my teens again this week! It's a good thing, though, just busier!

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I'm here too! I had plans to go camping with the horses this weekend but DH has to work and I needed him for this one. I was going to bring both horses and he was going to stay with Sweet P while I rode Casey but I can't do that without someone so I am staying home. I rode this morning early, early and tried to beat the heat. Wow, it's so hot and humid here.

I should clean while the weather is bad but I won't! LOL

I have no other plans but I will stay busy just the same.

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Warning: I'm catching up here, so there's a BOOK of summer reading ahead!!!! :

*********HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, BESH!!!!!!!************
I hope you had an absolutely terrific b-day! What'd you do for your special day? I love that you've been here more often lately; must be the summertime "after school" special for us! Thanks for giving me all the book hints for Brandon over the past year. I really appreciated the links you referred me to. Not to mention the cool book picks for my girly teen daughters. They have your list to read over summer and are lovin' it! The special time you take to offer book reviews and insights do not go unnoticed. I also have enjoyed your very down to earth queries, like "Does anyone feel like they've been on a diet their whole lives?" This one made my sides split, but no fat was released in the process, unfortunately---- because, since my 16 year old was born, I've been on a diet---and I thought, GAD! I *cannot* answer this---I'm so ashamed of myself! lol. I can't let this tribute to you go without saying how much, even tho' you hate it, hearing the stories of traffic, tourists, and rituals of Salem at Halloween every year! I love the sites and links you provide to visit this special Halloween spot! Enjoy your week and know that you are cherished here-----VERY MUCH! Love ya!

(((((HUGS, Pete!)))) I just got accepted to the Bone Marrow Donor Registry and got my card yesterday. Yeah! I hope I can help someone some day.

And your fishing stories brings to mind my luck in having neighbors who alternately bring me beautiful salmon every week when they go fishing. My freezer has about 8 meals of red salmon in it and we had the most delicious salmon for dinner last night---I am a lucky girl, I tell ya!

MagicKitty~ HAVE FUN IN DISNEY WORLD!!!! Hope you are still on track! Sounds like you should stay AWAY from OHIO! lol! Maybe FLORIDA is better for you!

Glad to hear you had a good experience with a pet sitter. We always hire a HOUSE sitter and LOVE it! The yard is always kept up and the house looks great when we get back home, plus I when leave postpaid envelopes and the housesitter forwards our mail to us, it doesn't get so overwhelming---she's a dream and worth every dime!

Thanks to everyone for answering my "what do you like about your life and where you live question". I loved reading teh answers and it helped me define some of the questions I'm asking myself about where I want to live and quality of life issues. :) At present, our top three choices are: Denver area, upstate New York (Greenport, NY maybe), and some farm land on the Canadian/Washington state border---in that order. I am going to the libraby to learn more about each today. :) And I am looking at real estate prices---interesting.

NHSuzanne~ Has DH started the journey to find himself? I hope you are holding up and able to spend some time with him in a good way. This kind of bump in a wife's life is very uncomfortable and uncertain. It's like you're in limbo until the guy decides what to do. I hate that feeling; I have managed to make it through there at least twice this time, but was unable to hang on that long in previous unions. I must have more patience or less confidence in myself at this point in my life. Stay the course and see what it brings---I hope you were able to find a retreat for you and DH; there are many good ones on the west coast, but I am not in the groove with the east coast----sorry. I am glad to hear the animals are coming along in their treatment. They are lucky to have you caring for them! You ARE the most devoted animal owner I know.

Raeanne~ Hope you are having fun in Chicago!!!! Tell us ALL about it! Well, I hope you found a home for your heels! In answer to your question about heels with jeans---YES! I almost always go out in heels and jeans---it adds HEIGHT to my weight! I buy tall jeans with a little (2%) spandex in them and wear them with blocky comfy heels or comfy Candies. That is, unless I am going to do something athletic, then I wear my tennies go short and stocky! BTW, docs and research have determined that heels aren't as bad for you as once thought, so..

Fashion + Comfort= (still) "Uh, no, I don't think so."

Glad to hear your bro loved Kauai; it's so gorgeous there--one of my favorite places!

How's the reiki sessions going with the horse? That must be a trip; horses are such huge animals to me, but I love to pet them and feel the muscle under their smooooooooth coats. Very cool beasts, but i need a seatbelt to ride them!

Oh, and, how'd the suit buying go with DH? B4 we went to AK, DH had to buy some new clothes for his job. We went to a DRESSER and she did everything while I sat in a chair, voicing my opinion. It was great and he looks like a million bucks every time he walks out the that good? lol. The woman who dressed him (picked his color combos and styles) was from Ukraine and about 34 y.o., gorgeous, sharply dressed herself (so i knew she had style!), and was she a firecracker!---the woman knew EXACTLY what she wanted my DH to wear! I loved the whole experience and HE enjoyed being the focus of attention, I'm sure! Really fun buying trip!

The showers you mentioned are over the top! I was amazed at what the moms spent on birthday parties in my 'new' neighborhood - clowns, renting a pool, renting a gymnastics gym, renting an artist's studio for birthday art lessons, you name it, it's hard to grasp this type of party for a 2nd grader---or any other age!, not to mention the price of a teen party!!!!gasp!!!---I can't wait to move! Savings bonds would be a better choice for money! The wedding showers I've been to are outrageous too!---everything, as DeeMarie notes, was 200 or more dollars on the registry. I picked one of the cheapest things, a comforter for 175! Ouch! What has happened to our world----???? I'm old!

DeeMarie~ Glad to hear you are sticking with WW---it works!

I reread your post about what your counselor said; that makes so much sense. Don't throw your love into a black hole! Now that is good advice! And glad to hear you remained weight stable throughout the criuse---my hat's off to you! Climbing stairs is the way to go. We stayed on the 8th floor on our last cruise and it helps to TAKE THE STAIRS and use the walking/running track on the ship!

You mentioned Claires for my teen's accessorizing, well, they LIVE there---it's so cheap, though; the stuff just FALLSAPART as soon as you leav the store! ha! I always feel like they get ripped off, but they don't feel that way, so I let them go!

Amy: I am kind of glad to hear your family has distracted your from your internet relationship! That sounds strange, but that guy doesn't sound like a positive force in your life and doesn't seem to have a desire to change. Why are you drawn to him?, just curious, if you feel like sharing---no pressure. Eco-Mama was insightful---thanks for sharing! And How long's your family with you? It sounds like you're having a BLAST!

Tikanas2-Having a home biz really makes it hard to stay on track---when the frustrations hit, the food is SO nearby! ARG!

Hope Oreo the cat is feeling better now.

How do you like Curves? Is it easy to get yourself there on a regular basis? Do the routines change frequently enough to keep the boredom at bay?

WHERE DO YOU LIVE IN CA? I visit my in-laws in Irvine once in a while and would love to slip away for a coffee..... :)

I just started rock climbing indoors last week and I AM ADDICTED! I went the last 2 nights in a row and could barely get out of bed this morning! SORE!!!!!, but in a good way! I am learning to jump from perch to perch and reach and grab for handhold while at 30 feet, hanging on a rock! And, DeeMarie, I am attached to a harness and belay rope, so I am safety girl. :) I know you worry. :) I have fallen off and ended up dangling several times, but the thrill of altitude of the climb keeps me coming back. I am taking the day off though as my forearms and connector muscles above my knees are barking today! But this sport is SO exhilarating!

Jen~ I'm glad to hear the girls ear-related medical problems are pretty much solved for now. That must be a relief to have a break from colds, fevers, and ear infections!!!!!!

Gretchen! Keep popping in! We miss you! Too bad you and Raeanne aren't hooking up---- wah!

Maddie~ Sorry to hear about your claim and your employer. I have seen it go that way many times. But, the good news is that you're done with that place and on to better things---and you won't have to listen to her stories of 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Tacky' any more.....


Hey, do you ever buy some things from the estates you auction? I would be SO tempted in a job like that! I'd go for the real estate license and appraiser cert---what a great offer your NEW employer has given you! You deserve it, too, girl! I think you'd make a great short story writer too, however!

Speaking of books, ......

How'd you like Bitter Blood? A funny, good read of a detective mystery is MURDER IN THE HEARSE DEGREE. I love the writer's style; I think you'd like it--lots of humor and twists. It's in paperback edition on the newsstands now.

Thanks for the "insider" news on The Donald and the casino. One of us will win BIG and our collective lives will change forever----I just know it! Yeah, right!

Patti~ Hi to you and Dave! Glad you lovebirds are spending precious time together, but we miss you SO MUCH! Glad you will get to see your family in AUGUST!!!!! Kewl!

Marci~ Did you decide on kitchen counters? I love to look at kitchen design books----! I love to cook!

Sorry to hear about the bone density test results. Has your doc suggested weight-bearing exercises? That really helps build the bones quickly. I have a good book on the subject in Seattle---I think it's called "Strong Women Stay Young"---and if you're intersted, I'll send it to you when I get home.

I am haivng fun in AK, shooping for your bday goodies! Next month, the mailman will arrive with your surprise package! (tease) I promise I will pass by the moose nugget earrings offering they carry in the tourist gift shops here---ewwwww. lol.

Are you adjusting to your jazzy hair cut yet? Is it spikey or what?????? And did you get the SKIRT?????

BTW, don't let DS HOG the computer this summer. Tell him you want your SS-TIME!!!!!!! lol! We need you here!

And congrats on the exercise time---I believe that is what helps keep my weight in check. I wasn't exercising when I got here, and I started gaining almost immediately. I freaked out! Once I started rock climbing, I have gotten my weight back down to what it was and hopefully, will start to lose again!

Once again, Marci, I have to thank you for the pic album. I get so much pleasure visiting it and seeing my friendly sisters, projects, families, and lives.

So, QOD, in a sisterly, way, I'll ask:

If you were in a YA-YA Sisterhood, what would your "Sister" name be?

Sister ________________________

Easy, peasy, huh? I suggest we come up with what we'd name each other too! Or is that too personal? lol.

Here's mine:

Me: Sister Queen of Wands
DeeMarie: Sister Uplifting Spirit
Raeanne: Sister So-Much-Like-A-Sister
Marci: Sister Gif-talented Patience of a Saint
Jen: Sister with the 2 Beautiful Ones
Zig: Sister We Still Think About U All the Time
Maddie: Sister Crazy Tale of Life
Besh: Sister Talented Book Reviewer
Gretchen: Sister Energetic Artistic Designer of the Web
Patti: Sister Sensitive of the Heart
Dave: Brother Keeps a Low Profile
Amy: Sister Deep and Meaningful Insight to Life
NHSuzanne: Sister Uncanny Connection to the Animal World
MagicKitty: Sister Driven to Stay on Track
Joanne: Sister Golfing Scores Galore
Tikanas2: Sister Very Much Business in Her Castle
KYSusie: Sister Successful Mary Kay Stand-In
John: Brother Elusive But Still Loved

If you got this far.....Bye! Have a HEALTHY weekend!

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QOD! I forgot to answer! lol!

We are learning cake decorating this weekend! Should be fun!

I hope to get in a hike also!

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Total Makeover!!

Well Ladies...
I have been daydreaming about French Lick and other like places. I have pictured myself pampered and rested and gorgeous. :) Today I went out and DID something about it! I have lost 7 lbs. I go to Curves 3x a week so.....

I went out and treated myself to a new hairstyle, acrylic nails and an eyebrow wax! (I am the "outdoorsy type" so this was a big deal for me.) I bought a pair of shorts without trying them on in a size smaller than I thought I could fit into and THEY FIT!! This is not the usual "ME". I usually splurge on everybody but myself. But, It's been 6 mos. since my huband died and he would have my head on a plate if I didn't take care of ME! Kids are doing great so...

Tomorrow I am driving 200 miles to San Diego to go Kayaking with a friend who is a little afraid of water (Ha HA!) but I am doing it ANYWAY!!! So is she. I enrolled myself for a 30 mile bike rally in March, to benefit a local eye bank.

I feel like I'm on a roll here. Some encouraging words? I could use 'em! Help keep me pumped up, please!


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BJ - Wow, what a post! You amaze me!! That would be my name for you: Sister who never ceases to amaze!
I am still searching for the countertops but I have put that search on hold for the time being. Too many other things going on. I would love to read the book you mentioned whenever you get a chance to send it this way. I do lift weights several days a week and the doctor was pleased about that, but I would like to know if I am doing the correct exercises or enough of them. Thanks for the offer!
I am like a kid at heart and LOVE surprises!! Knowing you are "cooking" up a surprise makes me smile. :~)
(And yes, I did get the skirt + a really cute top to go with it. Now I need a pair of 4" heels.................Yoohoo,

Tikanis: WTG girl!! You are on a roll, so don't stop now. Kayaking, biking, can mountain climbing be far behind? LOL Have you ever Kayaked before or is this something you are trying out to help your girlfriend? I would like to try white water rafting some day.

NHSuzanne - Too bad you and DH weren't able to go camping with the "girls". That would have been a great opportunity for you and DH to get away.

DeeMarie - QOD - We are having a huge garage sale in August and I told DD that if she works the sale, she can have the $'s from anything she sells. So I am going through the house, room by room and gathering up stuff for her to sell. It is amazing what I am finding that I forgot I had!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Marci (I will have to think about a good YaYa name.)

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Oh, my gosh, Wild Chicken! I am 30 minutes from Irvine!! Please come visit! I am in Sierra Madre just north east of Pasadena. ( much nicer.. holding snooty nose in air ; )

Lets do coffee. or dinner or... !! Please let me know!


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Good Morning All,

BJ, WOW, what a post. I cannot believe your incredible energy. I have not read or seen the Ya Ya Sisterhood, I suppose I am going to have to now. Might be a nice rainy Saturday afternoon thing to do. But for now I am going to call you Sister of endless energy and enthusiasm! I read every word of your post. Talk about catching up TIMES 10! LOL

I am thinking of you too Raeanne, out there in Chicago, Chicago. Hope you are having fun. Too bad you and Gretchen can't hook up.

Tikanas, I must have missed some posting as I did not know you were recently widowed. I am not aware of the circumstances but I am sorry to hear that. Sounds like you are indeed being good to yourself. I admire your committment to yourself to get/stay in shape.

I have not even had the chance to talk to DH about the retreat. The truth of the matter is that he has not been home but for one evening since this whole thing blew up! He has been away working and when not working taking care of his DS's needs, getting him to court, doctors and dentist. Nicely managing to avoid having to deal with his life here! He calls dutifully every night to make sure things are "alright". We haven't even spoken of therapy or retreats, etc. This is the way it will go too I suspect until he "blows up" again. I am determined to go to this retreat it sounds good. The people who recommended it are the brother and SIL of my good friend who I ride with. I have never met her brother but I know they have had some real issues. Someone suggested this retreat to them and they went. They said that when they got there the looked around and said to each other that there was no way this was going to work and wanted to leave. The impression was that it the husband and wife were real "granola" ,(no offense to anyone), and nuts and seeds 60's type people. BUT they stuck it out and got so much out of it that they are going back for a refresher! The only other complaint was that all the meals were vegetarian. DH is strickly meat and potatoes but I won't even talk to him about the food. So, I hope that DH can find the time to come home long enough to talk to him about this. I have to admit that I feel very lonely lately. I think a big part of it is that I can't ride Sweet Pea and I am sort of cut off from alot of the campout this weekend. It will be okay and I will get some fun time in before summer is out. Today I am cleaning all my grooming brushes and cleaning harness and saddle really well so they will be ready for Sweet Pea's return to work! Dosen't that sound like fun! I was going to drive my trailer down into the pasture and set up camp with the horses but my sister told me that was really pathetic!! I am still thinking about it only it's rainy.

Marci, I can't believe you have the energy to organize a yard sale! They are a lot of work but I guess there is lots of money to be made.

I am doing HORSE LAUNDRY right now. Saddle pads, trail packs, etc. They have to be washed twice!! First load is spinning right now............I will check in later.

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Good SATURDAY morning!

Tikansas, you are so inspirational, especially with your exercise. I have not been able to get it together for the last 4 days, so I'm the wrong one to encourage you....keep it up!!! You are doing great!!!

BJ, what can I say? careful! LOL!!! I'm going to need caffeine in French Lick to keep up with you...ah, forget it! I'm not going to even try to keep up with you! Whoever wants to join me in the bar for martinis while BJ climbs rock walls in French Lick, form a line here.....LMAO!!!!!!!!! (Do I see Raeanne?!! LOL)

DH worked today, which means yet another weekend where no much will get done on our master bath. It's still empty. Electrical wiring is done (thanks to our friend). No insulation, no floor, no tile picked out, nothing done on it. He's had this project for almost 14 years (when he was living here with his ex and kids!!!) I've been bugging him for over 2 years. Do ya think it's time for me to call "In a Fix" or shall I just call a contractor and a plumber? I'm really tired of waiting..........please promise you'll all write me when I'm in prison for strangling him????? Haaaaaaaa; patience is a virtue, but I deserve my wings I think.

Gotta go and fold towels.

NH Suzanne, it's really humid here too. I was out on the deck this morning chasing some chipmunks off my tomato plants!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

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Dee, I will definitely join you for martinis in French Lick!

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I can't resist...

I'll join you also, but I'll have mine.....


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Who could resist a martini in a place called French Lick????? Straight up or on the rocks it's going to be divine! LOL

Speaking of Divine...........I rented the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. I plan to watch this evening.

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I'll have mine on the rocks too! Sounds daring and fun!
Let me know the dates , ladies so I can start planning for French Lick now!! My wonderful son says to me: "Let me get this straight... You are going ALL the way out there to spend a vacation with women you have NEVER MET???" I said "Yep". "Well, that's my mom for ya..."

Had a blast kayaking. I will be sore in the morning! : ) Traffic was just horrible though. I am so glad not to be a commuter anymore. The company was great and I like to drive anyway and it was well worth the trip. Wild Chicken, ( what a name!) we have a LOT in common. Their was a rock climbing wall at REI, where I went for the kayaking demo day, but I did not attempt it this time. My poor friend went PALE when our guide talked about capsizing! : )I have a hard time finding people to do these things with...

NHSuzanne, my husband was 2 weeks shy of his 44th birthday on January of this year, when he went to the hospital for routine tests for abdominal pain. He suffered a major heart attack and never woke up. He was essentially brain dead and I ( being a critical care nurse and knowing the drill,) had all means of artificially maintaining life turned off. This is what we had always planned and I followed his wishes. MIL (EX MIL!!) is no longer speaking to us because of this decision. I'm thinkin' this is a good thing! Lol! Every viable organ, piece of tissue was donated for the benefit of others. I am proud!! And life moves on, as it should. I am still thinking about you and your situation...

I am on my own tonight. DS is at a friend's house and I am curling up with a good book in front of the air conditioner! DD is bringing her laundry and her boyfriend over tomorrow Ha Ha! He'll tune up and do the oil change on my car in exchange for a big gourmet dinner. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Have a great rest of the weekend Y'all. I have a question but think I'll start another thread...


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