Need help with a Proscan 32' TV. Model #PS32125

pman2008September 8, 2006

I need help with a 32" Proscan TV. Model #PS32125, Chasis #CTC197CG, Service # PS32125FM1.

When you click on the power button alls it does is click right back off.

Also need help with the following models:

Whoever can help. I need help with fixing the following Magnavox TV'S:

1) Model# (RP2748-B101) Chasis (27X102-00AA).

This TV turns on and runs for about 10 to 209 minutes and then it shuts off. Then after it cools down for about 5 minutes it turns back on and then shuts down in 10-15 minutes, etc.

2) Model# (25TSC6-0101) Chasis (25B501-00AA).

This TV doesn't turn on and just kind of makes alittle bit of a humming sound.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me pin point the problem...

Thanks Paul

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