Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 7/26/09

harold14370July 26, 2009

Good morning. This week we welcome a new participant, Ivamae. This is a good time to remind everyone that all are welcome to the weigh-in thread. There are no requirements. All you have to do is start posting your numbers.

The results from last week are as follows:

Harold - Weight 211, lost 2, total lost 64

Silver - Weight 132, gained 1, total lost 23. A pound of post-hole digging muscle.

Eklektos - Weight 137.5, lost 1, total lost 14.5. There's that skinny looking 7.

Jasmi - Weight 136, lost 1.8, total lost 12.

Betty - Weight 159, lost 0, total lost 21

Helen - Weight 154.4, gained 2.2, total lost 35.6. Just a little water weight that came off later in the week.

Ivamae - Weight 187, lost 5 so far before joining the weigh-in.

My results for this week:

Weight 209, lost 2, total lost 66.

Average calories - Food 1677, exercise 376.

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Welcome Ivamae.. You will tonnes of motivation and support in this thread.
Hi guys.. It was pretty hectic for me last week. Didnt get a chance to see whats happening in this thread.
Harold..congrats on your 2 pound loss.

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Harold! You are below 210! That zero in the middle is really exciting.

Welcome Ivamae! Helen and Jasmi--great losses for both of you last week.

We ate out at Bonefish Grill once last week, and though I made pretty good selections, the volume of food was way more than I would normally eat. (I ate it anyway and was uncomfortably full for hours. A lesson I should learn: ask for the to-go box when they bring the entree in the first place.) Plus, who knows how much salt was in it. I fully expect that meal to have an impact on the scales for me--but I've been staying away from the scales until weigh-in to see what the damage might be. I also had 2 glasses of wine one night with friends--I usually stop at one, but it was something of a celebration--and olives to snack on alongside. I'm sure my total calories were also up that day. Nervous for tomorrow's weigh-in, though I did up my exercise 3 days this week to try to offset the additional food.

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Helen - Weight 162.2, lost 2, total lost 37.6. We are back sliding down that mountain again. woo hoo.

Welcome Ivamae ~ it is nice to see you here.

Harold ~ You are doing soooo well. I am so proud of you and of everyone else here as well.

Did someone mention Bonefish Grill? I haven't eaten there in a very long time. Got a birthday coming up though, so maybe I should drop some hints, ya think? lol


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Thanks, Eklektos. Good job, Helen.

Yes, it is pretty cool to get below 210. I guess that qualifies me for a piece of tiramisu, right Helen? I've never tried that. I'll have to see what it's like.

I did have a piece of blackberry cobbler tonight, and that was a pretty good reward. I went berry picking tonight, and the wife baked it for me. I had a light lunch, so there was still room for it. Yummy.

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Good Morning,

Welcome, Ivamae! So glad you joined us. Tell us a little about yourself. It really helps to have others to cheer you on.

Great job, Harold. You are such an inspiration to us all.

Helen, You sure are doing things right.

I've had a busy week, also. Had a new Grandson last Thursday. He is precious. Been cooking anything I thought my DD would eat to help them out while she recovers. Didn't take time to prepare diet/low carb stuff for me. Really expected my scales to go up. Thank God, they at least stayed the same.

Still 159 lbs.

Have a great week, Everyone.


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Hi everyone!!!
I didn't step on the scale this morning...oops. Will do it when I get home. But just wanted to say good morning to you all!

Still not back on my diet, or exercise regime. But worked in the yard for 12 hours on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Yes, we finished at 10pm on Sunday...had the spotlights out and everything! I figure pushing a wheelbarrow full of concrete for two hours should be better calorie burning than anything else I could do!!

Will weigh tonight :) Skinny (goal-jeans) are still able to be zipped and buttoned but are not comfortable. Still want to target my hips/thighs area. But, all other clothes are fitting great, which I feel is the real testimony to weight loss rather than the actual poundage.

Also, many are recognizing my weight loss. And they want to know my secret... LOL!

1. Eat fewer calories (not less food!!!)
2. Burn more calories

Of course, it can't be that simple, but it is. One of my office mates started her low-carb diet at the same time, but does not exercise very much, and deprives herself of food so is hungry and binges. Also, does not count calories... hmmm... six months later, she's still the same weight. She offered me her low-carb cookbook, but with recipes in there that call for six tablespoons of butter I declined. :)

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Good Morning to you all

Today I was 134.6 . That is a 1.4 pound loss. I was dancing with surprise all morning. I think I checked my weight at least 5 times before I started dancing.

Silver , I agree with you. " the real testimony is the weight loss rather than the actual poundage". Many people have told me that I have lost lot of weight . But I still feel I should lose at least 15 pounds. My target areas are my all time non favourite hips/thigh areas.:-)))))
Also , I would like to fit comfortably in size 6 if not size 4.

Once I reach about 127, I am planning to do extensive circuit training to tone my non favourite areas. I also strongly believe that I have to lose 15 more pounds to look skinny if not toned.

I have 3 bday parties coming up in August and a vacation in September. I am hoping I will be disciplined enough not to gain any weight in next couple of months. I am also targeting to reach 120 pounds by the end of November.


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Thanks for the welcome.

Eklektos, I did not lose the 5 pounds last week. I have been up and down and then finally leveled off 5 pounds lighter than before. I'm on prednisone and 78 years old so it sin't going to be easy. I really think reporting in will be my strength. At least to have someone to report to in the past helped me greatly. Because of polymyalgia I can't exercise much but do try to walk 1 km a day but it is a very slow walk.

I'm trying to restrict myself to 1200 calories a day. So far since last last Thursday, I have managed to do that, I think. I still want to get all the posts read and also checkout all the links.

I'm very anxious to get weighed this thursday and will post then

Thanks again for the encouragement.

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Betty, glad to see you are holding steady even with all that going on at home. I'm sure you'll get back on track when things settle down.

Silver, sounds like you had a pretty full weekend. That concrete will wear you out. Once it's poured, it's going to set up whether you're ready or not. I also have people asking me what my weight loss secret is. They seem to be expecting something different than "counting calories and exercising" but that's basically it.

Jasmi, you're doing great. If you don't mind my asking, what country are you from originally? I know you live in California now, but you spell a lot of words like the British do.

Ivamae, welcome again.

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Hi Harold

Before I answered your question, I read all my posts in this thread to see which ones I spelled like British. Surprisingly, I couldnt find anything.:-)) yesterday, I mentioned it to my hubby & he agreed with you.Then I noticed the words I spelled like British .

You can definitely see I am not from Britian because my english is not that great .

I am actually from India and the medium of instruction in all Indian educational institutions is english ( specifically British English). And thats how I got it. You can also notice that I construct english sentences in british english . Anyway, this is not the same with all Indians in India. People are more influenced by american culture and follow american accent. Even though I have studied and have been working here in US for quite a while, I still spell some words in british english but use american accent for it :-)))))))

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I had the mother of all migraines yesterday and did not weigh in. Didn't do a lot, actually. This morning I was woozy enough still so that weighing in wasn't anywhere in my thoughts. I might weigh tomorrow, but it will be so far off from official weigh-in day that I'm not sure it will do much good for tracking. I might just skip this week and get back on track next Tuesday.

I've been eating appropriately after having a few splurges last week. Probably not a bad time to skip a weigh-in anyway.

Best to all.

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Your English is fine. I admire anybody who can speak more than one language.

I work with a couple of guys from India. They each speak three languages. One is from western India and he speaks a different language than the other, who is from eastern India. They both speak English and Hindi, as well.

I hadn't realized there were so many languages spoken in different parts of India.

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Yes, there are so many languages spoken in different parts of India. I can speak 4 different languages including English and can understand 3 more languages to a great extent. I wish I can speak Spanish. I might learn it sometime, may be when my son starts learning it in school. :-))

by the way , my weight was in 133s this morning and I was shocked . Guess I should get a new battery for my scale.

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That's very impressive, Jasmi. Congrats on the weight loss, too

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