Diet Pals - 13 - 18 Jul - On The Prowl.....

quiltingbunnyJuly 12, 2004

Okay - where is everyone lurking????

I am here, still slugging it out in the trenches. Did not gain and did not lose (no surprise)...but got my new issue of WW magazine and enough low fat yogurt to keep me quiet (if that's possible).

We are still having cruddy weather in Scotland with more to follow this week. Actually got out on the weekend and did some gardening - even got DH to sharpen the lawnmower blade. Looking at the serious nicks from all the rocks I have mowed the handle of a butter knife was sharper than my mower....but we have it sorted now!

Not overly motivated and still trying to get my head around things. Just read Alice's goal post - what a gal!

I am on the prowl for my pals this week - it was a quiet one last week!



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Hi, McPeg. Glad you are keeping us going.

Amazingly, down to 217-1/2 this week, without paying attention to my eating at all. Had a more active weekend, maybe that helped. Got to the beach, took walks, got some great corn at a new farmer's market and just plain enjoyed the nice weather. Glad we did--it's back to rain, now.

Have happily rediscovered a junk food that isn't too bad calorie-wise. Anybody remember Onion Ringers? (Oniony-salty rings sold near potato chips and such). They are selling rather large 50-cent, 160-calorie bags at my market, which I can actually divide into 2 servings. A nice change from fat-free Pringles.


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I'm here. Feeling better this week. It has cooled down to sunny but breezey weather here. I was going to walk at a local park today with a friend but she cannot meet me 'til later. We are still going to walk this evening around the neighbohood.

We plan to go to Applebee's for dinner afterwards. They have a nice WW menu now with points and calories listed. I am pretty skilled at making good choices from most menus. I order things from regular menus all the time, substituting to make them diet friendly. It's nice to be able not to have to think about it though.

Erica, Good for you on your loss. The activity always helps, but you are probably making better food choices subconsciously also. Be careful with those salty snacks. I "try" to stick to snacks that have "some" nutritional value. Peanuts, pretzels and popcorn are good for salty crunch. Honey Wheat Chex and other sweetened cereals,chewy granola bars,Fig Newton, (individually wrapped)and other fruitfilled grain bars take care of my sweet tooth. I also love ice cream and have 1/2 cup almost every day.

McPeg, I know exactly what you mean about having to get your head around things. I was seriously concerned I might start slipping a couple of weeks ago. This week something just "clicked" and I feel empowered again.

Read your magazine, try a new recipe, tweak your eating plan. Have lunch for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Try something you haven't had before. Turn on some music and dance like a child. Twirl and spin.;)

Three cheers for Alice. Hope she continues to post here.

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Erica, I remember onion rings - they are great. Smart move splitting the bag in two. Every ounze counts, every half pound - it's all moving forwards to your goal.
I have my water, yogurts. Gotta keep trying!
Going for a walk at lunch as well!

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Hello everyone!

Got back from 8 days of cruising, and did not gain anything. Did not lose, but did not gain. I was careful what I ordered, but I did not count points last week; nor did I bypass the champagne that was everywhere! What I DID do was take the stairs. When going to breakfast on deck 12, I walked up from deck 9 (our cabin). When having dinner on deck 3, I walked down to it, and back up after it!!! I think that saved me.

Congrats, Erica!

Started on lots of water this week, along with more veggie and fruit choices.

Hope to see the scale go down soon, as I have 3 (count em, 3!) weddings in October. Two here in Jersey, and one in California (where EVERYONE is skinny!) Ugh!!! Need to find some nice outfits, and I want them in a smaller size, so I need to drink my water, eat my veggies, and walk, walk, walk!!!

Have a great day!

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DeeMarie, glad to see you are back. I hope that you enjoyed your cruise. I would love to go on a cruise! The last and only one I have been on I was 6 weeks pregnant with dd (14 years ago) and sicker than a dog, between morning sickness, and sea sickness, it was pretty miserable!
What part of California will you be visiting? I live in California.
I am still hanging in there, eating healthy and exercising. I won't even have birthday cake today.
My mom is taking me to dinner tonight, and I will have my veggie burger, and still be good.This restaurant that we like has a low fat and low carb menu which is really nice. It's funny when you get used to eating this way, all that unhealthy food doesn't really even sound good. I actually look forward to my veggie burger and broccoli.
I hope everyone has a great day, you all are doing great!

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Wow! Have an incredible day!

I am still trying just to keep my head into this. This has been a tough month mentally - just want to eat bread again! AAAAAUUUUUuuugggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Drinking lots of water helps tremendously and getting off my butt more does too! Still kicking that can!

DeeMarie - glad to see you enjoyed your cruise. We had the QII in harbour last few days - talk about traffic jam going home last night so folk could rubber neck and watch it go.

Wildchild - send some heat over here! This has been, by far, the WORST summer in Scotland since I have been here - rain, cold, rain, more rain

did I mention rain?

Have a fabby day!

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Way to go maintaining on your cruise DeeMarie. Trust me everyone in California is NOT skinny. If anything we probably have MORE fat people due to an over-worked, fast food society. This is a state, sadly, where many children do not sit down for a family meal except for holidays.

Most of us don't sport year round tans either. Actually, those of us who are naturally light skinned are rather pallid due to the many hours spent working overtime to pay the mortgages on our 600k and up crackerbox homes. LOL

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Enjoy that veggie of my favorite foods now that I've discovered them.

McPeg, I just got off a conference call with someone from the UK; he told me the weather has been abominable. Try to keep your sunny-side up! The good weather is just around the corner (so keep walking towards it!) LOL!!

Gotta run; I have a luncheon meeting today. Do not know what they are serving, so this should be interesting.....

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Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I am having a great day! I had dd take a pic. of me, not sure how to post a pic here, but I'm including a link if you want to see.
Hopefully it will work.

Here is a link that might be useful: pic of me

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You're looking beautiful, Alice! Hope you had a great day on your birthday! Like they say "you're not getting older, you're getting better - and slimmer, too!"

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Alice - You look great, congratulations! (And your house looks very nice, too.)

Wildchild, on houses. There are some houses priced like that here in Jersey, too. We were just at the shore this weekend and saw a lot of signs for a certain realtor. When we got home I checked out their website just out of curiosity--the cheapest one was a tiny fixer-upper for $589,000! (Of course, it was just off the beach.)

Pallid, plump and not buying beachfront property anytime soon,

Erica in NJ

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Great pictures, Alice!! Thanks for sharing.

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Dee Marie, Alice, I live in California too. Trust me, Dee Marie, not EVERYBODY is skinny!!

Nice picture Alice. Happy belated Birthday! Where in Calif. are you? I am near Pasadena.


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Thanks to all you Californians who have eased my fears of being the only blob at the wedding. Haaa! Nice to know that I don't have to lose 50 pounds over the next 3 months! LOL!!! (seriously, I would like to lose another 10-15 to get down another size or two).

Have a wonderful WEEKEND!!!! Choose healthy foods, drink your water, and walk when you can!!!

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Hi everybody! I've been a tad down, I guess, since having to go to the oral surgeon-----yes, I got that baby out and I tell you that I was a nervous wreck!! It was a root-canal tooth that cracked---couldn't be saved.

But, I'm feeling better today and planning to get back in the dieting mode on Monday. Just told my sister that I want to lose 30 pounds by Christmas. I think I can, I think I can!

Happy Birthday, Alice! Great photo!

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