Our geothermal is working great!

joyce_6333June 6, 2011

We've only been in our new house a week, but I'm really impressed with the geothermal. It's been in the 90s with high humidity here in Wisconsin the last few days, and the house is cool and comfortable. And to think we don't have an air conditioner!! The true test will be when the bill comes! Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Any updates on how this is working out?

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We couldn't be happier. Our house is approx 5200 sq ft, and is all electric except for the range top and the fireplace. Our electric bill for November was $150. Our last home was 6500 sq ft, and our total utility bills averaged $600 per month. We are definitely smiling!

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I am building a new house in Massachusetts, and am getting quotes for a closed loop system. My house will be about 5200sf when done. I was wondering what details you could share with me about your system. How many tons is it, and is it a closed loop, etc. Would love to know the price you paid as well if you could share.
I need to convince the wife it is a great investment. I know the cost will be higher than a traditional system, but here in the Northeast, it is oil heat only. I pay about $800/month for a tank, and I know it will be more like $1000/mo in the new larger place. The builder is giving me the $22K he would have spent on the HVAC system to put towards it. I am fearful of the final price however!
Again, any details you could share would be appreciated very much!

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Annie Deighnaugh

We have geothermal and are delighted with it. We got an Econar as they are designed and built in MN so they are heating systems that also cool...vs other brands that are cooling systems that also heat.

We put it in new construction so the cost differential between a traditional heat and central AC vs geothermal was the cost of the wells. With the 30% tax credit, it paid back right away. And we love it that the oil truck doesn't stop here any more. And no ugly outside compressor.

Make sure you work with someone who is familiar with geothermal systems. The fellow we used says he's done nothing but geothermal unit in new construction for years.

As I recall he gave Econar the specs for our house and they did all the calculations and designed and built the system required.

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