cheap dc inverters

greifJune 1, 2008


i was thinking about running a electric weed trimmer of 12v battery, would one of the cheap modified sine wave converters work or would the "modified" sine be hard on the motor?

I'm sick of the gas trimmers, even the $400 ones are trouble and the cordless trimmers are to light duty

this way I could just put an old marine battery in the back of the gator and drive to were i need to... only need about 20 minutes run time


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how much does the weed wacker pull? even a 29.95 special usually draws 3.5+ amps. so that would mean at least a 600W inverter, preferably larger. my 1000W inverter pulls 100A DC at full load, that will kill a battery in no time.

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Hi Gary,

Here is a blurb on what runs on modified sine wave inverters:

Looks like the odds are it would work OK.

I checked our electric weed whacker on the killawatt, and it pulls 500 watts.
500 watts from a 12 volt battery would be 42 amps to the inverter. Costco sells a 115 AH 12 volt deep cylce for $72 -- assuming an efficient inverter, that should give you about 2 hours of weed slaughter if you take the battery down to 25% charge.


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thanks gary

I saw your update on your prius, glad it is working out. I almost had my wife talked into one but then she went with the corrolla, which it turns out to be a nice car, she is averagig about 33mpg even with her heavy foot


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