Diet Pals - 5 to 12 July - Inspiration Week

quiltingbunnyJuly 5, 2004

Hi Everyone!

Well done for hanging out and trudging on! Forward Ho!

Alice - wow - 128 pounds! That's where I would love to be and should be by now but I keep caving last month. You have inspired me to get with it! Congrats!

What is everyone using for summer time inspiration? I have a trip home at end August and really want to get under 140. It's my mental/physical struggle point. Had a huge BBQ this weekend and I won't go into details just to say I have a mega salad bowl at my desk today, water and pulled out my stepping machine for tonight. I am soooo sore from standing in the kitchen for 9 hours - no one would leave the patio (it was a THUNDERSTORM and we BBQ'd anyway) with their golf umbrellas and those inside did not want to miss anything outside so we all stood in the kitchen. I ate and drank too much and today I have resolved to slap myself up the side of the head, rattle out those cobwebs, take off my rose coloured glasses and face the fact I have been slipping. I am here in all my honestly, writing this down so I can remind myself to get with it this week. Unless I want to start buying larger clothes again! NOT! I am going to wear the smallest pants I own and sqeeze into them this week to remind myself they were loose fitting 3 weeks ago...

My inspiration is this forum, going home and feeling really out of shape and tired today from one day of standing.

What are you doing for inspiration this week?

I could use some help!



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My inspiration: Went clothes shopping with my mother last week. She is kind of on the border line of Misses and Women's sizes, so we shopped in both departments. I saw a new fall blouse in Misses that I really liked, and it came in XL. But still a bit too small, and not on sale yet. I'd like to be able to buy it before it disappears, but I'm not going to do it until I can actually fit into it.

Thanks for reminding me about it.

(Holding at 219)

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My inspiration is all the cute summer clothes, and just feeling better about myself, and feeling healthier.
We had a huge bbq/swimming party at our house yesterday.
There was so much food! But I was good, had dh put my vegie burger and some fresh zucchini on the grill for me, and I had that with some fresh carrots, celery and broccoli, and some ambrosia melon. That was it, I didn't even taste the chocolate cream puffs that I made, or the frosted sugar cookies, or cupcakes. Of course there was also chips, dips, crackers, macaroni salad, potato salad etc... I didn't even have a taste, I think I should have lost a couple of pounds as a reward lol. Too bad it doesn't work that way.

McPeg, hang in there, sounds like you are back on track.
We can do this.

Erica, I do the same thing with clothes since that is my inspiration too. It won't be long befor you get that blouse.

Well, I'm off to the gym. I hope you guys have a great day!

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I know that exercise really truely moves those pounds quicker than just diet alone. I need to get moving again. Finally getting over feeling tired all the time. Had a pretty good day yesterday - ate light and had a proper dinner but it will be lighter tonight (still eating BBQ leftovers). Even DH asked to go back to just sandwiches at dinner because he has a large, hot meal at lunch from his cafeteria.
I have been giving away the excess wine/beer/food everytime friends have gone by/popped in - they are not getting off that easy! I can't keep beer around on the nice days - I enjoy a couple of cold ones but with me I might as well glue those cans to my hips because that is where they go along with a lot of water retention from the alcohol. I feel satiated again - had my fill and honestly - Alice - I still remember your post in the winter when everything looked like a huge hurdle for you. Look at you now!
You go girl!
Erica - thanks for the inspiration. You are absolutely right on with the nice clothes too - I don't want to NOT FIT into my size 12 and vow to keep what I have succeeded at - OFF!
Today, lots of water - drinking it by the bottle full, cutting back on caffeine and have lots of oranges (sasumatas) at my desk - they are in season from Europe right now - low points, no fat and yummy - great for snacking on and the sugar in them knows back those cravings in a much healthier way - not to mention the fibre factor!
Thanks again for pulling me along. When I get fully back on track I will do the same!
LOL to all my pals,

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Yesterday was a good day overall. Stuck within my points range. It is still so bright here in Scotland, even with the rain, I am not sleeping I got up early, have the dishes soaking and online watching last nights CBS news (love it-get home news here!). It's 5:37 am. Woke up on and off all night.
Enjoying my oranges, yogurts and lots and lots of water (flavoured of course).
Booking a doctor's appointment today for a checkup-feeling extremely tired - too much - and not sure but think I might have picked up 'worms' from my visiting cat. As gross as it makes me feel - I'd rather deal with it than ignore it - one of the symptoms is extreme tiredness among other things. I don't understand it - I am forever washing my hands and washing my kitchen but it probably happened playing with the cat in the garden. My neighbours had her treated for this last month. Has anyone else ever experienced this in your family? Geez. I'd better do my homework on all of this if I want to move to the country and have animals.
Sorry if it sounds gross - I am grossed out!
They say those active yogurts can flush them out - I did do that for a week but I want to be sure things are okay.
Today I hope to stick with my game plan. Have found a way to kill the boredom at work with everyone away - reading the back articles of Mother Earth News on country living.
Hope everyone has a fabby day today!

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Hello everyone, I am still here trudging along also. I've been a bit under the weather the past couple of days. My weight stayed the same this week. At least I didn't gain. I remember when being sick meant a easily dropped 5 lbs. These days if I'm ill I am apt to GAIN weight.

Thanks for the link to your gym, Alice. Unfortunately they don't have any facilities down here. BTW my mother-in-law lived in Folsom for many years.

Erica, I'm sure you'll be in that and many other smaller sized tops soon. I don't care for shopping for clothes at any size but I continue to try on smaller clothes I have in my closet. Its inspiring to see pants that I couldn't pull over my hips now only an inch or two from being zipped comfortably. Jackets I could not zip last winter have room for layers of other clothing now.

McPeg, Just keep on wearing those slightly snug pants. I've sabotaged many a weight loss by wearing too comfy clothes around the house. Snug clothing can be an asset to bagginess in the future. I'm very close to you weight wise and I do know the struggle it is to break and stay at those lower numbers. I just don't want to see the number 5 again in the middle of those numbers.

Although it is possible to get worms from animals it is not all that common. You do work in the garden though, so you could've picked them up from the soil where the animal "went". Best to be checked out by the doctor. Although yoghurt is great for dealing with bacteria and yeast in the intestines only a parasidic can get rid of parasites and their larvae.

You know, your bursts of energy and then sudden exteme periods of fatigue and inability to sleep sound a lot like me a few years back. It could be the onset of peri-menopause. I have to say, that for me peri-meno was worse than menopause itself. It seemed like PMS for three weeks out of the month. Bloating,weight gain,headache,intestinal upsets and a burst of energy when I would get my TOM. Then the pattern would repeat with just enough difference to set me off course.

Everyone hang in there, think skinny thoughts and have a great week.

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Hi everyone! Finally checking back in and I hope this will post since I haven't sent my money in and I think it's due in a few days!!

Well, I've been a little bad, a little good. Got to get back on track---walked this morning, also enjoying some diet coke in the silver can. I'm finding more diet drinks that I really like--------maybe I've FINALLY gotten used to these. lol

We went to Nashville for the 4th---had a great time. I really didn't overeat and it's only because I have a tooth problem-------yep, why me? why me? It's a root-canal tooth that I never got a crown put on--a back tooth---I think it cracked the other day while I was chewing gum. So, I'm getting it taken out-------that is-----as soon as the oral surgeon can do it---been waiting a week now, got another week to do!! Whew!! My regular dentist couldn't really tell if it was cracked, but they don't pull root-canal teeth---afraid they will break off, etc.

I'm fallin apart. lol I've got to take better care of myself! And that includes losing weight.

My inspiration - new clothes, would also love to join a local club and do some swimming. Take care, everyone. If ya get off track, just jump right back on!

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Hi Everyone,
going to the doc's on Friday morning. I have suggested the perimenopause but there is not much they can do but I know I have the 'classic' symptoms - especially having to stick my feet out off the bed. I go to bed FREEZING and in the middle of the night I am roasting. Of course we are having NOVEMBER weather in the UK - it's not nice out, it's cold and windy and the house is still being heated a few hours each night body is changing for sure.
The sleep patterns being out of sync is normal for me - could be perimenopause, could be the parasites (yep), could be the brightness at night (still) or could be my SAD/hormones....geez that's 2 strikes for hormones - head and body ones! What's a gal to do!

I want so bad to get on my stepping machine at night but I am sooooo exhausted by the time I get home (for no reason) - I can barely keep awake to make it through dinner.

Erica, I think you are doing just fine. Do treat yourself for all your efforts - I have a great earring collection and lots of new shirts for work - my treats for sticking with it. Keep putting one foot in front of the other - if ya fall down, dust yourself off and stick a foot out. What about getting that shirt and wrapping it up for yourself as a Santa gift? I do this sort of thing for inspriation. In the meantime - do something to treat yourself and let us know what it is! Even if its a hair job, manicure, a bubble bath with the nicest stuff, pedicure or even some fun, fuzzy house slippers that put a grin on your face.

Alice - you are motivating me to get with it - your weight is right where I want to be as my old 'normal' weight. I know bodies change with age, I would be jumping for joy if I could hit 135 right now. Keep us posted with your activities and keep posting when you hit goal because the maintenance takes awhile to become routine. Anyway - I would just love to keep in touch with you!

Wildchild - I too used to lose weight when ill or if I missed dinner. Not anymore. Sometimes I think illness was mother natures weight maintenance programs....thanks for the info on the 'parasites' - never considered the garden aspect - and I do a lot of it with bare hands - and we do have many, many, many cats around here (which I love). I don't chase them from the garden because they are such little characters and I love animals - even DH (just kidding, just kidding!).

Yellowhair, sorry to hear about your tooth. Ouch!
Wish I could have gone with you to Nashville. I sooo miss good country music over here. I keep ordering CDs and listen to them often. I would also love to join a club for swimming but none are near/convenient to get to and would really cost a fortune adding on the transport. I am thinking of getting one of those small trampolines to make home exercise a little more fun.

Well, loaded up my desk with good foods today. Have my 2 litre bottle of water open (strawberry - yum) and hoping to behave today.

Let's make today count. If you fall over, get up and get with it!

Cheers everyone,
glad to see the posts - was feeling a little lonely!


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