Diet Pals - Summer Holidays....

quiltingbunnyJuly 19, 2004

Hi gang,

I will now be away for the remainder of the summer - I have a holiday here starting at the end of this week and then I will be travelling home for the remainder of the summer and will be offline until the end of that time. This was unplanned due to family events. Nothing serious - just some personal things to look after and some preparation for returning home permanently next summer.

I hope someone else will carry on this thread!

Many thanks,


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Hi and bye! Glad I opened this one since I have been busy too. Had a yard sale this weekend and sold a batch of junk. McPeg, we will miss your wit and you know you can check in at the library if you are computerless. Just get a hotmail account to log on.
Made a committment to myself this morning to get my arse walking again and since it is not getting any cooler I better get out there. Bye, Kathy

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I will miss everyone! I do have internet accounts but I can log into this forum from anywhere and will do so when I can.
Not gone yet....

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McPeg! Hope you have a wonderful holiday....full of good weather and good health!

I am still in a major stall. Only difference in what I was doing when I was losing is e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e. I need to kick that up, and I'll bet I'll see the pounds melt again!

Have a great WEDNESDAY!

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Hi, I just got back myself (computer problems). Have a flabbyless holiday and a safe,smooth journey home.

You'll be missed here but not forgotten. Peek in when you can and come back in the fall.

Kathy, DeeMarie and others...let's do all we can to keep "Diet Pals" going. I know it's not the largest group on this forum, but I would hate to see it go. Let's keep it going so McPeg can have "her" room ready upon her return.

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Hi all. McPeg, I'll miss you! Take care and have a great holiday.

I'm totally mad at myself for gaining 5 lbs. back. So, it's back to walking---I'm checking on some walking places tomorrow----can't walk on my little country road anymore ---too much stress with my kitties following me.

I'm also going to check on some club memberships for me and DH. He likes to swim and we both need the exercise and time away from the house.

But, I will lose this flab, again. lol And have new diet foods in the fridge. And did I mention that I'm getting used to diet coke.

Have a great weekend! I won't be able to post---until like Tuesday or so---sending out my membership fee tomorrow---it's here on the desk. Think slim!

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Happy FRIDAY !!!

Hope everyone stays committed to eating healthfully this weekend. Try to stay away from the stuff that makes all of us feel so icky!!!

Due to work and personal comittments, I was not able to exercise since Tuesday; however, I will get some in this weekend. The weather on the East Coast is supposed to be cloudy, so I may bring out Tae Bo or aerobic tapes. If it's decent, I will force hubby to take a stroll around the lake with me.

Whatever you decide to do with your time, make it safe and healthy!


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Been getting a lot of exercise pulling weeds. They grow so fast! And eating fruit, and doing exercises.

I haven't weighted in a few days, may wait till Monday. It's supposed to get down cooler tonight---I'm wondering if we're looking at an early winter!

Take care, everyone. Think slim!

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