Diet Pals - July 26 to August 1 - Let's Keep It Going

wildchildJuly 27, 2004

Good day all, I guess it is my turn to start the weekly thread in Quiltingbunny's absence.

Had an interesting weekend, meeting with old friends, reminescing of the days gone by. Stayed within dietary boundaries for the most part.

I still feel quite overweight and it was interesting to see how I finally felt "thinner" this weekend. I no longer felt like the fat lady in the room. In fact, although I was by no means the smaller of everyone else I certainly fit into the "thinner" rather than the "plumper" group.

I hope this self-image sticks because I have always had issues with how I see myself as opposed to how others see me.

Tried to shop for new jeans as mine are starting to bag again. So discouraging. I lose weight,look forward to getting clothing in smaller sizes and what do I find....? It is impossible to get jeans that are dark and UN distressed right now. The misses sizes are too baggy in the legs (and I don't have thin legs) and the Juniors are cut way low and have legs a mile long, even in "short" length.

Then there's that over distressing on the front of the thighs and on the seat. What are they thinking? We highlight cheekbones on our faces to make them more prominant...why would we highlight our thighs and behinds??!!! Even normal sized teens look 20lbs heavier in them. ARRRGGGHH

Well, I've posted, I've shared and I've ranted and raved. Now everybody get in here and post. Let's keepDiet Pals alive and well 'til McPeg's return. Have a fabby, flabbiless week.

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Hey Wildchild! Congratulations on feeling fit and fancy free, and good luck on finding appropriate jeans.

I was wondering myself how to bridge the gap between looking like an old-fashioned grandmother or a pre-teen! Not sure how to do that, as I dress very conversatively for work (dark suits). I want to lighten it up for casual wear, but I'm still too big to wear white or pink on the hips (forget about the distressed jeans!). whoa!!!!!!! Gonna take my nieces shopping with me in a few weeks to see if they can help me before they call "What not to wear"!!!

Staying within WW points, but still not losing. Gotta kick up water intake and exercise. I know that, but have not been committed enough to get it completed yet. Maybe today is the day to start. After my coffee this morning, I will start on water, water, water. Maybe get a walk in this evening if it doesn't rain. Yesterday, I took a 20-minute walk during lunch, and a 50-minute yoga-pilates class. :-)

Make this a great week!

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How's everyone doing?

Check in!

I'm going to a circuit class today, and I'm starting on my second glass of H2O!!

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I am 1lb. down this week, making a grand total of 2 lbs. for this month. The four weeks went like this: -1/2 lb.,-0/+0 lbs.,-1/2lb. and -1lb. Slow, slow, slow but no gains and I have 32.5 lbs to look back on.

Haven't been getting as much exercise as I should. Resolve to walk more this week.

Where is everybody? Peek in and say hello.

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Good FRIDAY morning!

I took a 20-minute walk during lunch yesterday. Then I did a 45-minute circuit (cardio/toning) with a trainer in the evening. Drank about 64 oz of water, and I felt great!

Starting out this morning with lots of water. Won't be able to walk due to weather, but I may leave the office early to run errands and put in an exercise tape when I go home.

Make it a great weekend!

DRINK THAT WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DeeMarie - Great going on the water and exercise. Your post inspired me to get up and grab a bottle of water.

Where is everybody? Seems we're the only ones here there week.

If you are eating within your points and not losing you might still be under-eating, especially if you've upped your exercise. Sometimes,you have to eat MORE to get losing again. I know WW recommends eating at the high end of your points range and eating all your flex points for a week to break a stall.

I don't do points. I do a WW method I've tweaked to suit me, food exchanges and tracking calories. I find going completely off program for a day or adding an extra snack for a few days sometimes jump starts my weight loss. Just make sure you are not undereating for your current weight and activity level. WW points are just guidelines after all. Even if two WW are the same heght and weight, their food requirements are bound to be different from each other. Muscle mass, bone density, even our digestive systems, all play a role.

Let us know how your fashion foray goes with your nieces.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Hey there, happy SUNDAY!

Hope all of you are making this weekend count. Take care of a few things while you have time now to make the week easier.

Prepare some healthy meals that can be re-heated during the week to stay with your eating plan. Cut up lots of fruit and veggies and place in individual snack bags to grab-and-go.

Keep your water bottle handy!

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Where is everyone this week?


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I'll keep talking to myself until someone answers me!!!!!!

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah......................someone stop me!!!

Have a safe and health weekend!

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I'm here. On Monday, we need to start a new thread for the "pals". MaryAnnTX just got back from her trip. Maybe she'll check in. Tikanas, Alice, Erica....and others come out and play with us.

I'm doing just OK this week. No loss-no gain. Too much eating on the run. Even grabbed a fast food burger this week...ICK. I certainly don't miss those. Like eating gritty grease.

Have a great weekend and on Monday....we'll SHOUT for people to come out of hiding.

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