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lunchlady1948July 18, 2006

Hello!! Sorry I was not on earlier, we were changing over FINALLY to DSL so we were down for a bit. Per DD's instructions we as in DH and myself were not allowed to touch the machine only she could convert us. To be fair that is because we or I should say that DH got it go goofed last time that we ended up back on dial up:(

I had a good day today, I think I am back on track from some bad stress eating:) I am doing the Flex Plan this week so as to get myself back together before I leave for vacation. Vacationing is dangerous for dieters right:) I had a good day today and stayed right on program:)

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How Funny is That????

Another quote from the walls of my CURVES gym :)

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Love that quote Lunch Lady...

Feeling better today...no exercise since last Friday....being sick, it just didn't seem the thing to do...probably tomorrow...

My house is spotless ...haha the housekeeper just left...can't even take credit for that one but have gotten some chores in so I'm thinking tomorrow at the gym...

I'm eating good and I weighed in at 150.8 this morning so hopefully soon I will hit that long awaited 149 mark....of course that's not the end...just a milestone...I'm only 5'2" so 149 is still too heavy...But life is good at the moment so I'll just keep on keeping on...My DD is coming in for a visit this weekend but she is watching her weight too so eating shouldn't be an issue...Stay on program ladies...

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Ruthie you are doing very good!!! You will get there before you know it. Yes, it is best not to stress your body out when you are sick esp with sweaty ole exercise.

WC where are you????

How is the weather where each of you are?? Triple digets everyday:(

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Here's a link to where I am. Too frustrated and tired to repeat it here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wildchild's Bad Day

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I read that earlier WC...hope it isn't anything really serious and is just a pulled muscle or cramp ...I am always nervous about blood clots and really believe in moving those legs around when you get my age...

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That's what is so scary Ruthie. I do move my legs alot. I walk, I figure skate. My legs are the strongest part of my body. I've never had problems like others do with my knees or balance or stability. My legs are like tree trunks.LOL That's why I am so upset with the doctor not paying any heed to what I said. I know how to work out cramps and strains. He just undermined my feelings and knowledge about my own body completely.

Great job on your progress. I have always gotten stuck 150, 140 etc. Don't know why but it always seems you have to work twice as hard to get to the next level. Then suddenly you lose an easy 3 lbs the next week.

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I weighed in this morning at .....TA DA.....150.8...LOL same as yesterday...that door to 149 is locked tight....

Bummer......well I have a workout at the gym this morning so maybe that will be the push to some loss...funny I always complain about a lost of two or three tenths of a pound...this moring it would have made me smile...Don't worry about me though...I'm good to go...no wringing my hands and pigging out...just gonna keep on ...

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I usually lurk a bit on this thread....

Wild child, I am so very sorry to hear your tale of woe. How maddening to be treated like that by the doc!

I hope you feel better! (long time no see)


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She posted at the KT some good news ...I won't spoil her post but it is there or I am sure she will be back to report here but she is not nearly as concerned now after a second opinion.

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WC I read your HAPPY post at the KT! Glad you went to the ER and everything turned out well!! YUP! I think alot of Dr's are not very good at listening!!

I stayed on program very well these last two days:) I have even been keeping track of my points. I will have to go and see how many points my 2 soon to be 3 glasses of white wine are:( I went to my quilting guild last night, my pal and I met at a local shopping center we leave one car. la It was mine and some one hit it:( My back fender on the driver side:( BOO HOO!!! I never even noticed it last night my son came in this morning and asked me about it~~~and of course my DH had a BIG OLE COW!!! SHEESH!! I have had some of the oddest accidents in my vans in the last few years. They are so odd that my DH does not even believe what I say:( Once a pitch fork flew at me on the main blvd here and crashed into the front end of my van~~~HONEST!! My DH is a cop so he goes right into cop mode when soemthing happens and forgets we are family:( So that is why LunchLady will be having 3 glasses of wine tonight :)

Gotta go I am doing too many typos

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Yep I'm back. I did have a completely opposite experience at the ER. Everyone from start to finish was so supportive and helpful.

I have to avoid exercise for a while and gradually build up. They said it could take up to 4 weeks. Guess I just have to try and maintain for now or count on losing a bit less weight for now.

Here's a link to my happy post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leg Pain Update

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