Any luck with Hypnosis?

joannbmJune 17, 2005

I can't seem to get motivated at this point. I have about 20lbs to loose. Has anyone tried hypnosis and if so what were your much did you loose...were you able to maintain the weight loss? AND what were the costs?


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Havent tried it myself , but heres a book that allows you to try it on yourself.

Here is a link that might be useful: book to try

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I have not tried Hypnosis but I'm also very interested in the question. My experience with self hypnosis started as a joke with a friend. We started saying stuff like " Would a skinny person eat this" or " I'm to full to eat another bite" As crazy as it sounds, I'm contantly thinking of opportunities to say a silly phrase like that to myself or out loud to family members. I have lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks! Now I want to try real hypnosis. I mean I really talk myself into not eating stuff and its getting easier!!

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I tried it a couple of Marchs ago. I had an actual hypnotist treat me. I wanted to drink more water every day. It worked for almost 4 weeks, then I should have had another session and didn't.

From what I understand, you should have regular sessions to have yourself re-hypnotized. One session is not enough and it doesn't last forever.

I enjoyed it and it was VERY relaxing and I lost some weight and drank more water as a result.

Good luck if you try it!

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I used self-hypnosis when I was much younger. Below is some info I posted on another board. Didn't feel like re-writing so I'll just cut and paste here.

===========cut and paste begins here=====================

I used self-hynposis many years ago and need to revive my techniques because I am way overweight. I was successful at losing weight because I did a fair amount of research and was careful how I wrote the scripts. That $95 price tag is relatively cheap compared to how much time you really need to put into creating one of these tapes. Requires a lot of thought. Everyone is different even to the extent that some people do better with scripts that utilize "I will ...." or "I am..." instead of "You will ..." or "you are...". I learned the second type of phrasing was better for me. One easy and powerful script for me was to list names of people that I had a lot of respect for (for one reason or another), better if they are people who knew me when I was thin. Then in my script, I would say " imagine meeting Jane Doe again now after all these years. Imagine how she will smile at you and tell you how wonderful you look once you achieve your goal weight (don't' want to be negative...).

There were numerous other type scripts, too many to mention here but my point is that I think they are only effective if they are very very personal and buying tapes off a shelf aren't going to be that. I also learned that your brain starts tuning out the message after a month or so and so you need to make a new tape and use new scripts. This is a lot of work which is why I haven't kept up with it but I did lose 30 pounds a long time ago. Thanks for posting this thread. I really need to sit down and do the work to start churning out these scripts again.

It is also lots of fun. You must be an introspective type person I think, otherwise it will probably be too boring for you to make these scripts and then take the time to listen to them.

FYI - the tapes have a beginning which puts you under (many many ways to do this) a middle with lots of repetition, lots of relaxing comments, slow speech and an end where you need to wake yourself up. Many ways to do this last part also. About 20 minutes for all the real suggestions/substgance in the middle part is pretty good.

Just thought I'd describe this since others might be interested. One of the most fun things was when I was just learning and the first time I put myself under. I told myself all the standard relaxinging things and then told myself that my arm was very very light and getting lighter, that it was starting to float, floating, etc. etc. and to my absolute amazement, my arm raised up seemingiy totally on its own. This is one method, I learned later that is often used by professionals. When you see this, it causes you to be in a deeper trance. (they say and that was my experience.)

Probably after one does this kind of work, just reading the scripts/suggestions/substance without trying to go into a trance would do a lot of good too. LOL. But after trance, I would feel so relaxed, like I had slept for hours. (This is how I got thru school, listening to tapes like this every afternoon before going to my parttime job.) I don't think I would get that relaxed feeling just reading the script.

At this point, someone posted that they had fallen asleep instead of waking up when listening to a hypnosis tape, so below is my response to that.

I'm not sure. Probably some info on the web about it but I would think that if you really go to sleep and don't wake up at the end of the script, that it may mean that you really needed the sleep but may not be getting the real value of the scripts when you do that, just a guess on my part. I did fall asleep on occasion. That was when I started working more on the end of the script, spending more time on the waking up part. But I DEFINITELY AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL or expert on this but there are lots and lots of books on it. That's what I mean when I say this is a lot of work. It does take a fair amount of tweaking and thinking about the various aspects. But if you are into this kind of thing and don't just want a quick fix, can be quite interesting and I believe successful in helping you achieve changes. --Alice

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