Always on the verge of tears,please help me

suedawn00June 14, 2006

Everyone here seems very caring,so I'm going to unload my desperation on you in hopes that someone can help me.

20 years ago I weighed a whopping 210 pounds.I went on the then famous "Susan Powter diet" and lost 60 pounds.I was so happy with myself for once in my life.I had confidence that I had never had in my life.I kept the weight off for 19 and a half years.Well,in the past 6 months I have gained so much weight that I am just so embarrased for anyone to see me,even my family.I have gained 62 pounds in the 6 months and don't know why.My doctor says there is nothing wrong with me.I have been to see him 3 times,and everytime,he checks my thyroid.The tests always come back good.There is absolutely no reason I should be gaining weight like this.I eat healthy,and I excersize an hour a day.I don't eat all that much either.I have tried dieting.... weight watchers,low carb,food combining.I have taken Hoodia,andCortislim,and all I get is fatter and fatter.I have gone from a size 12 to a 16 in a short amount of time.I drink lots of water.I just don't know what to do.Can someone please help me?My doctors advise to me is to go on a 1000 calorie diet.I've done that too,and gained 5 pounds.I went on the cabbage soup diet with no luck.Someone please help if you can.

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Suedawn, Your story really touched me because my DD is going through a similar thing with her doctors. She was always of normal weight until she ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pains. They said it was "probably" a ruptured ovarian cyst (inconclusive) and sent her home. The next day she got a severe migraine and hasn't had a day without a headache since. About a year into the migraines she suddenly gained 30 lbs in one month. They said it was probably the medication and changed it. She continued to gain weight and the doctors said she must be eating too much. Her thyroid tests and all other tests come back normal. She has never been a big eater and no way can a person gain weight that quickly even if they tried.

Forward almost 3 years and she dumped Kaiser. Frist visit to the new doctor and she was told she has classic symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). She is in the process of changing insurance carriers and will be going back to the same doctor to confirm and hopefully get some kind of treatment plan going.

Don't know if this helps but I though our story might help you see that there is a lot more to physiological reasons for weight gain other than thyroid.

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You have no idea just how much you've helped me.I was really needing someone to talk to last night and didn't know where to turn.I beleive pcos is what I have after reading your message.I did a search on it and found a site that had a little quiz to determine if I had the classic symptoms of it.I had almost every symptom.I am going to find a doctor that specializes in this.I would really like to know more about what you DD's doctor does to help her,I'm sure she is just as miserable as I am,and would like to keep in contact with you,to know how she is doing.I can sure relate to what she is going through.Thank you so much for anwering my plea for help,I now feel like there is hope.Susie

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Suedawn, We have a few weeks until she goes back to the doctor. I would be happy to trade information with you. DD is only thirty and wants to have children some day. As her mom I really worry about her and it would be nice to have a person who is going through the same thing to share with. We are close but sometimes she goes into protective mode and hides how rough things are for her from me.

Of course it is important that we don't jump to conclusions but I too have gone to the websites, it sure looks like it might be PCOS we are dealing with. Please stay in touch and let me know what your Dr. says. Apparently it is one of the most common but underdiagnosed syndromes for women who have mentral problems and weight issues. Why it is over-looked...who knows.

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Hit the submit key too soon. Meant to say menstral not mentral which could be construed as mental LOL.

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Wildchild,I can sure relate to your daughter.I always try to put on the "happy face" when it comes to my mother.I'm very close to her and don't want her to be upset.I haven't been online much lately,I've been really depressed and didn't really care to do much of anything that I enjoy.I haven't made a doctor's appointment yet.Sometimes I procrastinate too much!LOL Keep in touch,ok?

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Are you on any particular medications? Have you had your heart checked? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you going through the change?
My mother has always been a VERY healthy eater and exercised a lot but she always struggled with her weight. Unfortunately everyone is not blessed with a wonderful metabolism.

You can take or leave my advice of course but have thought of starting a journal? When I am going through a trying time for some reason it makes me feel better. Also for every negative thing I write in it I try to find something positive about myself or the day I had. Stress also makes you gain weight, even though your problem may be bigger then just that.

Wildchild thank you for the wonderful input I am going to research that for my mom.

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Toni S

Suedawn00, I found this interesting. Might be something to research or ask your doctor about. Its called Metabolic Syndrome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Metabolic Syndrome

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I just popped on this forum for the first time in a long time and saw this post...I recently read in Health magazine that there are more encompassing tests for thyroid than just TSH. It mentioned a T3 and T4 test that was more in depth for a thyroid dysfunction - I would request this from your general practitioner. I would have your OBGYN do a full blood workup for PCOS as well. This generally is a FSH and LH blood test and the ratio of the two indicate your possibility for PCOS.

See here for more info on the thyroid tests:

I was diagnosed as borderline for PCOS years ago. I found a great comfort in the book Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It is full of amazing information about the female reproductive system. It is valuable information I think every woman should know.

Good luck to you - keep us posted!

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How ges it...feeling any better?

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