Philips Magnavox TP3281 C101

yicks01August 13, 2005

Hi can anybody help me solve my 32" Magnavox TV coz it wont power on but when you plug it theres a clicking sound coming from the system but it wont work, anybody has any Technical idea what particular parts should i replace in the PCB.

Thanks and Godspeed


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When you say "clicking", do you mean several clicks, or just one click? The symptom does make a difference...


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Hi Pee wee,
Yes several clicking sound dont know where it come from. and know the ceramic capacitor burn 821K 2KV, does this parts causes the TV wont turn on?

Thanks and godspeed.

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Yes, the 821k 2kv capacitor + about a hundred other things will cause the tv to NOT turn on.

Your description of the sympton does not lead me to any conclusion as to what the problem might be.

I would suspect something to be shorted in the power supply or the horizontal circuit. Locating the problem would require some trouble shooting to find the exact defect.


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Thanks PW.
I'll try to change first the capacitor then the rest will be troubleshooting..


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Sounds like I've got the same problem. Can you please tell me where you located a replacement capacitor?


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Please help! My Philips Magnavox tv is not turning on. The power light keeps blinking. I unplugged and replugged the tv, but to no avail the monitor is black. I don't want to throw away this tv as we've had it for almost 9 years now, so any help saving it, would surely be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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My tv wont turn on at all. As soon as I plug it into the wall a clicking sound repeats every second or so from what I believe is a black box wrapped in yellow tape. The top reads 12823620
P(looks like backward r and maybe a connected u) (with a symbol that looks like a SK) and 84ABD2-J. Any advice ??

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