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lunchlady1948June 5, 2006

Sorry I am late posting, I tried from work but it would not work right and DANGED if they did not want me to work:) What's up with that?????

Please feel free to post if I have not this thread is for us all.

OK! THis is my first week of maintence, so far so good. One thing I learned I have to buy a new scale a good digital one. I am going to learn to live by the scale:) The booklet they give says you should weigh yourself once a week, so I will.

I have to learn what is the just right amount of points for me to have to maintain this weight~~~seems hard esp when I do Core LOL!

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I am doing good this week...I'm down over a pound already though I am sure it is water weight...did some alchol on the trip so gotta get rid of that....today have only had 8 points so plenty left for the day...

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YEA!!! Ruthie down a pound good for you!!! Doesn't matter what kinda loss it is, one pound less to go:)

FW where are you?? Are you feeling OK?? We have not heard from you for awhile.

CL how you doing this week???

VIG I know you are busy with work and getting ready for vacation and have put the diet on the back burner for a bit, but let us know how you are:)

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Just curious what kind of exercise (if any) everyone is doing...I am walking and doing 30 minutes on the Gazelle...I want to start some other exercises...I keep reading so much about pilates and think I will try that...anyone else doing it...I'm 67 so I can't be a super human athelete but want to get in shape...

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I'm here... I weighed in Monday with a 3.4 lb loss (that's a 2 week loss since the week before was Memorial Day). So that puts me at 9.4 lbs. since I started on May 1st. I'm now in my 7th week. The last couple of days I've relaxed a bit -- I was on such a big push to make a good showing on that Monday, and I really wanted to see 5 pounds down. Silly I know. I gotta get back on the wagon and fast!

Exercise... well, I finally walked Friday night and Saturday morning and really really loved it. Haven't done it since though and don't get any other exercise. Just can't fit it in the day somehow. I know how important it is, and what's more, I used to LOVE to run and work out so I know once I get started it will be good. But I can't get my lazy butt in gear. I AM parking WAY across the parking lot at work. :) AND I take the shopping cart all the way back to where I got it at the market after I've unpacked the cart at my car. :)

Thanks, LL, for keeping us going. It helps to have support!

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Went out to eat last night and tried to be careful. I weighed first thing this am and didn't gain anything but didn't lose either...I was hoping I would still be moving down but am content that I didn't gain...I am going to concentrate on exercise today and see what all I can get done...

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YAHOOO CL that was a great weigh in!! You are doing really well and I know just what you mean about relaxing into the program~~~once I did that and quit beating myself up for not eating right here and there I did much better and felt better:)

Ruthie, you are doing great too, eating out is tough. One week I lost a big fat '0' because I had eaten out 4 times that week~~~BUT~~~I did not gain!! WOW you do the Gazelle, I am 57 and do not think I have the energy to do it nor the cordination. I do CURVES have been a memeber 3 1/2 years now and love it, I do want to do something else too, I have thought of walking but hate it out here where I live it is too hilly small but still hilly. What I really want to try is riding a bike (LOL) I am going to the beach this summer with the g-kids and renting one and trying it out first.

My older DD does pilates/yoga mix and loves it my grandson does it with her, she also does a tredmill and loves it. My younger DD does yoga and swimming. My son weight lifts, runs and bike rides~~DH lifts weights. Everyone does something here~~I need to pep it up, I may try the yoga have either of you done it???

Have a fun day I have to go and feed America's Kids

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Morning all...My intention was to weigh this am to see how I am doing....I'm not hung up on the scale because I know your weight varies during the week but I do like to use it as a measuring stick and it also keeps me motivated...especially if I am losing weight...my scale meausers to the 10ths so I can tell when I am moving up or down...

I got my exercise in yesterday even though my back was bothering me a bit but I am feeling lazy today...not that I am going to skip it by any means but just not inclined to rush right out there and do it...My husband is out of town so I might even get a little extra in...With him out of the way, food won't be an issue...I can eat anything I want too...He actually lost weight this week too as I have been watching it for him.....He has gone to Dallas for the weekend though and will have too many temptations to be very good...his first challenge will be driving through Corsicana at lunch time with fried chicken smacking him in the face...worlds best is there....well he won't make that one I know...haha he'll be eating it for sure...

I'm feeling pretty good at the moment...I can see and feel the difference and I am enjoying the exercise...I wasn't too motivated until I read an article that said...now you don't have to exercise to lose that weight but if you are shaped like an apple now, when you reach your weight goal, you will still look like an apple....just a smaller on...ah ha...that was a light bulb moment for me...now the exercise is beginning to become a habit...do I love it and look forward to it...no...but I have learned to want it...

Hope you all have a terrific weekend...I'll be here alone so I'll be checking in for sure.

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