Cat threw up in washing machine

SAG1October 31, 2002

Will some bleach get this out? I want to be on the safe side.

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Ok, I have to ask. What was the cat doing IN the washing machine to start with?

Having never owned a cat, only a dog, and a couple of dumb kids, I would think that running the machine through a wash and rinse cycle on the hot water setting will get rid of any unpleasantness left by your feline friend.


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And next time give him a Dramamine before you put him in.

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and use the gentle cycle...

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Ginger is very good for nausea, give him a spoonful of powdered ginger, it's great as a tea too!

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Thankfully you knew they should only be air dried. Doing them in a dryer is not only quite noisy; but hair and hurl plug the lint filter pretty quickly . . . .

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wash the load twice if it will give you peace of mind.

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Clarify: she jumped in there and threw up. She was NOT washed. LOL She's fine now.

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At least she did her nasty busines where the cleaning could be realitively easy. Could have been worse, she could have gotten sick on the rug. Wondermutt, my dumb dog, will only get sick on my rug, not on the kitchen floor three feet away. LOL


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People, your response have me ROTFLMBO!

Roberta, my cat, will only puke on the hardwood floor in the dining room or carpet in the living room, never on the vinyl floor in the kitchen. Aren't cats just that way?

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. . . and aren't they good at doing it ONLY around meal times . . .

or when someone is visiting who doesn't like cats . . ...

and they seem to have multiple false alarm hacks . . . . warming up for the final blessed event . . . .

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Thank you all. I feel better. I thought it was only my catS that puked all the time. Bless their little hearts! And yes, they also prefer the carpet to a smooth surface. Bless their little hearts again!

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I would love it if my cats would use the hardwood or even the carpet. My little dears will make the effort to jump up on the couch and upchuck all over the throw pillows. Once in a while they will vary it with the spot right in front of the bedroom door so that when we get up in the morning... You can imagine the rest.

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Thank you, that was great.

I would just run through a load with no clothes and soap and bleach. that should clean out the machine.

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Just run the machine again, some bleach in it, it'll be fine. Oh heck, I'd take our cat, Cleo, barfing in the washer anyday compared to her doing that on the living room carpet; course for whatever reason, as she's hurling she bounces herself backwards, usually half-way across the room. Sigh, I dunno, I've never seen any other cat do that before.


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Ours seem to prefer puking on the Oriental rug, the sofa, or the bed to the hardwood. It's always great to come home from work & discover that the comforter has to be washed & dried before you can use it that night. Ours also have a knack for the spot right outside the bedroom & also just outside the bathroom.

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A thousand years ago or so, a roommate's Siamese was lounging on the corner of the TV when the "warning hacks" commenced. It then performed the aforementioned "backing up spew" across the TV top, fell off when it got to the end, and just stood there like it was thinking "what the *&^%?"

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One of our cats threw up on top of the TV (ick!) and it was a real pain to clean out of all the little groves in the back. I have put double sided sticky tape all over the top of the TV now. They are learning not to jump up there now that it sticks to their feet. I am doing the counters and stove also because cat puke (and hair) on those surfaces is more annoying than cleaning it off the TV! Just chasing then off every time I saw them up there was not working. Good luck with getting them to hack in a "better" spot.

Lee AKA Fireraven9
How happy he, who free from care
The rage of courts, and noise of towns;
Contented breaths his native air,
In his own grounds. - Pope

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I'd have to suggest digging out the chunks with a paper towel before running the machine!

My cats like to blow chunks in the food bowl, in the window sills, and on the dining room table but never, ever on the floor. I had one barf in the back of a television and that was the end of the television.

I woke up the other night to heaving noises just in time to see our miniature daschound heaving over my husband's head! I got him off the bed in time to save my husband from getting an ear full.

I'd rather deal with critter barf than dirty diapers any day!

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This is the most humorous thread I have ever read! I am laughing so hard I can hardly type and tears are streaming down my face!!! Who would ever think cat puke could be so funny! Luckily my cat rarely hurls. However, I did have a puker a few years ago. She could only eat a teaspoon of food at a time, so that I literally fed her dozens of times a day. The cat I have now eats a full can of fancy feast and keeps it where it's supposed to his tummy. Thanks for all the laughs!

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I have a hurling cat at press time.

My cats (all four of them) whether it be hairballs or just overeating, always choose the piece of the carpet that they've never puked on before and they even choose the spots that DD has never spilled anything or was not destroyed by the bunny rabbit.

This morn as I was heading downstairs, I slipped on fresh watery puke on the ceramic tile. Did not see it.

Never heard of a cat barfing in the washing machine, this is a new one! wow!

- darkeyedgirl

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You all are too funny!

One time my dog blew chunks under the bed while DH and I know. Then, in true canine form, she proceded gobble it back up very loudly. Not the most romantic background music. They do have incredible timing. :^)

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One of my cats is a puker. She always seems to do it in my hallway on my hardwood floor or on my bed. She usually does it after I leave for work so that it has all day to sink into my hardwood floor and then when I come home from work and walk down the unlighted hall, I get a surprise slide when I step in it. Her other favorite place in on my bed. I have had to take her to the vet two or three times for a shot to calm her tummy when she goes through one of her vomiting spells.

I gues everyone who has indoor pets can relate to this topic. Judith

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I have a recording of a cat puking on my computer... It plays whenever Windows crashes, or a program freezes...

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Not a cat, but---my friend's mini daschund gave the warning heave, and he grabbed her up and help her over the toilet---just in time! She spewed for what seemed like hours---I wouldn't have thought she could hold that much! When she finally stopped, he put her down---and she hurled on his feet!

On a different occassion, my boyfriend's pit bull, Max (Because he's of MAXimum size, lol!) started heaving, and of course I wasn't about to grab HIM up and hold him over the toilet! I was running after him, trying to hold a towel under his mouth, to protect the carpet. He kept slinging his head from side to side, avoiding the towel, looking at me as if to say "You nut! I'm about hurl! Get that nice clean towel out of my way!"

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oh my god, i am laughing SO hard. i have no pets (just a very allergic DH) but can remember all this fun from my childhood. thanks for the gut-busting reading!

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Lucky to have it in the washer. I remember the time I reacted to the warning heaves by placing a couple paper towels under his chin as he was convulsing. Much to my chagrin, on the final lunge, the hariball launched 2 feet past the towels and the cat launched a foot backward from the recoil. His hairball sucessfully shot from the kitchen right onto the familyroom carpet.

Now, I just let him do his business and resort to cleaning up the aftermath.

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Just had to add my story - last year my ex-boyfriend (big Detroit Redwings fan) purchased a really cheap, ugly Detroit Redwings blanket. The day he brought it home, he spread it out on the bed, our kitten jumped up on it, sniffed at it, and puked all over it. Good kitty!

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Did you appropriately rename the kitten "Patrick Roy"? :)

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ROTFLMAO! Reminds me of the time we were inducing our beagle because we left a box of Count Chocula out, which the food machine of course had to eat. She packed it in so tight, she looked like a pack mule.

Anyway, we get ready to make her puke, set up newspaper all over the kitchen floor, get some towels to clean up...she start heaving, then takes off into the living room to puke behind a couch! ARGH!

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Does that mean that the canine corollary to "a watched pot never boils" is "a watched pup never pukes"? ;)

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FlamingO in AR

Our late calico cat, Tess, was truly the master-puker. We renamed her Wyatt Urped. She would vomit on average at least once a day, sometimes 2-4, always in inconvenient places. Once, she was sitting up on her 5 foot high scratching post and decided to do a little projectile vomiting in front of friends, and Gabby doesn't even like cats to start with. "Linda Blair" was her new name after THAT! lolol

I would have THANKED her for urping in the washer, and cutting out the middle man, the paper towels!

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Was the cat agitated?

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Probably in a lather.....

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Never wash a cat in the wash machine. You can get arrested for that sort of behavior. As for a barfing cat, bread works well to cure that. Now barfing in the wash machine is sort of strange... but that sort of thing happens.

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Wonder if the cat had the spins...

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This thread is too funny. I have 3 cats now. Is that called a herd yet?

One of my cats has thrown up in my houseslippers at least twice. One time it was still warm when I put my foot in it as I got up to go to the bathroom....eewwwww

Like Flamingo, I would Thank my cat for throwing up in such a nice tidy place to clean up. LOL

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we had a cat that liked to sleep in the washer--it was cool in there, she had the curved side to lean against, and of course they like playing "cave."

Her cohort liked to sleep in the dryer.

We were always panicked about starting either one of them up!

We bought an Oriental to hide cat puke stains, and he wouldn't throw up on it. Except once, when he threw up on the part of the design that was the exact color of the cat puke!

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This thread is simply priceless!

Would that I was able to share some of our funnier stories.

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If it were only a recording of a cat puking on the computer - one of mine did this when I stupidly left my open laptop on the floor. Mine throw up a fair amount (especially after they've been let out for a little R&R, the grass thing) but fortunately almost always on the floors. When I got new floors I got laminate just because it is impervious to whatever the cats can throw at it.

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Must revive this thread. Our late cat "Phantom" was also kmown as "ack, ack" as she always "machined gunned" her hurl around the room,preferably the light carpet. Never knew another cat who could make so many spots in such short order. Also had a cat who did throw up in my husband's ear!

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Just had to add to this. I have four cats, two who do the master hurl. I cut out the middle man by getting two dogs. Nothing left but a little stain on the rug.

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If the cat barfs frequently, take it to a vet. The cat,not the barf. Barfing can be from something treatable (like worms) or serious (kidney or liver failure).

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My cat goes outside, eats grass, then hurries back in the house to upchuck on the carpet. If I hear her gagging, I run with a piece of newspaper to catch it. She has gotten used to my frantic actions when she is gagging.

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who would think that cat vomit was so amusing.

My cat decided to start gagging over the keyboard one day as I typed, I grabbed her and ran for the door. She was kind enough not to get any on the carpet, no it all landed in my husband's soccer bag.

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I'm so very, very grateful that I'm too allergic to have pets!

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If the cat barfs frequently, take it to a vet. The cat,not the barf. Barfing can be from something treatable (like worms) or serious (kidney or liver failure).

You know, I need to get my cat in to the vet somehow. bcs she's barfing more than the normal hairball setup.

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ROFLMAO at this thread. I have 4 cats. three just go throw up on the floor or the rug. One of them however just never seems to know when he is going to puke. Drives me nuts! He has thrown up under the covers while I was sleeping. On my shoulder while I am sleeping. I did catch him the one time he was just about ready to throw up on DH's head. This cat likes to sleep on my pillow and must have made some noise that woke me up so I was able to move him enough that it didnt land on DH's head. He has no idea how lucky he was. If that had happened none of them would have been allowed in the bedroom again! :)

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Indeed a funny thread! No matter where he is, my cat will always make a beeline straight for an area rug to puke on, avoiding hard surfaces like the plague. Occasionally I catch him mid-heave and try to move him onto the tile, and then I feel badly about grabbing him. :)

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OK OK OK, I have not laughed so hard in YEARS!!!!!!

So, I laughed at how funny these posts are, but also because of a school project my first grader did last year with his wet cat in the washing machine.

I dug around for the 3 photos he used for a school project and then added some that we did not use.

Enjoy the show!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Wet Cat in Washing Machine

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Cute pictures, petemich1.

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our birman, who usually sleeps with my teenage daughter, was kind enough to yack under her covers one night while she was sleeping. thats a great thought to know you have been rolling in puke all night. that cat caught the wrath of a "pms"ing 14 year old girl. poor thing.

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Poor thing? Who? The cat or the pmser? LOL?

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Yall are great I don't think that I have ever laughed so hard in my life. I have literally been doubled over with tears running down my me I have been getting some really odd looks from others around the office.

My cat tends to like to through up in odd places too (this is only part of the reason she is now an outdoor kitty) I think the worst though was when Punkin barfed in the middle of my comforter while I was asleep so that when I woke up in the morning I put my hand in it.......definately not as bad as it could have been least it was on top of the covers not under them. Tell you what though I have never seen the cat move as fast as she did that morning when I started hollaring:)

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I'll probably take cat puke over dog diarrhoea any day, for the past two nights (she's fine during the day) our 5 month old Labradoodle puppy has had 'explosive' diarrhoea - middle of the night, a whimper - a splat - then a very bad smell, last night my wife was woken by the smell which had been incorporated into a dream she was having -

Fortunately we're crate training the dog, and last night we had the presence of mind to carry crate, dog and all, outside and just left her out, poor thing had more to do - the first night, wife let dog out of crate, which meant she tracked diarrhoea all over the place...not a good look or smell

Many years ago I was staying at a girlfriends house when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I encountered a bad smell and a squeching between my toes, their cat had diarrhoea...just lucky I guess. As a house guest, I declined cleaning it up, just settling for washing my feet and heading back to bed....

If cat puke in your washer is the worst of it, then half your luck :)

As others have said, if it isn't chunky, just run a hot cycle....

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What is it about squishy stuff on the floor? You always find it with a bare food in the dark.

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I was just going thru some old threads in the Kitchens conversations forum, and someone had linked this thread over there because this made for such riotous reading. I thought it only proper to bring it back to life before it disappeared, and let some new people have the chance to bust a gut!!

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..... for not having cat(s) or dog(s). Kids were bad enough when they were little!

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I have barfing cats too. One had what I would call an eatting dis-order. Gobble up food then throws up. This new crazy cat I have has a hair ball problem. Not just her hair but she actually goes around and eats those little clumps of hair on the carpeting all cat owners are blessed with. My other cat has long hair and you would think she would have the hair ball problem but no...I just don't understand. When I got her she was 2yrs old and didn't understand the cat scratching post. I put double sided tape on all furniture, cats hate tape right? Not this one, she likes to chew on it. Comes a runnin when she hears me take tape off of packages...she is just plain strange in many other ways.

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Izzie, I read about this hint on some thread and it worked for my binging cat. We put several golf balls in his food dish so that he has to pick around them to get the food. Now if we can only get him to quit eating grass outside... Oops, I just reread your post, I guess you don't have that cat anymore. Well, I can't help you on the other quirks, cats are just wired weird!

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I've read, re-read, and triple re-re-read this thread since is PRICELESS!!!!! It should be preserved in the Library of Congress under Comedic Literature, certainly!!!!

Make sure no one ever deletes this!

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I laughed and laughed as the proud owner of six cats and two dogs I've had animal puke everywhere but the washer.

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My husband and I had a cat that once peed in our electric frying pan!

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Great thread! Izzie, our cat loves to eat tape, too. It's nice to finally meet someone else whose pet has the same weird addiction. Our vet has never heard of a cat doing that.

We had a cat many years ago who would have her kittens in strange places. The worst were beside my pillow one night - I was groggy and couldn't for the life of me figure out where those strange sounds were coming from - and under the covers, at the foot of my parents' bed. DDad came home from work at 3AM, got undressed, got into bed with no socks... those were some impressive yells. This was about the time the Alien movies were coming out.

Also, some friends' dog somehow eliminated inside one of her socks, which then got folded up, put away, and you can fill in how she found out about that one.

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Not a puking story but a cat story. In the middle of the night my husband started screaming. I turned on the light to see blood spurting from his eye. It seems the cat had tried to jump up on the headboard and missed but her claws caught my DH across one eye. I grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding and rushed him to the ER. Fortunately the eye was fine but the eyelid was slit completely open. I took a long walk when the needle came out so they could do stitches. Every day his eye looked worse. He was finally sent to an infectious disease specialist because it was thought he had cat scratch fever. The doc said he was just over medicating it with too much cream from the ER. He missed 2 weeks of work. No one could believe he wasn't mad at the cat. We had her for 6 more years until a very large bird carried her off the deck one summer day.

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We try to overlook any faults of our kitties but sometimes it does get hard to do. Most of my kitties have been indoor outdoor cats and only chased the outdoor critters for the exercise. The bad part was that they would bring those little critters inside to show to momma after a bit more playtime. I had the garden club coming for a meeting and just as the first car was pulling up our tom dropped a mouse at my feet. I grabbed the mouse by the tail and tossed it out the nearest door not realizing the sliding screen was closed and slammed the sliding glass door closed. As I let the last elderly woman inside, our female kitty dropped her mouse at the lady's feet. In a total panic I grabbed that mouse by the tail and threw it out the same door I had used for the first mouse, hoping no one saw. It didn't take long for the giggles to start and nicely manicured fingers to point. I turned to see both mice climbing the screen in full view of everyone with the cats batting at the totally safe mice. The ladies took a vote and said I had to get the mice outside because they kept starting to giggle all over again.
The door was one of two that went into the greenhouse, so I got a bucket with a lid and went inside the greenhouse to get to the screen side of the other door. I didn't notice the cats behind me. I got one mouse by the tail and dropped it into the bucket and had the second one by it's tail when the cats attacked and the bucket, mice and I went flying. I never found the mice again and the cats spent the rest of the afternoon in the greenhouse looking for them. It was a good thing most of the women were from the country so they weren't shocked but it never failed to start new giggles when some one asked about my cat's pet mice. Sleepless

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After having finally caught my breath and stilled my aching, shaking sides from the hilarity contained within this thread, I can only say... as a 25 year plus veteran canine breeder who raised three children and put up with a plethora of other pets, besides the 20-40 odd dogs that we normally had at a given time... I hope this thread never dies! I can relate to it in so many ways!

I can't count the times I've stepped right in the middle of a fresh warm squishy puddle or pile and had it ooze through my toes... I can't begin to recount the strange places I've found upchuck or excrement, sometimes a bit of both... and I can't begin to imagine my life without all the mess and melee associated with puking children and pooping pets! I've loved every minute of it, and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!

When you love someone or something, you have to take the bad with the good... having a strong stomach and a good sense of humor are absolute musts when you're a Mom and a breeder!

And now... I'm having a blast changing the foul smelling diapers that my Grandchildren lovingly fill for me! And I'm happily wearing the crusted shirts that my Grandbabies have aimed projectile vomit at! The cycle continues, and I continue to bust a gut whenever I look back and recall all the time I spent, rag and cleaner in hand, on my knees, cleaning up whatever spewed out whichever end of my cherished children and beloved pets!

Keep this thread alive... please!

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I am a commercial plumber and one of my best clients is a chicken processing plant. I could not tell you how many times I have had to don my knee high boots and wade through a room that was 18" deep with chicken blood to repair the blood pump or to put on my chest waders and climb down in a pit to repair the spray nozzles on the gut separator.

Never mind the cat spewing chunks in the washing machine, my wife has spewed in it a couple times when washing my work clothes.

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The one incident that stands out in my memory is the afternoon when my daughter, 6 or 7 at the time, came to me and said, "I don't feel good... my stomach hurts."

I just happened to be making a huge pot of homemade chicken soup at the time, and thought that a nice warm bowl might be just what she needed. I served, she ate.

A short while later, she came to me again, and this time said, "I really don't feel good... I think I'm going to..."

And before she could finish her sentence, she clasped both hands over her mouth and began running toward the bathroom. She stopped short in the kitchen doorway, and proceeded to spray the entire lower half of the kitchen, the floor covered in indoor-outdoor carpeting, with partially digested chicken soup, chunks and all!

I watched in horror as my poor little girl, tears rolling down her cheeks, emptied her stomach in the largest vomit pattern I've ever seen! I didn't think that bowl of soup was that big! I didn't think her stomach was that big!! She was just a little girl!!!

My husband came toward the kitchen, and just as quickly backed up, holding his hands over his mouth. He's never been very good at the whole "keeping a strong stomach around the kids" thing. The sight, sound, smell or thought of vomit makes him vomit.

After assuring my daughter that it was perfectly ok... and after calming her, and her stomach, down for the night... guess who spent the rest of that evening trying to remove chicken soup from kitchen carpeting?

The moral of this story is... never fill an upset stomach with chicken soup... but if you do, have plenty of towels and carpet cleaner handy!

While this story may not seem very humorous to some, I laugh very hard every time I think about it... perhaps you had to be there, but the kitchen I speak of was huge, and there was vomit sprayed in every conceivable corner and crevice, nook and cranny, cabinet door and wall, table and chair leg, appliance... you name it! It took be the better part of a night to completely clean the mess up, in between bouts of my own stomach rolling and heaving... but we Mom's are a tough bunch... I managed to keep my cookies down throughout the entire cleaning process, although, I'll never know how!

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I laugh out loud every time I open this forum and see the title of this string "Cat threw up in washing machine" that is the funniest title I've ever seen!

jodik I think your story is HILARIOUS! When my oldest son was 5, we were at church on a Sunday evening for Christmas pageant practice. He started saying, "Mommy my tummy hurts." My best friend took one look at him and said, "he's going to puke in the car on the way home." Well, I decided she was wrong so I sped home about 50 MPH in a 35 zone.

He preceded me through the back door. He'd taken one step into the kitchen when WHAM - same spray vomit you described. I have heard a kid's stomach is the same size as their fist, but he must have had 10 gallons of vomit packed in there!!!

At least we have vinyl floor, no carpet, so the clean up wasn't that bad, but I did have to wash all the coats that were hanging on the kitchen coat rack because they were in the line of fire.

And I couldn't wait to tell my best friend the next day that she'd been wrong - he didn't puke in the car...he waited to go off like a fire hose in the kitchen!

Now why didn't he do it in the DRIVEWAY or YARD before we got into the house? Kids!

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This is the funniest thread on the Web!!
I have 3 cats and 1 likes leaving his hair-balls in our bedroom. Wakes me up when I hear him.

But I have to tell the story of my niece when she was young. She was helping dig out the pumpkin for Hallowe'en. The smell of it was too much for her and she brought up inside the pumpkin! She doesn't live that one down.


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Better put my shoes one before I get up. while I was laughing at this thread, I heard the tell-tale signs of a pile being hacked up in the kitchen. LOL EWWW!

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I live about an hour from the city and DD23 lives in the city. On occasion I stay overnight with DD, especially if I have a temp job there.
Recently on an overnight stay, DD came into my room about 1am and wailed "Ranger [cat] threw up on my floor." Ranger looked a little off colour when we had gone to bed so I wan't surprised. Sure enough there was a long trail of projectile vomit across the bedroom carpet, which I quickly cleaned up while DD stayed well clear, saying "I want to puke." Afterwards she asked "How can you do that?" and I told her you got used to that sort of thing when you were a Mom, to which she replied that she was NEVER having kids :-) Funny, I seem to recall saying the same thing when I was young.
At work the next day they teased her and asked what she would have done if her Mom hadn't been there to clean up the mess. "Slept on the couch and called a cleaning service," she replied.
Ranger was fine, I think he had eaten something that didn't agree with him.

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OMG people - this is the first time I ever saw this.

I have all sons and was married to a redhead for a time. I can take anything, or so I thought.

Son #5 would suck down his 8oz of formula inhumanly fast if you didn't slow him down. If you didn't burp him at 4oz (gently!) and again at 8oz., you'd get to see the formula again. All of it.

Having learned from sons #1 thru #4, I always sat in the choir loft at church so that if (when) one of the little rascals acted up, I could make a fast getaway. So it was on a beautiful Sunday morning, I was feeding burpy son in the loft.

My attention was diverted by the sermon and I lost my concentration. The next minute I had an empty baby bottle in my hand. My son got 'the look' and then projectiled the used formula over the loft. The whole damn bottle's worth. Time was suspended for a moment as it seemed to hang there in midair for one horrifing instant before it's plunge into the congregation below.

The kids and I, diaper bags and all moved as one and sped down the steps and out of that church and avoided the mini-riot that surely ensued.

I heard it was quite the talk for many years.

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This thread reminded me of once, many years ago when we lived in the country, a consequence being that we would get mice every fall, I got up in the early morning, walked down the hall to the kitchen without turning on the lights, ate breakfast, and started walking back to the bedroom, this time turning on the hall light. There, strewn all over the carpet, were the bloody remains of a mouse our dear Kitty had caught and dismembered and probably eaten a little of. How I avoided stepping in any of it is something I was never able to figure out. Just lucky, I guess.

Our Kitty was a good mouser, something I appreciated (except for that one time).

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I woke up one night feeling very nauseous. I knew I was going to up-chuck. I ran to the bathroom and nearly made it to the toilet, but stopped and used the sink. It was horrible green, I had eaten salad with spinach. I turned on the faucet and proceded to push the vomit down the sink. Of course, it clogged. I managed to remove the clog and get the sink working. I told my husband about it the next morning. He did not feel sorry for me,being sick, and he wasn't pleased I had cleaned up my mess. He called me stupid for not roarking in the toilet bowl. I never use my head, according to him.

    Bookmark   November 23, 2008 at 7:37PM
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Jannie, go over to the Stepfamily Forum and ask to borrow the lamp. Then whack your husband upside the head with it. Next time you fell ill in the middle of the night, see how he feels when you throw up on his side of the bed. The sink will look like a pretty good option then.

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excellent advice colleen!

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OMG, and to think this came up when I searched for "greenhouse." the search engine must be set on "entertain me" mode tonight!

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Doc8404 - did you find another church right away? :) I'm sure you never went back to that one!

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this is too too funny
gotta be bumped

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This is a very entertaining thread!

I've got 2 female cats and one of them is a puker. She threw up on the top of the TV one time, and I cleaned it up, but some must have dribbled down inside the back of the TV. Next time I turned it on, it hissed and crackled, so that was the end of that TV. She needs to eat small meals and pretty plain food - no fish, dairy, table food (a little chicken with no seasoning okay). One time my son fed her a piece of pepperoni, and as I explained to him that her stomach can't tolerate food like that, she threw up the pepperoni on the floor in front of him. Wish making a point with a teenager was always that easy!

The other cat has an iron stomach - BUT she has a very temperamental personality. When she's irritated (sometimes with very little provocation), she liberally uses her claws and teeth. She has sent me to the emergency room not once, but twice! Both times for blood infections, one from a scratch and one from a bite. The bite was pretty serious, it was infected in less than 12 hours - the saliva of a cat must rival the Komodo dragon. Of course, it was a Sunday, 2 days before Christmas, and the on call doctor would not prescribe antibiotics over the phone for a cat bite. Both the lady who did the intake and the doctor at the ER looked at me oddly and asked the same thing - "WHAT did you do to your cat???" (I was scratching her back!!)

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I agree...this is TOO FUNNY...I found this thread by accident when searching for vinyl cedar shake siding. I drive a semi and have a Snowshoe Siamese that rides with me. He barfed in the air conditioner vent one day! Emergency roadside stop required!!. And if you think cats are revengeful, I had a Schnauzer with me years ago and he didn't want me to leave him in the truck while I had to go check with a receiving clerk so he pooped on my driver's seat which had a rug on it and then COVERED IT UP...guess what I sat in when I got back. Sigh...That's when I discovered Resolve carpet cleaner.

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too funy not to bump to top

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after I wash my cat i dry him like this:

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This is sooo funny. I've never had cats only because I always worked and won't declaw a cat. But, when my oldest was about three his daddy brought home a puppy for him. We lived in an upstairs apartment with the front door at the bottom of the stairs. This pup soon made it clear that he hated me. Anything that belonged to me that was left lying on the floor, this little dog would poop on. My glass cases that the kid liked to play with as well as car keys, etc. If he couldn't find anything of mine on the floor he would poop on at least half the steps down to the front door and stood at the top watching while I cleaned it up.

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This thread about cats reminds me of two male cats we had, both very loving and always used the litter box. One morning, I emptied the litter before taking the garbage to the curb before going to work. Since that delayed me, I went off to work right away and forgot to refill the litter box. Two days later, I was in our closet and there was a little cat turd on DH's shoe. Oh, no! I ran to the litter box and the cats had been using the empty box to urinate and just held the poop for as long as possible and then pooped in a very discrete place. The litter box got filled right away. I felt terrible. Poor kitties.

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Ok since they were peeing in the right place, maybe they were being 'nice' but another way to look at it?

"Forget my litter box? I'll show you!" LOL.

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I had an Abyssinian cat that liked to throw up in my open dishwasher. I stopped scratching my head over that one and learned to walk away QUICKLY. If I walked fast enough and quietly enough DH would chance upon it and do the right thing and clean it up. But I had to be very quick in my walking!

"Oh - did she do that AGAIN?" I'd say as I walked into the kitchen again. "What is wrong w/ her?! Thanks!"

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Shall we bring this one up top again?

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...ROFL! omigosh thank you thank you thank you all!

Partly for the practical reminder that double-sided sticky tape can make warm machinery less comfie.

Best though, for the reminder that even if there's no fix, there's a funny side to it all. My cat's just spewed all over my tv AND router, and now the tv's doing its own hissing and spitting.

I'm sure at least one of the machines will have to be replaced... but after almost 9 years this thread's still a keeper!

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We had a cat but my husband was much more trouble when he decided to change the car oil and put it in a laundry detergent bottle and leave that bottle right near the washing machine and YES the inevitable happened. My daughter was a teenager then and most of her clothes were in the machine. His life was made miserable for days. I would have preferred your cat!

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I can't tell you ho comforted I am to read that I am not the only one with a cat that likes to throw up. I only wish I had found this thread years ago when I posted on the pet forum regarding my cat. Instead of support or humor, I got berated by some woman who thought I fell off the turnip truck or something because there MUST be something wrong with my cat - "cats don't throw up for no reason," she said. Despite having had cats all my life and having taken said cat to the vet and had a battery of tests run, she still thought I was an idiot and didn't know what I was talking about.

I knew my cat was a vindictive up-chucker when he was about 5 years old and started doing it when I took care of a family member's cat now and then. He didn't throw up for the entire three days the cat was in our home, but did manage to throw up in the 10 minutes we were gone to take the cat back to its home. Then the next time the other cat came for me to watch him, MY cat vomited three times in an hour - he didn't even wait for the cat to go home that time.

And if THAT was not enough to convince me that he was being vindictive then there was the time when my husband was working very late hours. I would come home every night for a week to find, in the same spot, vomit on our flokati rug. He did it because my husband, the love of his life, was not around much. My cat loves him so much that he likes to lick his hair.

But my kitty, as much as I love him, is a big dummy. He loves to go outside, eat grass, then go through the vomit dance. He can also never throw up in one spot - it always has to be a minimum of three! I can't keep flowers in the house because he will try to eat them and forget about Easter grass!!

In the morning he will look for a dust bunny to eat if I take too long in getting him some milk or a snack. He knows it ticks me off, but he does it anyway.

My cat once urinated in my husband's shoe (we were coming back from a vacation and had clothes in the back) in a moving car (I would have loved to have witnessed his acrobatics in straddling that shoe. Nevertheless, my cat has NEVER (knock on wood) thrown up on or in a TV - thank goodness!

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One of my three kittie boys threw up into the washing machine not two weeks ago and managed to get vomit inside the drum, between the drum and the outside wall, as well as down the bleach dispenser.
A trifecta.

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When I was 14 yrs. old, I went to France on a school trip. Since there is no drinking age in France, you can guess what we did one night - sneak out of the hotel to go to the local bars in Paris. The next day, I was too sick to participate in the tours. Feeling better in the afternoon, some friends and I went to Champs Elysees for late lunch. I asked the waitress for water, as I was severely dehydrated. She was a TERRIBLE waitress and obviously did not like us. She never brought the water. She DID bring me an empty glass at the end of the meal (?!). I promptly vomited into the glass (my friends were impressed at my skill in not spilling a drop), handed it back to her, and walked out of the restaurant (leaving money for the bill of course). Needless to say, I did not drink anymore for the rest of that trip!

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Dog adoption worries it ends in a big mess.
I took on a rescue dog many years ago. For days....maybe weeks the poor thing was constipated. I probably should have taken him to a vet.

Anyway, you understand that dogs do not like the ruckus of Fourth or July fireworks, so as I was ready to go out, I put the dog and my other dog in the kitchen and shut both doors. All I can say is good thing both dogs had not been constipated. Needless to say I do not have a strong stomach.

I almost cried it was that bad. The Fourth of July is my birthday too.

Luckily, the place, which I was renting had linoleum and was not very nice. After a while, and several bottles of bleach, you couldn't really tell that, at midnight on my birthday, trembling and gagging, I opened the back door and drug a hose through the front of the house and at full flow and pressure blasted out the worst of it...

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My cat. Loves the washer.


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I love this thread! Thanks for bumping it, Jane :D

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Jane - Your cat is a spitting image of our beloved Pumpkin. Brought a tear to my eye. She died last year at 23.

We switched our cats to wet food exclusively. They hardly ever throw up anymore. Plus, we brush them at least once a week. No more hair balls.

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"Ginger is very good for nausea, give him a spoonful of powdered ginger, it's great as a tea too!"

I wonder if this poster EVER did "get it?"

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

Yikes! Sounds like the Cinnamon Challenge.

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this thread is almost 12 years old! Love that it is featured on the sidebar on GW! This is one of the GW classics for sure!

I'm now cat-free and happy about it, so no good stories to share. Although we also did have a dog that with proper warning we could get her to the toilet in time. She was the perfect dog!

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rmtdoug, 23 years. I love the orange cats, they are very quirky. We had one who died at 18 and we so sad. My niece found this kitty and decided it was time for us to get a kitten. He's now 1 yr old.

He can open almost any door without a door knob. Loves hiding places and love the washer because the stainless tub is cool (that's my guess). When I took this shot I had laundry to do and he wouldn't get out so I started throwing my clothes in the machine. He wouldn't get out. Eventually, I had to drag him out.

So far he hasn't thrown up despite the long hair. I do give him hairball treats.


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I never noticed the date! That is so funny. I saw the cat in the washer on the side panel and clicked on it.

Sorry, I am shocked this is so old.


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These are just too cute. It is a fun thread to bring up especially when there has been so much real life drama in our lives. Cute, cute kitties. Kitties are the best.

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Thank you to all who have posted here.
I was wanting to look up the best methods and varieties for growing lavender, to hide the fragrant evidence of pet evacuation (dog peeing on steps) and somehow I magically ended up on this thread.

I really needed a good laugh and this thread gave me all of that along with tears, snorts, and a quick dash to the toilet!

A side note - Great literature stands the test of time.
This thread will never not be funny ;) and therefor is great litter-ature!

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I saw this thread in most recent posts and started reading it. I laughed until I cried. We have cats and dogs who have had their share of tummy problems. Our Yorkie will start out standing on your chest and if that doesn't get you up she proceeds to 'dancing on your head' waking you up with plenty of warning that she needs to barf so we can get her over the toilet.

Our cat has had only one bad carpet staining episode-she was using her litter box and had an attack of ??? She screamed and then came flying out of the litter box and streaking thru the house with nasty smelling diarrhea shooting out of her butt everywhere. When she was finished she scrubbed her butt on the carpet, leaving a long dark brown line of diarrhea. DH has always had a sensitive stomach so I sent him away before there was another mess to clean up.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

Good Lord frankie, a streaking poop bazooka!

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I just came across this thread by accident - 12 years (!) from the original posting. I have to say it's the best accident I've ever had because I have been laughing, crying and trying desperately to catch my breath at some of the comments I've been reading - you all are freaking hysterical!

I have 2 insane cats (our flying monkeys) a cunning Senegal parrot who is always out for blood (and gets it more often then not) and a much older, small rescue dog, literally grabbed after being tossed from a car in the middle of the road. We also have an ivory carpet - well, it used to be ivory at one point in time - and let's just say we now have a very close relationship with Mike, our carpet cleaning man whom we now have on auto schedule 3 times a year. No matter which end it came out of, we've stepped in it all - barefoot - in the middle of the night (creating new and interesting expletives) - you name it, we've squished it, stepped in it and once it actually caused me to puke (my Lab, now since passed, once vomited and had diarrhea in at least 10 spots on my wood floors during the day. I came home from work, opened the door, took one look (and smell) and headed straight for the toilet. Even changing baby diapers was never that bad but God bless our beautiful Sammi. We still miss her.)

We've had some pretty funny situations - way too many to go into - over many different cats & dogs - but recently my curious cat got her neck caught in a plastic grocery bag handle (more than once) and raced around the house like a maniac trying to get away from it as IT chased HER until we caught her on her 2nd or 3rd circle around the house), then the dog puking ON me and the sheets in the middle of the night (stripped the bed and my clothes, crated the dog and slept on the bare mattress - bare) and once when one of my monkey's (cat) was a little chit, I was unloading laundry from the washer to the dryer. I reached into the washer for more clothes and came up with a handful of small cat hiding under wet sheets. No, he didn't go thru the cycle but had quietly jumped in while I was loading the dryer. I've also had one of the cats hide in a larger paper shopping bag from a major department store - I went to go pick it up from the floor (clothing still in it) when he jumped out vertically and scared the living chit out of ME! Also had a dead and dismembered mouse lovingly smeared from living room thru dining room to the kitchen - yeah, that was a good one - and once my cat brought me a LIVE mouse (indoor cat - house mouse). He brought it to me and held it in his mouth but wouldn't let go for me to grab it. So I grabbed a cat treat and just waved it in front of his nose - viola! Release! Now I had a squirming live mouse in my hand - ran to the door and flung it into the next zip code. Sweet boy. Needless to say some days I'd like to swing them by the tail but they are our loves and they are endlessly amusing.

The best is when my girlfriend (she is blind) had one of those Roomba type (imitation brand) things sweeping her floor. She also had a doberman puppy who was set to go to training as her guide dog. What she didn't know is that the puppy pooped on the floor, the Roomba thingy got caught up in it and slowly and carefully deposited it everywhere it went to "clean." I got a panicked call and went to help her clean the place up but cleaning that floor cleaner? I was all for just tossing it but she actually took it apart and cleaned it herself!

Lots of cute (and nauseating) stuff but nowhere near as hysterical as up-chunks in the washer and some other things posted.

This thread has to be the best I have ever read - and like others have said, I hope it NEVER goes away - it's absolutely timeless! THANKS for the laughter and tears!!

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Highcountry, I'm sitting here picturing the mess that "Roomba" must have made!!!

We have 3 cats, Maine Coon, another medium haired and a short haired. The short-haired has a cast-iron constitution and has never horked a fur-ball.

The other two, are a whole different story. They will always walk over a bare floor to the carpet and leave their gifts there. I just love getting out of bed and stepping on a cold, wet lump. Why do cats do that? :~(

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I used to come home from school often to find that our dog had pooped not on the floor or carpet, but on the fringe of the carpet. This was no chihuahua, it was a huge Great Dane. She loved the fringe. Sometimes breakfast didn't agree with her. Babies were easy after that.

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I find it very amusing that this was posted in the home disasters forum!

    Bookmark   July 23, 2014 at 2:55AM
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Just for fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

    Bookmark   July 23, 2014 at 3:03AM
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That is exactly the visual I was thinking pumpkin! Oh!
Gorgeous home and carpet too.

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We had had our two cats for a couple of years before getting a dog, and although the cats have gotten used to our dog and are pretty comfortable with him, I'm sure they'd be happier if he weren't around. So although they're both very good about using the litterbox, when they do go rogue, they like to do it...

right in the middle of the dog's bed.

    Bookmark   July 23, 2014 at 4:09PM
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And people actually believe that animals don't reason!!!
They are thinking all the time!

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When my first cat was approaching the end of her days, she was incontinent and losing the use of her hind legs. As she still loved living life, we decided to keep her till the end of the summer before putting her down. This meant that she had to wear diapers and spent much of her time scooting around on her butt, pulling herself with her front legs.

I came home from school one day to find diarrhea puddled across the kitchen floor and into the foyer. Eventually realized that it had not come from either of the dogs or the four younger cats, but had leaked from Figgy's diaper. She came scooting out from her corner to greet me, with her usual nonstop senile "talking," and scooted right through the mess. I grabbed the diaper off her and tossed it in a plastic bag, and set her outside the back door while I cleaned up the floor, leaving the door open to help with the smell and to assure her that I could still hear her.

I eventually got to the foyer with my back to the back door, when I heard hooves behind me on the kitchen floor. Inky the goat had let himself out of the pen and come in for a visit… and stepped right in some fresh mess Figgy made outside as he walked into the house, tracking it back over the floor I just cleaned. I jumped up to chase him out… and he decided to grab the dirty diaper on the way, spilling it all over the floor again.

Out I run after the goat, leaping over the mess and babbling cat. I eventually managed to wrestle the diaper away from him and throw it away in the outdoor trash. I returned to the back door to find that Figgy had managed to haul herself back up the steps and in through the door, looking for someone to keep listening to her. And she scooted right through the mess Inky had tracked/dumped inside. So out goes Figgy again, with the door barely cracked this time while I cleaned. Got it all cleaned up and noticed Inky back on the patio, munching a container of play dough that he found God knows where. As I ran to take it away from him, I didn't close the door all the way behind me. After I finally recovered the play dough, I came back to the back door, and guess who I found cheerfully scooting her still-messy butt across the floor yet again?

I nearly died laughing by this point and hardly cared that several hours of my day ended up being wasted scrubbing the floor and the goat and the cat.

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I have so enjoyed reading ths thread! I've had my share of yaking cats but none of them compares to the morning that I was getting ready to go to work. I go to put on my heels and a couple of cats are sitting nearby, looking intently at one of the shoes. I didn't think anything about it but when I put my foot in the shoe, there was something in the toe. I figured it was a paperwad, their favorite toy at the time. So I pick up the shoe, stick my finger in the toe to flip out the paper and it's furry! I yelp, toss the shoe and the cats go running. I can't get the cats to come and get the mouse, cowering on the carpet. So I swat it with my shoe and throw it out the front door ... while they look disappointed that I took away their toy!

    Bookmark   July 25, 2014 at 2:43PM
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It’s official. I can no longer use the internet without highly qualified adult supervision.

Honestly, I sat down for 30 seconds to look up a plant and verify its proper name.

I wound up here, somehow ��" and I simply couldn’t stop until I’d read every single comment. And I don’t even HAVE a cat anymore. (R.I.P. Sheba)

Is there some kind of treatment program available for people like me, who actually read random internet c*rap like this?

I hope so, otherwise I’m completely done for! Kaput . . . Fin . . . Just get the padded room ready . . . LOL!

Note that the first post was made here on 31 Oct 2002 ��" and the last was posted on Friday, 25 Jul 2014.

Dear Lord, it must be an epidemic!!!

PS: No laughing, either ��" and this means YOU!

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Such a hilarious thread!

As a long-time cat owner, I am highly adept at catching the cats in the middle of a retch and moving them from the oriental carpet to a hard surface for easy cleanup! It is second nature to me by now.

    Bookmark   July 29, 2014 at 12:18PM
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I came on here looking for a discussion of ice machines. The sidebar showed a Tuxedo cat looking in the washer. I finished the ice machine discussion and couldn't resist clicking on the pretty kitty...I was, like, OMG, what if I can't remember my password so I can post, but I did.

Although I haven't spent a lot of time on this site, I always find something useful or interesting. This thread just made my day! I have a couple of cats, so I know whereof you all speak.

I got one of those "top loading" litter boxes called CleverCat. I don't know if it will be totally satisfactory, but last night, unknown to me, one of the cats was using it. Her striped tail was hanging over the side of the box and I thought it was a snake. I yelped and the cat came flying out of the box like a rocket ship. Scared us both pretty well.

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We have two cats, orange brothers named Sprocket and Widget. They are afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Very very afraid. One day while I was at work not too long after we got them, my SO was vacuuming and he thought the cats had gone into the bedroom so he heads down the stairs to vacuum the short downstairs hallway, steps down off the stairs, and finds the cats cowering at the end of the very short hallway...

So Widget decides that the best way to stop the evil vacuum is to stop my SO and leaps up and bites his hand. Sprocket just wants to be AWAY so he runs to the other end of the very short hallway, tries to jump over the door frame (where there is only wall) and comes down on a spin panic pooping the whole time. My SO has by this time turned off the vacuum cleaner. Now Widget is covered in my SO's blood and Sprocket is covered in poop, so he wraps Sprocket in a towel and shoves both of them in the kitty carrier.

He and my son clean up the mess in the carpeted hallway. Unfortunately there were shoes there some of which also had to be cleaned in addition to the floor, the walls, and the door. Next, Sprocket (who is my cat and does not like my SO) gets a bath which involves a lot of unhappy yowling. Widget in the meantime cleans himself while still in the carrier. Rough day all around. I find out all the proceedings when I get home from work.

The saga does not end because my SO cleaned his hand after cleaning downstairs. So it gets infected to the point of red lines of death starting to creep up his hand. Next involves a rather expensive Urgent care visit and a round of antibiotics....if he'd waited even a day more before realizing that it was infected he would have been headed to the ER instead...

Cat vacuum protocol involving making sure the cats were in a room with a closed door away from the vacuum was instituted until they figured out that the vacuum, while still evil, was not coming for them and learned to hide in one of their "safe" places while the vacuum was in use....

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I don't think I have ever laughed at anything as much as this. Thanks for making my day. I will now not worry as much about my cat who also throws up all over my couch, bed, throw pillows, table, floor and anywhere else it has a chance to. Luckily he only eats dry food so the cleaning is easy.

No as bad as the puppy we got as kids who was given a worm treatment and then chose to do his thing in front of my mom's book club ladies with worms curling all over it. The puppy ended up being called "Meat pie" after that.

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Great thread! My long-haired black cat does a lot of throwing up. Currently, her favorite place is my bed. So I get up in the morning, turn my mattress up against the wall and get the pillow and covers out of the way. That usually discourages her from being on the bed. I recently bought something called a Furminator, which should help remove some of the excess fur. Better than paying for grooming, I think!

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I, too, found this thread most amusing. I was looking for natural herbicide, and couldn't resist clicking on the pic of an adorable cat. I have 4 cats, and have had several cats over the decades. I used to have dogs, but, when I moved into condos, I didn't think that was an appropriate setting for dogs. Cats adopt to being indoors more easily. But now, 2 of my beloved babies (both Maine coons) have a penchant for throwing up, and most often, this is not caused by a hairball. But they have gotten clean bills of health from the doctor, so I figure it must be emotional. Jaxon will throw up if he eats more-then-just-a-few bits of kibble, so we limit all the hard food for all the kitties. They rarely throw up soft food. Mother Nature is telling us something! My other two cats hardly ever throw up. One can eat ANYthing, and he doesn't even take the time to chew or taste, just inhales the food. I have learned that dog vomit on a carpet is forever, no matter how-often you clean it up, and cat vomit does not stain. Just clean it up and you're good to go till the next time. And yes, both species prefer to do their thing on a soft surface. We've developed a great clean-up system, so it doesn't even really bother me anymore. It's one of the facts of life if you have pets (and, apparently from this thread, children). I would not give up my animal companions for the world, nor would I ever want to be without them. My cats have become my world, now that I am retired. They are great companionship, so-much fun to watch, and offer unconditional love.

One last note: A few years ago, I bought some cat treats that had been basted with something red. When the treats reached their stomachs, they immediately came back up, and the red dye (or whatever the coloring was) DID stain the carpet--permanently. I have since learned that these treats came from China, and that the color which was "basted" on was actually red beetles that had been ground up. The US has since banned the import of any products with this type of coloring. BEWARE OF FOOD PRODUCTS IMPORTED FROM CHINA, whether for children or pets. Those folks don't seem to care if they poison us!

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I have always been told once it is on the internet it is there forever and it looks like this thread has definitely proved that fact...
I laughed so hard I cried because I can totally relate to this post and everything listed here has happened more than once in my house...Ya see I have a soft spot for animals in stress and have rescued many through the years at the moment I have six cats and let me tell you not a day goes by that I am not laughing hysterically at their antics or cleaning up their messes...
But the story I am sharing tonight is about my Black Lab who crossed the rainbow bridge last Dec. He was a chicken dog although he was big(98 lbs) but was afraid of his own shadow...we fed him a good diet which of course included vegetables yea he reacted to them the same way most humans do!!! so anyway he would lay down and silently gas us to death until we had to open a window or go outside to get relief then one evening he was laying in his regular spot when he passed gas but not so quietly he jumped up and started barking and whining and running to his favorite hiding spot under the bed he had scared himself so bad that he stayed under the bed for almost 2 hours...LOL...My DH and I just laughed and laughed at was just hilarious that great big dog running away from his own butt and making noise all the way down the hall...he thought it was a monster chasing after him!!!

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OMG I've been laughing and crying through every post. Never thought puke was so funny. This is about a human though. I had a good friend, much older than I, and very heavy. She could hardly walk and lived in an assisted home. The bus would take them here and there and when it was to go to KMart, she decided she needed some potting soil, so after her lunch, went along. Well, she said that the potting soil was wayyyy in the back so she took a cart to help hold her up for the walk. By the time she got up to the checkout lane she was exhausted. She was behind a man who was standing sideways looking at a magazine. All of a sudden, she said, she felt like she'd swallowed a baseball and she threw up her lunch of chicken and rice, and it just COVERED his shoes. He looked down and said JESUS CHRIST.
All she said to him was, Gosh, I didn't even feel sick. Then she walked out the door and left her potting soil there.

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I can only repeat what others have said. I went to look at pantry shelf sizes and I ended up here. After laughing out loud and admiring the 12 year thread, I can note that cat vomit does NOT come out of light colored berber carpet even if cleaned up immediately. It does leave a residue. I just had an episode, which I always link to dry food that our cat loves a bit too much. He wolfs it down and throws it back up. One vet just said, "older cats vomit" and recommended hairball formula food, which is dry. After I stopped giving him that he didn't vomit as much. He did vomit on top of a breakfront in a rental apartment we lived in overseas and we didn't find it until it was petrified. Also on top of the kitchen cabinets, same kind of deal, different country. Our other cat who has many other physical issues luckily does not vomit. That would be the limit.
That cat washing machine would be handy but it was obviously very cruel. I've thought about something like that but you can see the cat is terrified.

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Hottubjoe, your post reminded me of Smudge who is a 14 yr old Maine Coon. He throws up fairly regularly, usually a hairball, but not always. Roxie, another medium-haired cat also throws up, but Bud, a DSH has a cast-iron constitution and never upchucks.

Our cats love Temptations treats, and I bought a different flavour/kind, natural or something.

Smudge ate them, and vomited for a full day.....bright green bile, the colour of the treats. He wouldn't eat or anything. I finally got him to eat and he was back to normal in a couple of days.

I wrote to Temptations and told them about Smudge but they just send a form letter saying that their products are tested.

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Yeah, rides that spin do that to me too. LOL

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Lol poor kitty >.

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My cat is an over eater. If his belly will hold X amount of food and there is X+X food in the dish, he is going to try and fit it all in. That leads the the 3 foot long projectile vomit disaster I woke up to the other day in my kitchen. He is pretty good about not being picky about his puke spots.

He managed to puke off this cat tree and land the puke directly into my work boot. Luckily I saw it before putting my foot into a pile of puke.

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I just found this site today. I came from the "building a home" section and I have no idea how I ended up here. I was reading for 45 minutes before I realize everyone is writing from 2002. Glad to see the forum is still alive!

Coggie your story about the cat diaper and goat fiasco was absolutely hilarious. I'm glad you, Figgy and Inky got to enjoy life together.

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OMG! I am laughing so hard, I can't breathe and am coughing! I can't even read all of the comments. Having 3 dogs,one who loves to upchuck everything, anywhere, I can empathize. But I must say wait til you have a dead frog in your drier! I did, couldn't figure out where the smell was, kept rewashing stinky clothes. Then I got out my flashlight and stuck in the lint trap was this poor flattened frog. I don't know how he got in there unless my son, at that time around 6, had it in a pocket. What a stench. I think I used a few boxes of fabric softner sheets before it finally smelled okay.

I hope you wiped the chunks up before you ran the machine!

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