Cell Phone-looking for one that can make calls

chillygatorAugust 20, 2006

6 years ago, I had a motorola Startac phone with verizon service that was fabulous. I had crystal clear calls and excellant connectivity everywhere in the USA. When I joined my husband on a Family share plan also with verizon, they wouldn't allow me use my phone because they said federal law required all cell phones to be tri-phase and my motorola was only dual. So I got a shiny new LG 4500. It really blows. I can't connect, it drops calls, words evaporate during conservations and I never can be reached. It sounds like I'm under water. All I want my cell phone to do is to send and receive telephone calls. That's it! But this hunk of junk can not accomplish that. I'm in the market for a new phone but realize that the cell phone technology has actually regressed. They've added in so many silly bells and whistles that they've lost the ability to function as a phone. CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND A PHONE? I want a good quality phone. I don't need music, call forwarding, internet, books on tape, photos........ Why is this so hard?

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Assuming you're staying with Verizon, your best bets are either Motorola or Nokia phones. There are occasional Samsungs and LGs which get good marks for reception and call quality, but my experience with those brands and what I read about them indicates that it's hit or miss. I bought a new phone at the beginning of this year (wanted better reception than my Samsung offered and I was up for my New Every Two) and I ended up getting a Nokia. I really like it. It holds calls where the Samsung did not. I looked at the Motorolas but didn't like the menus or the displays, but that's just me.

If you want a simple phone, I'd check out the Nokia 2128i (real simple); the Nokia 6236i (make sure you can deal with the little "joystick" controller before you buy one); or the Motorola V325 (look at a real display, not just the demo unit)

One tip: if you go to a Verizon store and don't like what you see, go to a Circuit City (the Verizon-owned kiosks there carry some different phones) or a Best Buy (not run by Verizon, but official resellers).

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Thanks for the info. I checked out the Nokias and the 2128 seems preferable to the 6236. I liked the Motorola but read that they often have a "bug" that causes the phone to freeze up requiring a hard reset by removing teh battery. It sounds like, if you get one that works-it's great. If not... Great advice though. Thank you.

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