Philips Magnavox 19PR21C122 power problem

corioreoAugust 7, 2005

Model Number: 19pr21c122

Chassis Number: 19j8007590

I have seen other posts on here with similar problems. My tv will turn on, and after about 5 seconds, turn off. I read that a resistor needs to be replaced, which my boyfriend can probably do, but we can't find the appropriate resistor. We have looked on the CRT behind the picture tube, but can't find R3340, so I'm thinking that this is the wrong resistor for this model of tv.

Please let me know what can be done to fix this. Any help locating the appropriate resistor or specific instructions on what can be done would be great. Thanks!

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Does the set ever make a picture or does it cut-off too quick? Do you see any light on the screen "as" it is going off?

If you see no light on the screen, try turning the set on again as soon as it turns off. Do this several times, this will allow the picture tube to "warm up" and possibly give some light indication on the screen. Watch the screen to see it has a line across it or if the full screen is lit.

There are several "protection" signals that go to the micro, which may be turning the set off.

Good luck,


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I have a similar problem with my Magnavox model TS2746C101. It turn on with the remote and stay on only long enough for the picture to come in then shut down.Some times it will stay on for 1or2min then shut down.Picture is perfect and sound is good while it is on but it will never stay on.

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Has anyone had power problems with Magnavox 51" 51MP6200D HDTV. We had storms that made the power go on and off several times. Now when you plug in the TV we get a high pitch beeping for several seconds (sounds like a capacitor trying to charge?) then when you push the power button or use the remote the beeping sound happens again, no sound or picture, and the power button flashes green 6 long and 1 short. we tried holding the power button while plugging the tv in to reboot it, with the same results. It is under warenty but the repair people are fighting with Magnavox over mileage $$ (I dont blame them) We live way out in the county so the repair guys are 60+ miles away. Dont know when or if we will see them. Thanks for any help.

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la televicion no enciende ya le cambie el regulador la salida horizontal esta bien ya la resetie y no enciende nomas se olle un clip al enchufarla

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