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lunchlady1948June 12, 2006

HI!! Ladies hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was fine, went on Sat to my DGS's 13th b-day YUMMMer's we had ribs OOPPPS!! Almost forgot this is a diet site LOL!!

My weigh in Friday was great I am one pound below my goal and only have 5 more weeks to go!!

I have a horrible migrain today so this will be short~~I wish you all a good week Please Post and let us know how it is going:)

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Congratulations Lunchlady for being below your goal -- you are on your way to being a lifer! As much as you eat out and celebrate, you seem to have a real handle on how to manage your diet.

I was surprised to be 2.4 lbs. down this week - in a good way! I thought I'd slipped a little, but I'm pretty happy with that. I got a gold sticker to put on my 5 lb. bookmark since I've gone over 10 pounds now. :) I've got new motivation to keep at it. yay!

Hope your migraine clears up soon -- I'm about ready to get off the computer and turn in extra early cause I've been on the computer too much and my neck is killing me!

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Hey all....I kept checking in yesterday to see if you all had posted...I'm moving down the scale a bit every day so I am pleased with what I am doing...especially with the exercise part...I'm really getting into this exercise and I really feel so much better...

Hope you all have a great week and keep on working those plans...

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Good Morning Ladies

Yes, my migraine went away after I ate dinner and some extra fruit:) My DD who is doing the diet on the side with me (not going to meetings or joining:) Said it was because I skipped breakfast yesterday. I think she is right, I decided to take the day off at the last minute, my weekend was so busy I got nothing 'I' wanted done. So I got dressed and ran out to do all of my errands, with just eating a banana and an apple in the van~~never do that again. I did not eat til I had a salad at the mall around noon.

CL YAHOOO!!! On your weight loss, I slip alot too. I am maintaining but I am going to reread all of my booklets tonight and start keeping track of my food better. It will be so easy for me to slip now:(

I got a WW's key chain when I hit my 10% loss and when I hit my goal I got a star charm to put on it:) I wonder when I become a lifer if I get another charm??

Ruthie, you are doing GREAT!! The exercise is so important, I am thinking of adding some yoga class to my list for the summer and see how I do:)

When I was at the mall it was so hard to find a place to eat at the food court I went to each place and read every bit of the menu~~I settled on a place that did grilled steak salads~~it was good and I used a low fat dressing and just a bit of that. What do either of you choose when faced with the food court???

FW are you lurking??? Come join us?? We miss you and wonder how you are feeling since the surgery :)

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Down .2 this am so I'm still moving down...As you can see, I get on the scale every am cause if I am down even a little, it really motivates me and if I ham still at the same weight, it motivates me more..I keep thinking what can I add today (as in exercise) or take away (as in food) LOL that will help.

The food court isn't a big deal to me because we don't even have one in our small town but when we do eat out, I do like you and try to make the right choices ...if noting else, there is always a salad somewhere....

This is good news...I did my yearly physical and had a bad EKG ..not unusual but my blood pressure and for some unknown reason..was 180....I always do but my new doctor made me see a cardiologist and have an electrocardiogram...The good news is...he said my heart looks perfectly normal...and I have been checking my BP daily and it hasn't been anywhere close to 180..so I'm feeling good and looking forward to exercising and weight loss.

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Hi everyone. I used to post here a lot when McPeg was around. Fell off the wagon a year or so ago and climbed back on May 19th. I'm down 9lbs so far.

I do my own WW at home that I've modified to suit me based on the old selection plan. I've tried points and just doesn't work for me. I like the structure of counting different food groups, find I eat a more balanced diet that way.

As to food courts I avoid them but I do eat fast food. I do Taco salad without the shell, Arby's Jr. Meals with fruit and iced tea, Subway turkey or roast beef, Wendy's chili and an occasional Egg McMuffin. All are well under 400 calories and fit into my plan. Similar foods are available in most food courts around here.

Congradulations on reaching goal Lunchlady.

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Welcome Wildchild. Sounds like you are doing great! I usually try very hard to avoid the food court, but I am a mall rat so that is hard to do, as Ruthie says there is always a salad somewhere, just have to be careful of the dressing.

Ruthie I have high blood pressure too, dr put me on pills about two years ago. He tried to talk me into losing weight and I just was not motivated:( Now I wish I had, my pressure is great, but is it the pills or the weight loss and healthy eating?? I am not sure if they let you get off the pills once you are on???

Tell me what you gals all eat for breakfast??? I used to always eat oatmeal, I love it, but I just got way to hungry at work and started eating whatever the kids lunch was for the day. Now I eat 3 scrambled fake eggs a day and fruit WOW what difference, I can last til lunch which I eat around 1 o'clock. If I get hungry before I just eat another fruit. That and bringing my lunch to work was what really helped me take off the weight.

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I must have protein for breakfast or I will be starving within the hour. At home I like cottage cheese and fruit or a frozen pancake with bananas or berries and a couple of lite sausage links. Sometimes I'll eat cold steak or broil a burger patty. I weigh out the meat and freeze 4oz. patties to keep on hand.

I eat breakfast out often so I will have a poached or scrambled egg, two strips of bacon or a slice of ham, fruit instead of hashbrowns and an english muffin dry with a bit of jam or butter I put on myself. If I want french toast I ask them to make it on sourdough and I eat it with lemons and powdered sugar.

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I was down again .4 so I am smiling today...I know that 4/10 doesn't sound like very much to get excited about but that is the way my body seems to do it...just a fraction or two at a time...At the beginning of the month I was 166 and now I am 157.2 so every day I come down a few tenths and that is doing the trick.

I don't really want to take these pills forever so when I go back I am going to ask him about stopping...I really dislike taking meds. I opted to try to do the cholesterol lowering without meds and it is working ...I have to have a check soon so we will know for sure.

Fortunately I don't seem to have a problem at the moment staying on the plan...if you want to call it that...I am encouraged when I get on the scale and see the 2/10's down....

Have a good and good eating day...stay as much on plan as possible ...

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Ruthie, if you ever get to thinking a few tenths isn't much go to your fridge and get out a pound of butter. Four-tenths of a pound is just shy of 2 cubes of butter. You're doing great.

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WC I am like you I have to have protein in the mornings too. In fact I have to have some at each meal or I get shaky.

Ruthie you are doing GREAT!!!!

I have weigh in tomorrow night and I am having a really bad day!!! Tomorrow is the last day of school and everything that can go wrong now at the end is:( I had iced coffee instead of iced tea at Starbucks today after CURVES and I have the munchies and the jitters. SHEESH!! It does not help that my DD is making choco suckers for the kids in her Senior classes:( Bad Bad Day!!!

I have a skip weigh in pass I can use but not sure if you can do it while on maintence~~~you still pay just do not have to weigh in~~I will ask:(

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Thanks you guys...Today is sort of a celebration day for me because I have been dieting for nearly a year and then I would get off track and gain it all back and I wasn't very consistant but....TA-DA today I am at a weight that I have been aiming for a long time...my weight over night is one whole pound less than yesterday....YeeeHaw as we say here in Texas..It has been two years since I was down at this weight ....I am going to celebrate by doing some yoga today...I got out my weights last night so I can add some weight to my yoga....I am feeling so damned smug at the moment...just got to keep the motivation going because it is at this point that I have so often given up and said Oh what the heck...old women are expected to be fat...hehe...now that was a joke...I feel great and every pound that I drop I feel even better....

You guys all report in and cheer me on....

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Ruthie GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I know what your mean I am down where I want to be too and now the real struggles begin!!!
I want to stay down for good it is too stressful and hard to keep losing and gaaining!!!!

MY weigh in was good even tho I have had the worst days since I started back at WW's these last two days!! I have eaten horribly the last two days, my leader says for me to be careful this eek it may catch up with me:(

My DD does yoga and wants me to start, I am thinking of taking a few classes this summer and seeing if I like it~~~Where do you do it Ruthie??

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Good morning everyone! I realize that it's the 19th and this thread goes through the 18th, but I didn't want to be the one to start a new one.
I guess it's been close to a year since I've been here, at least it seems like a long time. I just sort of surfed in yesterday and read some of the posts and decided that this week should be the time for me to get back with the program. I'm not happy with my weight and all my clothes are tight. I refuse to buy a larger size so I'm uncomfortable!
I usually have no will power in the Summer, and the Fall is when I feel motivated to get in shape. I guess I'm just getting started earlier this year.

I use the WW program although I've never been a certified member and never been to a meeting. I really like the points system and feel that it helps me make healthier choices since I'm usually a junk food person.

My co-worker and I recently moved into our new offices and we have a full kitchen, so I plan to stock it with healthy, low point foods. I've been picking up a cinnamon roll every morning on the way to work for breakfast. This morning I'm going to buy oatmeal - only 2 points for a bowlful! Yes! Maybe I'll get some fruit and carrots too.

It's good to see all of you here!

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Hey maryann, welcome back...

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Hi Ruthie!
It's good to be back and I have a feeling I will need the support! I was just getting my oatmeal ready and in walks one of our employees with 2 big, sugary cinnamon rolls for Dorothy and I. My oatmeal is ready and I'm enjoying it right now, but this afternoon that cinnamon roll will probably be calling my name, LOL. I'm not going to listen though!

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