magnavox big screen tv problems

collectable99August 13, 2006

Ok, I have a 52 inch magnovox tv, the kids were playing game cube on it, we shut it off came back down the next morning and a buzzing sound but no picuture,HELP

model # p5034c103

ptv 836

hope someone can help me fix it, everyone wants me to bring it to them to fix and then charge me $100 to tell me whats wrong and if they can fix it. WOW

help please single mom cant afford to fix it.



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I am missing something. You can afford to buy a 52" TV but can afford to fix it???

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yes, how very smart you are, not a compliment

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i have 2 big screens and cant afford to spend $100 on them!!

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I just can't believe how rude some people can be. If the lady says she can't afford to pay the $100 then believe her. You don't know her situation. Next time be a nicer person.

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i have a 51 inch screen needs a new outer screen, mine was given to me the person who gave it to me his kids played cars on the outer screen they thought it was a big freeway outer screen scratches all over it i could have never afforded my own let alone a 100+ bucks to fix the outer screen, if someone knows where i can get a screen please let me know

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I am having a problem with my Magnavox TV, model #60p8241 manufactured 8-17-01 chassis model #pvt910. The problem we are having is I cannot get the picture to clear up. I have tried to clear up the picture using the adjustments on the tv and none seem to make it any better. I have a Zenith tv that I have had for 18 years has a better picture. What is the life of one of these Rear projection style tv's? I have tried other tv's on the location I have it set in the house and they work great. Just got Direct TV, no help. any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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