Toshiba TV Volume control is haunted!

voice_ov_reasonAugust 15, 2007

My 10 year old Toshiba TV has a haunted volume control. The volume keeps turning itself up and down whenever it feels like it. The word VOLUME and the volume scale appear on the screen frequently and sometimes stays there for hours. Sometimes the remote works to change the volume, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it turns itself all the way up, sometimes all the way down. The contols on the TV itself work sometimes, and other times they don't work at all.

Has anyone heard of this before? Any idea how to fix it? Do I need a priest??

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Have you tried removing the batteries from the remote control entirely? If it happens with no batteries then the TV is receiving the signal from another electronic device. Have you added anything new since the TV has been exhibiting this behavior? One by one, remove batteries from remotes of other devices once you are sure it is not the TV's remote.

10 years old... you should begin thinking about a new unit soon.

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