Phillip Magnavox TV

Mad_Mike_3August 24, 2005

Phillip Magnavox Tv model number 27 TS 57 C101 chasis number is 27F8007583. The tv functions properly, but there is no sound coming out of it. The remote works, and the volume indicator works, but when you turn it up nothing happens. The mute button is not on. Any help?


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Make sure that "Stereo" & "Speaker ON" is selected on the on screen menu.

If your set has a "Ear Phone Jack", and it has been used, or a small child has stuck any thing into the jack, it may be damaged, which will kill the sound.

If resistor 3682 (8.2k @ 1/10w) is missing, or loose, on the front control board, will kill the sound.

Good luck,


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Hello, I have a philips model no. CCC092AT01,Its a T.V VCR. The ear phone jack was damaged a while back,and I was wondering how to disable the ear phone jack so the T.V speaker can work, right now their is no sound
Sincerly Glen

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