HELP, skunk under my porch !!!!!

klg1941October 10, 2002

Any idea how to get rid of a skunk that keeps digging holes to get under my porch ? I tried the amonia soaked sponge but he just dug a new hole next to the old hole. This might not be the correct forum catagory for such a question ? If not could someone point me in the right direction before it settels in for a long Pa. winter ? thanks much

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IF it isn't a home disaster, it's one waiting to happen so why not post it here! LOL Did you do a search in this thread? I think I remember some discussion here a while back. YOu could try trapping the thing, but it's risky. You can try killing it's food supply by spraying for grubs. One web site recommended a water scarecrow that sprays water at the intruder that it detects with some sort of sensor. I don't know about this either. If it sprays back you'll be smelling the aftermath for weeks! I also have heard of a one way door that you can put in that allows the skunk to leave but not get back in. Supposedly you can keep them from coming back by digging a trench around your porch or whatever, lining it with wire mesh, and backfilling on top of it. This is just what I've seen in searching about other critters so none of these methods is necessarily guaranteed. Good luck though....

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Had the same problem about 15 years ago. Sprinkle the area and under the porch liberally with moth balls. They hate the smell and the balls did not damage any foliage around the steps. And get ahold of your pest control office and arrainge for a trap. Once they are trapped in a proper one they cannot raise their tails to spray, and they can be safely removed from the area.


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