Auto Accident

xamarshahxOctober 30, 2002

Recently I was in a auto accident and the other guy got a ticket for careless driving, the police dont have the police report ready yet and it has been over 2.5 weeks, i have to goto to court in 2 weeks. i am thinking of dropping charges if he pays the deductible, should i be worried about my insurance not getting the money from his and then my insurance going up because the ticket gets dropped, also is their a time limit the police have, to have the report ready by. this is my second no fault accident winthin the year, i have not other violations as of now, i am 19 and I live in NJ.

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Some states take longer than others to file their reports. Around here it is usually 10 days. I take it you have already filed a claim with your insurance company. Go to court, and state your case. Your insurance company has probably already requested a copy of the police report so they can determine fault.

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If it is his fault, his insurance will pay for all the cost. I don't think you would even want to use your own insurance policy if possible. If he pay the deductible or you pay the deductible, the insurance may still consider a risk when they re-assess your policy.

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Have no fear about conversing with your agent/company, they are there to help - hold nothing back..
Am I ever glad, I am no longer 19, I am sure you company will "sock it to you", no fault or not.
the earthworm

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