Time to 'fess up ----

toomuchglassJune 10, 2004

Ok -- no lying allowed !!!! Does your actual weight match your driver's license weight ????

I was a BIG LIAR on my license -- LOL -- I WISH I was what I said I weighed ! ROFL ....

What about you ?????

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Hee hee,
I put mine a little lower cause I knew I was dieting and in time I may even weigh less than I put!

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Mine hasn't matched in about 20 years!!! Although, I do bump it up a little each time I renew it. I'm hoping my actual matches up with my driver's license by the end of the year.


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Heck no. I was 15 1/2 when I put 120. It probably wasn't even true then. And I'm not 5'3" either.

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The only one who actually believes my driver's license weight is my husband. I have no idea why he hasn't noticed me balloon out over the years while my driver's license weight remaines the same..... but I'm not complainin'.

I always worry when he fills out forms that require weights... I'm always waiting for the insurance salesman to bust out laughing.

Now for the real question... how much heavier are you? My lie is up to 21 lbs (and after I polish off this box of See's candy it'll be even higher.)

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Nope because there is no weight on the driver's licenses in PA. My eyes are still blue and hair is still brown. Hubby put my weight 40 pounds lighter one time in Maine when we were going fishing and he brought me a license. I told him I hoped I would not dorwn because they would not believe that was me! Kathy

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That does it.....I'm moving to Pennsylvania!! LOL!!

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Come on out Janet! Of course I meant drown of course for my post. PA is one of the "fattest" states though - be warned. Kathy

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Ahaha...wait let me go and retrieve my wallet from the garage..

Oh! Connecticut doesn't have weight on the license either. Janet, maybe you can move here!

Superbee...resident of Connecticut...yeah...the same state that has the Stepford Wives lol

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