What do you think of the Samsung F8500 plasma?

aellis722August 14, 2014

I am thinking about buying the TV before they are all gone. Do you think I should get it or buy a LED TV? The thing that worries me about Going LED is the motion blurring problems with fast action sports and movies. On the other hand I fear that I might have IR problems, or burn in even tho I heard it was difficult to do. I watch mostly TV and watch some movies and every once in a while ill turn the PS3 or Xbox on and play some games mostly (FFS and sports). I just do not want to worry about the channel logos, black bars when I am watching TV. If I should go with LED please tell me some brands to consider and, and could someone tell me about hz ratings on LED TVs? What does 60hz,120hz,240hz all mean? I Know it has something to do with motion, but I don't understand it all means. I have heard others talk about frame repeating or something like that to make the 120hz picture. That just seems like that will cause more artifacts in the picture. Would you still buy the plasma even if Samsung announced that this was the last year for them? Sorry for all the questions, but This will be my first jump into HD and flat panel screens. Any advice would be great, as I plan to make a trip to Best Buy in the next couple of days.

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Plasma are great for viewing and for action! They take double the amount of energy compare to the LED/LCD. If you can afford it; get an OLED!

But any HDTV built in 2014 will be very good especially the higher price models with the super thin bezel and thin screen thickness. You cannot go wrong! Screen image is very, very sharp and bright! LED is most popular type of HDTV!

Right now; only the bottom of the line models still have 120MHZ scanning. All the rest have 240. The HDTV that I would purchase now would have UHD Upscaling!

I have a 70" Samsung Ultra LCD. It is consider a premium model or top of the line model. I just love it!

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It was explained to me that leds will last longer. That is what I will get when I need a replacement, poor Sean Connery looks green around the gills on my TV. LOL

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My Panasonic 42" plasma is coming up on 12 years old, dates to 9/28/2002. No trouble with it thus far.

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It also depends on where the TV will be situated. We have an LED in a windowed great room and a plazma in a basement setting. The plazma would not work well with lots of light and windows.

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