Neighbour built off our fence

flutie07October 5, 2008

Hi all,

Our neighbour has built off one of our fence boards (not post). Before I approach her I want to find out some information. Does anyone know if this will affect the stability or longevity of our fence in the longrun. Thanks in advance for your replies!!

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1. Is your fence on the exact property line, setback, or on the neighbor's side?

2. What type of property is this? Is this in a rural area with livestock or residential?

3. What are your State and County ordinances regarding fences?

4, What is your State's law for accepting surveys and what type is recognized by the Court?

5. Get the facts. Are you subject to an HOA?

6. Did you ask your neighbor why he and/or she built a structure on to yours? I would not build a thing on a property line without telling my neighbor(s) my plans and having the surveyor put up stakes, plus obtain a permit if required by codes. Most problems are preventable.

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WHAT did she build, a doghouse, new fence, garage? And where is the fence in relation to both your property lines?

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All of the above! Also, what is the fence material?

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