Energy Star asphalt roofing--anyone have it?

gsciencechickJune 10, 2010

We are needing to replace our roof and want to consider Energy Star shingles to take advantage of the tax credit we have remaining (we had a tankless put in last year).

In taling with roofing contractors, I find they have very little information on this. One said he didn't know, another said they're not guaranteed, and another said in our state only white shingles are available.

Our home is a 1960's single-level brick ranch.

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The link below shows the requirements for roofs to get the energy star rating. They need to start off reflecting 25% of solar radiation and maintain at least 15% at 3 years. (All products degrade over time.) The warranty is required to be the same as comparable products the company offers.

Overall, this trend has not caught on, so your average roofing guy will know nothing about it. As for selection, local dealers might be limited, but is it possible to ship products anywhere if you are will to pay for it. If you want to go this route, you probably will need to find someone who specializes in green building.

On a general note, you didn't post where you live, but the benefits of this are highly dependent on your temps. If you live in Arizona, reflecting heat away from your home may be more cost effective then paying to cool it. If you live in Maine, a reflective roof would only help a couple months out of the year.

Here is a link that might be useful: energy star roofs

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Thank you for the info and link. We are in NC, so it gets quite hot here. Heck, it's been nearly 100 degrees for at least 2 full weeks. You would think people would be more interested in this here! There are a lot of roofs being replaced due to storm/hail damage. I can't believe we are the only people asking about this!

The one roofing company did actually know about it. However, he said they energy star shingles cost about 50% more, and it might not be worth it for us.

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I am in the same boat post-hail damage. Anyone out there have experience with the "cool" shingles? Maybe upgrading to better windows is a better green investment? I live in IL, near St Louis. I'm also considering a solar powered roof mounted attic vent. Comments on that? Versus the continuous ridge vents and the standard box-shaped attic vents that sit on the roof which is what we have now. Haven't yet talked to the roofers, I suppose their experience (or lack thereof) with all this will make or break the deal.

Off topic of the green solutions above, does anyone know which is superior - the continuous ridge vents or standard box shaped vents (don't know what they're called)?

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We will get a continuous ridge vent with our new roof. That seems to be standard, at least for our area. We will need to pay extra for it, but since the house is small, it is only a couple hundred dollars.

I have seen a few neighbors who look like they may have gotten the white shingles. DH is not thrilled about the look. There are other ones out there that are not white and look more standard, but like I mentioned above, the upcharge is significant because it is usually a special order. If someone is building a $million home home, the upcharge is probably meaningless.

Like you said, mimi, perhaps windows are a better bang for the buck.

Here is a link that might be useful: CertainTeed shingles

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