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linda_6June 12, 2007

Losing 30 pounds for me was very easy. There is no gimmick or pills or anything. Just eat your dinner for breakfast and walk at least 2-4 miles a day. This is what I did and I lost my 30 pounds in 7 months. I started this 2 years ago and have not gained any weight back. In fact I just lost another 3 pounds last month. You cannot firm your body until you lose the fat and you cant lose the fat unless you walk. Try this for one month and you'll start seeing the difference.

Eat breakfast like a king, your lunch like a prince and your dinner like a pauper. I love the way I feel.

Hope this helps someone.

Linda from PA

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Linda - congrats. I am so happy that you found the perfect woe for you. I would try that but I think I would have a very hard time eating so much in the morning. I usually have to force myself to eat anything at that time. I think the concept is a good one.

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I think this must work for some people because when I worked nights, weight just came off so easily. Because of my schedule, my biggest meal of the day was at about 6 am.

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