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urleeJune 1, 2004

For you's who have to eat out.

Subway, is on our side. "lol"


Here is a link that might be useful: Atkins

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They're good too. I went on Saturday and they now have the low carb Doritos along with low carb cookies. The cookies are the best.

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Well, I must crazy -- I didn't really care for the Subway wraps, I prefer Arby's. But, what I really want to know is where do you buy the low carb wraps at the grocery store?? I've seen the low carb bread (which I haven't tried yet), but I can't find the wraps. Anyone know of a good brand or source??

I'm still plugging away, but a little bummed out. I seem to have stalled out after losing 12 lbs during my first month. I weigh every morning and got accustomed to seeing a 1/2 pound gone every 2 or 3 days (it was keeping me motivated), but for the last 5 days....nothing. I'm hoping it's just hormonal and I'll start losing again.


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Hang in there Janet,
You may have reached a plateau.
That is why I do not weigh myself cause I get discouraged then. Have to be patient and wait it out.

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I've seen wraps at several grocery stores and they are always by the deli section.

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I prefer Subway's low carb spinach salad - it's wonderful!

We make our own wraps - buy the low carb wraps near the deli section of your grocery store, add lunch meat, lettuce, tomato, avocado - just about anything to spice it up.

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The grilled chicken and spinach salad is my favorite. I treat myself to one of those at least once a week. We have a Subway just around the corner from work. Love the dressing too!

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