Geothermal new construction question

hoosierdocJune 12, 2008

I'm hoping to lean on some of the geothermal expertise on this forum. We are building a 5900 square foot home (2-story with walk-out basement) in Edinburgh, In (46124). It has a full exposure on all sides without trees at this point. No north-facing windows, and quite a few south-facing. There is an 18' entry and great room, the rest are 9' ceilings. It will be 5br when complete.

I'm working with the HVAC people on geothermal, and we're going to do a closed-loop horizontal system, with two units. I'm told it'll be two 3.5ton units, and we're probably going to add a desuperheater for the water during the cooling stage.

I'd like some input on what system I should go with to get the best efficiency and ROI. We are sealing the house rather tight and adding extra insulation wherever we can, including insulated garage doors.

Here is the quote with options I received:

Option Model Your Cost

1 P-Climate Master Genesis (GSV) Included

S-Climate Master Genesis (GSS) Included

$ 0.00

2 P-Climate Master Tranquility 20 (TSV) $ 960.00

S-Climate Master Tranquility 27 (TTS*)$2,970.00*


3 P-Climate Master Tranquility 27 (TTV) $2,360.00

S-Climate Master Tranquility 27 (TTS) $2,970.00*


*There is no Tranquility 20 model currently available for a split systemÂkind of "all or none".

This also includes a higher efficiency, variable speed electric furnace.

Option Model Your Cost

Basic Prog. Thermostats Honeywell Focus Pro $ 100.00 each

Deluxe Prog. Thermostats Honeywell Focus Pro $ 265.00 each**

Humidifier Healthy Climate Bypass Humdifier $ 470.00 each

MERV 10 Media Filter*** Healthy Climate 10 Media Air Cleaner $ 470.00 each

MERV 16 Media Filter Healthy Climate 16 Media Air Cleaner $ 595.00 each

2-Zone Control System Jackson Systems (various parts)

System 1: Main Included

System 2: 2nd Floor $1,280.00

**Honeywell Vision Pro thermostats are included in cost with higher efficiency equipment options 2 and 3 listed above.

***Your main floor system comes with a MERV 10 filter included. The 2nd floor system does not.

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Also, they are saying 100' of tubing per ton of system size, so we'd be at 700' of length. Does that sound reasonable?

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