Seeking Feedback on Bright Home Solutions in NYC Area

dreamojeanJune 4, 2014

if any of you have used Bright Home Solutions based north of New York City, I'd like feedback, positive or negative. i just got a quote from them for insulating our cockloft with dry cellulose and air sealing the cellar and it seems a bit high, and they want 50% down 50% at completion which isn't what I'm used to with contractors, and I only have a referral from a relative in the energy auditing business to go on. I need more feedback before proceeding or an estimate from another contractor so would love other suggestions for who to use (other than JC Home Care based on Long Island, who I originally sought to use but now don't plan to use).

Thanks for any feedback on Bright Home or suggestions for an alternative air sealing/insulation contractor.

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Not in the area and I don't know the companies or any others. I know this isnâÂÂt your question and sorry for my 2 pennies in this manner.

The insulation company may be great but I never recommend payments like you mentioned. Too many property owners get into trouble when they payout too early or too much too quickly. ItâÂÂs all about âÂÂnecessary leverageâ on your side and the contractors.

Any reputable company that has payroll, material accounts and overhead doesnâÂÂt need to spend much money for a project such as yours to get started or even complete. The contractors will need to cut checks in a week or two for labor and in a month or more for materials. Their biggest up front, out of pocket here will likely be fuel and they will likely have accounts for even that.

If the contractor needs the money up front to pay for labor or materials, careful, they may not be financially stable.

From the contractorsâ side, if a property ownersâ credit is not very good or if the property owner is cutting the price to the bone, IâÂÂd require money as fast as legally possible. Maybe not even take the job.

If I was in this situation, IâÂÂd pay a third down when they show up to start and another third when they complete even if itâÂÂs the same day. IâÂÂd pay the final third in one week or two since this is a simple trade and it gives me time to thoroughly inspect their work. Make sure the terms are in writing!

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