On Day 5. Hungry & a little confused.

roxydJune 16, 2010

Hi guys. I'm on Day 5 (2 days of gorging, 3rd day of 500cal). Between lunch and dinner, I'm absolutely starving I feel like I'm going to faint from hunger.

What else can I snack on besides a v8 and 1 fruit. Are we not allowed almonds, diet soda, more fruit?

Also, if I have a teaspoon of yogurt (plain, greek yogurt) or a teaspoon of hummus will that skew the weightloss?

Any input or advice are very much appreciated!

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I assume this is an HCG thread? Honestly, why would you go on a diet where you don't even know what you can eat? Get off of that immediately, and start eating sensibly. Develop reasonable habits that you can sustain for a lifetime. A 500 calorie diet is only putting you on a fast track to yoyo dieting. Binging and crashing. Bad. Bad. Very bad.

Do some goggling about the HCG diet. Read the credible, science based web sites, not the quackery sites that are selling the snake oil. You will discover that it is a scam.

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