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helencolbyJune 3, 2009

Does anyone keep track of inches lost?

Since Jan. 12 I have lost:

Neck ~ 1½"

Biceps ~ 1½"

Forearm ~ 1"

Chest ~ 1½"

Waist ~ 10" (wow)

Thigh ~ 5"

Calf ~ 2"

I find that so totally mind boggling !! No wonder I have dropped a couple of sizes.

I am so liking this. LOL


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10" on your waist??!! That is really great. I wish I did measurements when I started out. I lost an inch on my thighs and was pretty happy about that!

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As I lose weight, I tighten my belt and punch new holes as needed. There is about 5 1/2 inches between the furthest and nearest holes used.

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When I told my DH about how much I lost in my thigh measurement, he just smiled. I said, "Hon, why didn't you tell me I had stovepipe thighs?". He just said "Cuz I value my life here on earth !!"

I am having a "whoooosh" week so far. I was stuck on a plateau last month for what seemed like forever, and then suddenly it started to go down in tiny increments. Then now this week, 2 lbs. have whooshed off. No change in eating habits neither. Isn't it odd how your body does that?


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