Adjusting sound on TVs or DVDs

JonesyAugust 27, 2007

I bought the last 3 Star Wars DVDs and have problems hearing the words over the background noise. On the first 3 in the series, the sound is fine. I also have a problem with other movie sound like Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

I have a 43 inch Phillips Plasma TV, model #42PF7321. I can find the sound adjustment, but no matter what I do, it doesn't help. Someone told me to lower the base, but the base is not marked, just sliders that go up or down. I was told I can adjust the sound on the DVDs, but I don't have any luck there either. Any suggestions, I sure love those Star Wars DVDs.

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Do you have the DVD player connected thru a stereo system or just connected to your TV?

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Some DVD players have a setting which emphasizes (center-channel) dialog -- a friend of mine had an inexpensive Panasonic with that feature. And, as jdbillp points out, it will make a big difference whether you're listening through TV speakers alone or a stereo/home-theater-in-a-box.

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It's just connected to the TV.


What is Center-channel dialog, better or worse for voices?
Which is better for voice sound, through TV or home theater?

Thank you.

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Most TVs have only a couple of small speakers which are expected to cover every sound you would hear from a movie or concert. Of course, they don't do a very good job of this -- not compared to either stereo systems or home-theater systems which have five, six, or even seven speakers all optimized to the sounds they make.

Home theater systems include a speaker -- the center channel -- specifically for the sounds you would hear directly in front of you in real life. In movies and television shows, those sounds typically include dialog. Since you have a speaker specifically for reproducing the dialog in a movie, voices will sound much better on a center-channel speaker than they will on a TV.

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If you are using the TV's speakers for your sound, make sure you turn off any of the TV's surround sound options.

Also, if your dvd player has any surround sound options turn those off, too.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I watched these DVDs on another TV and DVD player and I don't remember having this problem.

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