Sylvania 32' flat screen tv

donnas_gwAugust 21, 2011

Target has a Sylvania 32" flat screen tv for sale this week. (LC320SS2), 60Hz 720p LCD HDTV. Does anyone have this tv and do you like it? Is Sylvania a good brand? If we decide to buy it, it will be our first flat screen tv. Seems some of the brands have better pictures than others. We had a 17" Sanyo regular tv (not flat screen) in a guest bedroom. Didn't have it long until the picture tube blew. Thanks.

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sorry, should be 32" LOL

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Sylvania, Magnavox, Philips, Emerson, Symphonic, are all brand names used by Funai Corp for LCD televisions - a low end manufacturer of consumer electronics. While originally a Japanese based manufacturer, most of their manufacturing is now done in China.

They're also an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of other consumer electronics, such as DVD/BluRay players for better known brands, but usually for that, they have specs and quality control dictated to them.

As far as their LCDs, I'd look at other brands - they're just too low end. Maybe spend $100 more (I looked at the Target ad) and you should end up with a little better product. Get LED backlighting, 1080p resolution, and a few more inputs.

People may say that you can't see the difference between 720p and 1080p at 32 inches but the difference comes into effect in the scaling that the television does in order to display the various resolutions.

If this is just a secondary display, it may be OK, but if it is your primary display look around - Costco, Sam's Club, etc.

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Thanks yosemitebill...I didn't know what the 720p meant. I'm guessing it's pixels? I'm a little familiar with resolution since I do have a digital camera and a flatbed scanner.

Actually, I would prefer the older type tv with the slightly curved screen, but do they even make them anymore? We have a 25" Zenith tv in the living room and have always been happy with it. Have had it since November 2000. You said you looked at the Target ad...did you see the 24" made by Westinghouse for just under $200.00? That one had 1080p.

Awhile back on Good Morning America, they rated different flat screen tv's, and said that the LG (Life is Good) was the best. I can't remember what they based the ratings on, though.

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The 720p, 1080p, refers to the number of horizontal lines, in the vertical scan from top to bottom that make up the picture. Remember, the picture is scanned from top-to-bottom and is counted by how many lines are scanned.

Regarding the 24" display, while 24" on a 4x3 CRT display may seem big, on a 16x9 LCD display, it is rather small.

I don't know about the GMA show, but I often cringe when listening to television shows product reviews. LG, was originally Lucky Goldstar, a Korean company of very low end electronics. They got better, and bigger, and worked with Philips for a while, but I have never had a warm fuzzy feeling for them.

Then new US marketing firms turned the LG into "life is good" from Lucky Goldstar, but I'd still look elsewhere.

BTW, they did buy the "Zenith" brand name, and patents, after Zenith went under - but then, it's just a name now...

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What tv service do you have now? If it is cable or satellite, remember that even though you have a new flat screen you may not have any HDTV channels until you get that service from your provider. You'll still be watching most channels in analog like you've always been. Some cable services do provide the locals for free in HD but you have to know how to program the tv to get them. However, if you are using an antenna you should be able to receive the digital signals of your local stations and some but not all of their programming will be in HD.

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