Yikes! Cockroaches!

carmen_grower_2007October 26, 2010

I have lived for 69 years and have never had roaches -- until now. My husband repairs computers and brought one home. He opened it up and it was filled with roaches. The lady told him she had a roach problem, but he was naive and had no idea what he was bringing home. He took the thing outside, but evidently many escaped in to our home.

Today, two weeks later, I am seeing a few here and there and realize I have to do something quick. Got some boric acid and some traps and sure hope the problem gets solved before they take over. Yuck!

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I had never seen one until I moved to Texas and was living in an apartment. They even exterminated bi-monthly but that never got rid of them. I kept all food items in tupperware or zip lock bags, even baking soda. I suggest you call and exterminator. There are also the bug bombs. You have to leave your house and set them off and wait, I would usually leave for 24 hours. I did use some of the raid baits. They are small black disks with bait inside them. They helped cut down on them. And the roach hotels. But without more through treatment you might not get rid of all. It may take more than 1-2 treatments timed so after you kill adults then another to get the next generation that hasn't yet hatched. Good luck.

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