Saw tooth grain beetles?

angiepangieOctober 11, 2013

I was cleaning crumbs behind the microwave when I noticed a few small bugs- after internet research I think they are sawtoothed grain beetles. They are quite small so it is hard to tell- I will post a picture when I am done cleaning out cupboards.

There were also several on my paper towel roll that lives next to microwave. I next checked the cupboards- which, due to a past indian meal moth experience, I try to keep very clean- I keep ALL grains, flours, pasta, etc in fido glass jars with hermetic seals- none of those were contaminated. In fact, I could not find ANY insect infestation in any of my actual food-

I opened every package of baking mix ( in sachets), looked in every spice jar, under every lid- even boxes of crackers not tightly sealed were clean. However, under most every jar, can, or box- they were lurking. They seem to be feeding on tiny crumbs left behind. I left a bit of flour on my jar before I put it away, and they were on that. They were also in the nooks and crannies of the shelves.

I don't know what to do. I am cleaning out, and wiping down- discarded anything I didn't have a jar for- and I plan to spray insectide. I read that this won't kill eggs tho. So I am at a loss of what to do next. Is it safe to put my food back in, or do I need to wait a few days or weeks and make sure no more hatch out of hidden places?

I am so sorry for such an icky question. I hope someone can help.


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Also, I am worried they might be in my microwave. Do I need to throw it out?

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If they don't have food eventually their lifecycle will be broken, so keep doing what you're doing with putting your foods in glass jars. Unless they are getting in your food while it is being microwaved I doubt there is any reason to throw it out. Just make sure to cover anything that might be something they like to eat so it can't splatter into the openings and provide a feast.

You might try getting some of those sticky boards to place in your cupboards and your microwave (when not in use) to see if you catch many while its quiet and undisturbed. That may help you gauge how big of a problem you have.

I went through this a few years ago when I moved to a new house with pantry moths and since then I do the same thing as you and store all grains and things made from grains in 1/2 gallon canning jars. I've recently begun to lighten up about it and have left boxes of foodstuff in my pantry so your post reminds me that I need to step up the vigilance again to prevent it from happening again.

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