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deemarie5500June 20, 2011

Come out and say "HELLO"!!!!

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Happy now, Dee? ;)

I actually got out for a while today. On my way to meet a friend for lunch, I was rear-ended by a suburban. My poor little PT Cruiser took a beating, but it's still drivable. The insurance man will come check it out in the morning. That kind of killed my appetite - which was probably a good thing since I was meeting my friend at a pizza place. I ended up ordering only a slice of veggie pizza and their dinner salad. Cheap meal!

It's been so hot here in Dallas, but today it's only going to reach 99! :)

Hope everyone is staying cool and having a marvelous Monday!

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Good morning.

carolyntx, so sorry about your rear-ender. I almost got hit yesterday, too. I was out running errands, stopped on a busy highway at the light. We were stacked up. I look up and this crazy-eyed woman, with her front fenders ALREADY dented up, numerous times, is pulled out, in the middle of the lane next to me, waving for me to let her in. I did not have enough room to back up to give her room, but was going to wait and let her in when the light changed. She kept inching her way in, instead of waiting, and I just knew I was about to be hit. That really would have done me in, since my little car is paid for and I do not need another bill right now. There are some people out there who do not need to be driving.

On a lighter note. I wore my husband's watch last week to keep it running, and a friend suggested that I have a few links taken out and wear it all the time. I loved the idea, so went to the jeweler's yesterday. I'm not very cool or up to the latest fashions, but apparently the big-faced watches are in, and he showed me several women's watches that looked like mine/Bobby's. So, he fixed it up for me, didn't charge me a dime. More importantly, it's a piece of Bobby I can hold onto and I don't have to put on my "cheaters" to read the time!

I stayed busy yesterday so it was a good day, and to top it all off, we FINALLY had rain. We have not had a good rain since before my husband died, two months ago. Even better, we have 60% chance of more today, and 50% the days after that. Thank God.

I thought my dryer was broken, and it ended up being a broken knob, according to my sweet neighbor who checked it for me. Otherwise, I would have paid a repair guy a minimum of $75 just for him to come out. He's the only guy in the area who works on Fisher Paykel products (I will never buy another FP product for exactly that reason.)

Whew, I don't need that third cup of coffee, do I? I hope it's another good day, not only for me, but for all of us.

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Hi all!

Carolyn, thank heavens you're OK! And Jan, I wonder what's up with some people--a guy in a banged old Benz did the same thing to me about a year ago. I guess they figure they drive a pile of crap, so they don't care. Ugh.

Sorry to be MIA--classes have started back, and although I only have one, it.is.stinking.horrendous. Out of 40 students, only 3 passed the first test. And no, I was not one of them--matter of fact, this was my worst grade ever. EVER. And that says a lot. And to add insult to injury, the highest score was only 2 points over the passing mark. I'm pretty discourage right now, because I really studied the material, so it's not like I blew it off, and got my just rewards.

On a brighter note, I had my first day at hospital clinicals. Saw all sorts of really facsinating procedures, and got to watch breast biopsy. The surgeon was gorgeous--what is it about good looking people that become doctors?--and was very nice to us. I go to the OR this week, and with any luck, maybe I'll see a brain transplant--lol! :) Not that I want to wish ill will on anyone, but I do hope it's an involved surgery.

Other than that, it's about the same here. MIL is still not speaking to DH because of some percieved slight from *me*. I am angry becasue he's the only one that ever did anything for the contentious bat, and this is how she treats him. I have gotten over her treatment of me, but I hate to see him hurt by such a self-centered, nasty ol' battle axe. I am to the point that if I never see her again, or have to listen to her whining, I'll be OK with that. And....she can stick wadtiby where the sun doesn't shine.

Anyhoo--gotta go--hope all is well with everyone--



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Maddie, I forgot we shared similar evil Mother-in-Laws (mine being the Step-Mother-in-Law from Hades.) I have not spoken to her since I hung up on her and have not regretted a moment of it. She told my husband's uncle that there was a "rift." Well,I lost it and shared with him everything that she said and how she said it. He said he already had it/her figured out (which thank God he didn't fall for her "Scarlett O'Hara from the Mississippi Delta, little old innocent me" act.) I know your situation is more complicated because it's your husband's mother, and you have probably bitten your tongue endless times, but I have no emotional tie to my battle axe. Yours and mine could be sisters, they sound so much alike.

That being said, I do pray for her that she shed her toxic ways, but that's as far as I can go. I also pray that she dies before my sweet FIL does, so I don't have to see her at his funeral when his time comes.

I have way too much time on my hands.

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Hello everyone!

Wodka, I also pray for those who are so angry and mean. If they can find happiness, then they will leave everyone alone!! LOL! A bit of selfishness thrown in there, I guess.

Maddie, sounds like an awful professor, not a bad class. Good Luck and keep up the great work!

Work has been so hectic and we are looking at more downsizing. Even if my job is saved, it will mean even more work to make up for those who are let go. I'm so incredibly tired of working, in general. Cannot wait for the day I can retire (and still pay bills). [[[[[sigh]]]]

May have to miss my Zumba class tonight; have a Board meeting to attend for a professional organization I belong to. Wish I could move the class to 4:30 so I could do both! LOL!!

((((((Carolyn))))) Thank God you were not hurt.

Peggy, I planted some sort of flowers from a packet of seeds I received from Raeanne's hubby. (Just not your green-thumb sort of gal here!) One of my containers of impatiences is being eaten by something, so I thought I'd try something else. We'll see...... Raeanne, thank your DH for me (I found them in my goody bag from GG!)

Make today count!
Gotta run.

PS: Waving at Marci on that beach!
PSS: Hope Suzanne is having fun in Acadia
PSSSSS Where is Besh? BJ? everyone??????

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Raeanne--I thought you'd appreciate this link. It's a house that's for sale in my neighbothood.

I'd buy it, but it only has 7 bedrooms... talk about tiny!!! lol!!

Here is a link that might be useful: One street back, one block over....

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Where the heck did this week go to? Wed already and I'm just saying hello now? Must be all the birds out singing taking off with my clock or something. Time sure flies!

Great to see you Wodka, Maddie, Dee and Carolyntx. I too am happy you're okay.

Wodka I like the watch getting sized down. Now Bobby is with you 'all the time'. He is anyway. The comfort of wearing the watch must be incredible.

Toxic people are out there. They have to be really miserable inside to project such venom. My sister remains this way - I have no idea if she will ever mellow and just let life happen as it does. But she needs to control and life is not controllable. Life happens. Therapy and doctors have told me more than once to let go of toxic people - I tried so hard for years because I wanted the idyllic sister relationship that you read about in books. Oil and water don't mix. I gave up. I found a new sister in my closest friend, I've found more family here (thank you for having me in this circle of love) and I continue to find more love and support just by letting life happen. We are still experiencing toxic people with our contractor lien going to court now, pushing our own home build disaster lawsuit ahead. I wish we did not have to do what we are going through but our life's savings are gone. We have no choice in the lien but to defend ourselves. Somehow through all this mess I am sleeping much better. I cannot change my sister - I have let her go but I secretly still wish she can heal herself inside and let life touch her. I am more at peace these days than I have been in years. Enough is enough. I don't want to drink to feel nothing anymore. I've been working on this journey of recovery and new lifestyle habits and I'm feeling and seeing results. Had a very good talk to Dave (DH) this morning about sleeping better and not have broken records constantly playing in my head stressing me out. I garden, I communicate with people who are loving, friends - family to me. I listen with both ears to my surroundings. I hear lovelier sounds to day because I'm letting myself hear them. The biggest stretch which is now becoming easier is I'm actually looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a happier Peggy. What happens will happen. Can I change things? If I can I will for the better. If I can't I have to let it all go on it's journey without me. My Mom spent her time with me during her life telling me to stop worrying about things I cannot change and have no control over. Now at 48 I'm finally getting it. To hell with toxic people. They live literally in that plane - I don't care to join them anymore.

I've been MIA - yesterday was a pre-trial for the lien action. Clients had to be in the hallway while the lawyers and judge confirmed evidence and asked both lawyers if either party wanted to offer settlement. We're heading to court to defend ourselves. I'm getting used to macaroni these days....with the garden starting to produce some things my diet is expanding. Well that was yesterday, Monday I was in the garden doing some serious weeding and still planting transplants from the winter as I clear more space outside.

Today I was going to work outside but the heavens opened within minutes so I changed gears and I'm working on setting up my craft supplies, been killing moving boxes of Peggy's fabric, crafts and the like. Mentally loving the whole room with stuff all over the place. It's all getting sorted into the dresser I have (emptied that of crap from moving). Putting containers inside the drawers to hold stuff, my paints, brushes, lace trimmings, beads, scissors and all that stuff. It feels like Christmas to me in there. Yeah to anyone else it looks like a craft truck just dumped stuff into the room. But the charity box is filling up with items I will never use/haven't used. Stuff that can be used by someone else. Mentally it feels great to finger through all those things and see them get organized again.

So excuse me while I organize some fun stuff. I'm with all of you in spirit.

On my diet side, still not eating breakfast but mentally making note of it now and every odd day manage to gag something down with my coffee (need to eat breakfast). Continuing to dance within my 5 pound range of my goal weight. Now focusing on my self esteem. Feeling better inside myself I find I can look at myself in the mirror with less criticism. That's another major goal I'm working on.

C'mon - let's keep putting one foot in front of the other. Pull each other along. I may not have a zumba class but I did have Donna Summer's greatest hits on this morning and boogied through my craft obstacle course. That counts for something, right?

I love ya all! ((((((((((((((((((Group Hug)))))))))))))))
Just because you are all so damned cute!


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Peggy--what a great post. I think you've hit the nail on the head that you just can't change people, and sometimes you've just got to let go. I know that's a hard thing for me to do--I keep holding on, and trying, and wanting, and hoping things will change. And I've found that I can't change anyone but me. (Doesn't mean that I don't have hope that some things will change--I just realized that I've got to move on for *my* sake.) I've tried for nearly 2 decades with my MIL. I've bitten my tongue, swallowed my pride, smiled when i thought my face would break, and for what? To make DH happy? I'm miserable, but he and the old bat is happy? I'm worth more than that. Way more. And I've made my own family, too. And youse guys are a big part of it, and fwit, I love you all also. :)

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Maddie let go. Let go for love's sake. Let go and start loving yourself. The rest will start to fall into place. Take joy in things you've been missing because your senses have been clouded over with the toxic fog. Maddie does not deserve this. Let go Maddie. Love yourself first and love will be returned.


You've been through enough and have so much strength to draw on.

I'm reaching out to you Maddie - I'm pulling hard to show you the beauty. You cannot change your MIL. Let her go. This is Maddie's kick at the can in life - not hers. I doubt she has any can left to kick these days. Too bad for her. C'mon Maddie - my hand is here.....


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Carolyn - So sorry to hear about your crunched car, but thankful that you were not hurt.

Jan - I love the idea of the watch - smart friend you have. Glad you had a good day.

Maddie - OMG - It is a beautiful home BUT as you said it only has 7 bedrooms! LOL

Dee - I am sorry about you having to take on more responsibility at work - sounds like you have too much right now. ROFLMAO on the seeds - I was just wondering today if anyone ever planted them.

Peg - you are right about toxic people. I love that you have found new family where you live.

I hope Suzanne and Marci are having a blast on their vacations.

We get one nice day here and then 3 of rain. I hope this isn't the trend for this summer.

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We are on and off with rain. Right now we are on 3 days of rain after a hot dry spell - my gardens have really picked up and so have the weeds. Got outside to do some weeding this morning...rain has been holding off but more to come anytime.

Been working this week on going through all the stuff in the spare closet (my sewing/craft stuff) and have filled a garbage bag, a huge charity box and I'm now down to being stuck looking at the remaining items. Even the 15 minute rule is stuck on this stuff....sew...so I've decided to label a box "Just Shove It In A Box" and I can now move on. Eventually I'll deal with those items but at the moment I can't. And it's maybe one large tote worth of items. Sew...So be it!

Also made it a point today of having a proper breakfast. Good start for a change...okay it was 10 am but at least I had 3 1/2 hours to get my coffee down. And my weight is down this morning because yesterday was not a good eating day. Pay attention girl - pay attention. Have a bag of starting to rot apples, so I'm going to make a mini apple crumble for dessert tonight. No crust, just a crumble topping. Waste not, want not.

DH put the fan on in the bedroom last night - I hate fans on in bedrooms - gives me a scratchy throat and I hate the noise. If I succeed today in that spare room I may just crash in there tonight on the spare bed. Another plus for getting things sorted. I fired my house fairies months ago for their laziness and decided to do things myself. Bad, bad house fairies. And I had these house fairies long before the Harry Potter series with their house creatures like Dobbie. I only wish a sock would set me free (have to be a Potter fan to get that one).

Okay, time to rinse out the vinegar from my tea kettle and finish my dishes....and then....just shove things in the box. LOL

Have a fabulous day today! Drink some water. Get moving, even if it's just a stroll around the house.


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Good Friday afternoon, everyone! It's a lovely day here in Dallas, already 90 degrees, and the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. We've had cooler temps here this week, below 100!

Good news on the car front! USAA (the driver's ins. co.) approved my claim for damages. I'll take my car in on Monday morning, then Enterprise will pick me up (just like the commercial says!) and take me to their place to pick up a rent car for the 6 days my car will be in the shop! I have to tell you that I was scared spitless when I went to get the estimate. I worried that the man would deny any responsibility, but thank goodness, I was hit by an honest man!

Peggy, I really get a lot of insight and encouragement from reading your posts. I'm so glad that you came back to post here.

Raeanne, you can share some of your rain with us. We've gotten two big showers this week, but we're still officially under drought conditions - a typical summer status.

Maddie, big hugs for you. Good thing we can pick our friends because family (sometimes in-laws!) can make our lives a living hell. I have to say that I don't miss any of my in-laws from my last marriage. I thank God daily for giving me the courage to walk out of that toxic situation.

Dee, retirement is going to be the best thing that ever happened to you, besides marrying your dh, of course! It's a wonderful feeling and blessing!

Jan, wear Bobby's watch and feel him close to you. It's the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now. I think of you often, and send up a prayer for you.

I wish everyone a beautiful weekend. I plan to have one, even if it's alone. Attitude is everything!

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We're back, unpacked and missing the beach, sun and our kids already. We have a realtor looking for townhouses for us, so we may be going back sooner than expected if something great pops up.

In the meantime, I have decided that I need to start downsizing now. I know we all tend to accumulate too much "stuff" and I am no exception. So Good Will here I come. DH is trying to talk me into participating in the annual garage sale again this year, but I'm still on the fence about that. I may give Craig's list a try for a few big items I want to unload.

It's cloudy and gloomy today, but there is a nice breeze and since there is no threat of rain, I do have all the windows open.

Jan - I loved your story about Bobby's watch. How cool to be able to wear it every day and be lovingly reminded of your "time" together.

DD talked me into playing Dance Revolution with her. I am not coordinated, so it was a hoot and a half, but I did work up a sweat (which isn't hard to do in Florida-lol). Told DH that I want a Wii now.

Gotta run and make some coleslaw to go with the burgers we are grilling for dinner.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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Hi Everyone!

Carolyntx - somehow I googled something and wound up reading a Diet Forum thread from 2004. We were both on it along with others. Back then I started a thread called Diet Pals. Eventually I faded out of the forum - it was a year before we left Scotland. I was having a hell of a time with eating, drinking and losing weight. Mentally not well and just could not keep up. No where near where I am today. Funny how time and life moves on. Such a world apart health wise for me. I am so glad to be back here. All of you ground me. At one point I was so bad with my drinking and just not taking my health serious enough one person told me to grow up - she has since left the forum years ago and is a regular on other forums. She was absolutely right of course but at the time I got insulted and just dropped off the site. I'm still working on growing up and always will be. But I've learned no one can make me happy except myself by taking much better care of myself and letting people help me when I need it.

And I'm on box #2 of Just Stuff It, released many craft, patterns etc to the charity shop - including, wait for it..........


I feel free. Yes it's slowed down today when I hit family photos of my nephews and toxic sister. Her whole family I don't know at all now. I took a good look at those photos and nothing. No hatred, no sorrow, no nothing. They'll get shredded this week. Part of a cleansing ritual. We are no longer related as much I as I wanted to be a favourite Aunt - it never happened. At least on my husband's side I have 2 nieces to enjoy and I'm their only Aunt!

My soul sister is coming for a day visit tomorrow. I can't wait to see her.

Other than that not much else is happening.

Enjoy your evening and Sunday!

It's the weekend - Whoooo Hooooooo!


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