Direct TV problem?

jemellinAugust 3, 2005

I have had Direct TV for about 8 yrs. The last 6 months I have a problem sometimes with the sound becoming intermittent........the picture is still there but stopped no sound. This lasts for a few seconds and then continues until the next time it happens. Doesn't do it all the time. Can someone tell me what to start checking? I beleive the dish is postioned in the right elevation etc. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Check for trees or bushes blocking the dish. It sounds like signal interuption. Perhaps some trees have grown since the dish was orginally installed.
Check the dish mount and make sure it is still solid.

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Thanks joed for the info...........I did all the things you suggested. It is still cutting out not on all chaneels but some and not all the time.
I am wondering if I need a new receiver as mine is about 9 yrs old.If so can I just go to a Best Buy or someplace like that and purchase a new box? And do I just use the card from the old box? Any help appreciated thanks!

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Directv is giving away Directv's with TIVO now until November 5th for new customers. It's an R10, which I think has about 70 hours of recording time. You, already being a customer can get one for about $50. Or, do as you're thinking about, go to Best Buy, and buy one for $99, and send in the rebate form when you get it. That way, it'll be free.
Directv is supposed to be including the rebate forms in our next bills. The rebate form can also be downloaded.
Here's link to the Directv web site that gives all the information. There is a catch though. There's a $5.99 montly charge for the TIVO service, or a $299 life time charge if you prefer.
Believe me, you'll like TIVO. I've had TIVO now for 5 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Directv

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You can not just take the card from your old receiver and put it into your new one. You will need to call DTV and tell them what you are doing. They will send the siganal down the sataellite to make your old card work in the new unit.

It could be a problem with your cable from the dish to the receiver. I would cal DTV coustomer service and tell them your problem. Also ask about a new receiver at that time.

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Your problem MAY be in the TELEVISION! Try hooking up another set on your receiver.

Good luck,


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the picture is still there but stopped no sound
I took this to mean the picture was frozen in a freeze frame.

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Yes joed the picture is in a freeze frame with no sound. Then when the sound returns the picture also moves.

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Definitely sounds to me like loss of sat signal. Could be a dish problem or a cable to the dish problem. Could also be a receiver problem.

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I've had DirecTV since 1995 and am familiar with the problem you described. Unless something has caused a loss of signal strength (damage to dish, new tree growth, etc.) I'm guess it's either your receiver or the LNB. Probably the receiver. Before doing anything else unplug the box for a minute or two and then plug it back in. This will reset it and could solve the problem.

I've had to replace my receiver twice in about five years. If resetting the receiver does not help, I suggest calling DirecTV. You'll have to describe the problem, but after their suggestions fail to correct the problem, just ask for a new receiver. They will send you one--albeit most likely a refurbished model--for free.

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Again thank you everyone for your input on this problem. cgalny I appreciate your comments..........I was beginning to wonder if it was just me! I unplugged the box like you said it still does it..........but not on all channels. So guess the next step is to call DirecTV.

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I would go into the setup menu and bring up the signal meter. IF you have over 60% you will get a lock and have picture and sound. It makes no difference if you have a lock at 60% or 100% as far as it working, the higher the lock, the less chance of rain fade.

Second thing, if you have the old style switch for using more then one box, they go bad and cause the same problem. Simple test it connect direct to the dish from the receiver, if the problem goes away, then replace the switch.

I have had LNB'S go bad, mostly when they get hot.

Just check the signal strenght first and save yourself a lot of trouble.

I have been into this for along time, I have 7 dishs now and have had all sorts of strange things happen over the years.


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We've had a similar problem for two different reasons.

1) Start of a rain storm
2) When we haven't trimmed our trees, the wind will blow the branches in front of the dishes momentarily blocking the signal.

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If you've been a DirecTV customer for that long, as long as you've been paying your bill regularly, DirecTV will bend over backwards to keep you. My suggestion is that you call them up and politely ask that they send you new equipment and someone to verify that your dish is pointed correctly. If they say no, tell them that you'd like to switch to cable so that you don't have to deal with these hassles. They'll immediately transfer you to a retention representative who will then give you what you want.

Believe me... this works! I've done it!

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Thanks for all the seems if I unplug the reciever for 15 seconds and reconnect this helps the problem for awhile..........guess I will call DirecTv and try and get a new receiver from them.

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Our TV's and our neighbors are freezing for a short period and getting worse more often (just the local channels). I checked with a sat. installer. He said I needed new receivers. So, I purchased two, and this corrected the problem. But, you can hardly read the banners unless you are up close. My old receivers were by RCA and could be read ealily. The new ones are Direct TV Model D-11. I had no problem with Direct TV's customer service. He said that they are aware of the problem and hope to have an update in the future to download and correct the problem. You can not adjust the unit to correct this problem. Don't buy a model D-11!!!!

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I have RCA receiver model DRD420RE.
From last week I am not able to remove from the TV detail text info about the watching channel (channel name, title duration and elapsed time). Each text is in color on the top of black background box and sits on the top of the picture
For example I am watching channel "505" ("HB2W") title "Once Around".
I see on the screen:

"HB2W" (green text)
"ONCE AROUND" (white text)

"02:00" (blue text) "01:49"(blue text)

How can I remove it?

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I have a DirecTV TIVO/HD receiver. Looks great on the HD set, but I'm having trouble wiring a second TV. I ran an S-video from the satellite S-video out to an RF Modulator, then coax to the second TV, nothing but static on the second TV regardless of the channel settings. It's almost as if the box won't output anything if the HD cable is connected. Any advice? Or is it possible my RF modulator isn't working?
Please advise.

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We have the same problem as listed above, we have a great picture but the sound keeps cutting out. Directtv has replaced everything from the satalite to the receiver & the receiver has been replaced 4 times. Sometimes the broadcast records and sometimes it doesn't so we can't tell if the problem is the service or the tv. Does anyone have a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks Lordpaul

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I also have been having a strange problem

The picture cuts out and then switches to a different channel altogether.

example: watching my local channel 6 , all of a sudden I am watching disney channel on channel 6 .

the guide clearly shows the channel 6 and the correct information for channel 6 , but its showing disney channel 290 instead.

It does this quite often.

I have 3 other receivers and none of them have this problem.

I have switched out each receiver from other rooms and used them with the TV that has been having the problems and for a while they work right then start doing the same thing.

All cables have been replaced with new ones.
no trees are the problem, and no problems with signal strength . Does anyone have a clue what this could be???

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if other RX do it with the same tv, it is something in the room. poltergeist maybe?

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kve80, I think I've seen your problem reported on the Directv users forum. Ask your question there and someone may have an answer for you.
You'll probably have to register in order to post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Directv Users Forum

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