Mildew smell still...

mamasalvoOctober 4, 2006

We definitely had a leak behind our shower( Probably for at least three months) and Plumber fixed that and today we had the local Servpro in becuase I could still smell the musty odor and they said there was no evidence of mold and the drywall under the leak looked fine- There is no leak stain on the kitchen ceiling below and yet the smell continues.

Any suggestions before I rip out my newly painted kitchen ceiling to see if I can find the smell. I don't know what to do if the experts are not finding any cause.

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Not sure if this is good advice but I think I would call a restoration company that deals in mold and have them come out and see what they think before I would rip a ceiling out. A company that deals with mold and fire restoration. Either the phone book or-we got ours from-our insurance company even though we were not making a claim.

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