Strange Happenings

texasredheadOctober 23, 2010

Every so often, maybe every 4-6 weeks, someone will show up on this board, just signing on Gardenweb that day, for the specific purpose of defaming some builder, remodler, fence builder, etc. As a general rule, the first negative reply they receive is the last you hear from them. Usually, they have been lied to, paid everything up front resulting in the contractor vanishing, subject to shody work,and so forth.

Now, I don't wish anything bad on any one,but all of this seems suspicious to me.

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It may be because they have decided to go to a lawyer and as a result do not want their badmouthing to mitigate any potential punitive damages received from a judgement in their favor.

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When some don't get sympathy or someone disagrees with them on a shaky or borderline topic, some are not hearing what they want to hear and move on. Others really have been done wrong and are joining and posting their rip off on every site they can to get the word out on, not necessarily wanting to discuss the situation. That's evident when you do a search on the company being mentioned and it pops up from many sites with the same situation mentioned.

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So what exactly you are suspicious of? Why does it bother you so much? No one makes you to read these posts, yet you read and comment with no constructive feedback every single time.

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It was a general observation. Also, once they have shared their tale of woe, they are gone. It seems they often pay the total amount in advance leaving them little recourse.

Now, I am considering having my swimming pool replastered. The company I will probably go with gave me a list of 21 people that he has recently worked with giving their name, address and telephone number. He also has given me a certificate of his liability insurance. His terms are 50% down and the balance when the pool is refilled and the chemicals balanced. He is a local contractor that has been in business since 1985.

SHOULD, something unforscene develope, I suspect you folks in Canada, Utah, etc.,might wonder why I would tell you my tale of woe with a company in Ft.Worth, Texas, and suggest you not ever use them.

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The people who come here to 'advertise' bad contractors are angry, and need to vent, but otherwise aren't necessarily looking for advice. They just want a place to scream and seek vengeance, warning others who may be in their area (obviously if you're in Canada you just ignore it) about the bad guys so they won't get ripped off too. Why is that such a hard thing to get?

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What part of how stupid they were don't you get?

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Instead of Texas blah blah blah I think I will call you DAhdah Dah.

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Gee scout, you are one bitter person. No wonder your neighbor is upset with you.

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