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sameboatJune 25, 2011

I know that I need to exercise and that is why I am not losing weight. Let me just say I am 44, weighed 165 three months ago and could eat a bag of peanut butter cups in a day or two. I crave sweets like there's no tomorrow. For the past three months I have been eating (and I don't overeat "food") fresh fruit, more vegetables and a conservative amount of meats (chicken, fish, etc.) without losing more than 5 lbs! I have deprived myself of sweets and it's making me nuts, but without much weight loss. I look the same and my pants fit the same. So now I know that I'm older and I will have to exercise. Years ago, I could have cut out the sugar and lost 10 lbs in one month! I will say that without the sweets I feel less bloated and my energy does not tank the way it did before. Just ranting!

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Hi Sameboat - it's taken me about 3 years from 167 down to 130 and now I'm maintaining....still hard because it's so easy when fricken hormones kick in and I'm getting older to - the weight has been really hard to come down. Walking has helped me a great deal along with water.

You are more than welcome to join our merry gang on the Daily Support thread. We support each other in all aspects of daily life because it's daily life that affects our efforts to get those pounds off.

Rant here, get it off your chest and rant, rant, rant some more. I'm listening as I know many others are too.

Welcome to the forum!

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Thank you Peggy! :) You seem to "get" it. lol

I definitely think it's hormonal, age and lack of water an exercise. I do think I could/should walk!

Thank you again.

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Okay, so you got out for a walk? Even a short one is a start. It's also a great way to unwind a lot from life. Walking becomes "your" time. I'd love to hear from you more - do post again and say hi!

Have an excellent day,

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Sugar is addictive! Unfortunately, we train our kids to celebrate every holiday and birthday and almost every day with a sugar reward, so it's no surprise that by the time we are adults, we have trained our brains to clamor constantly for sugar. It has to be treated like an addiction, because that's exactly what it is.

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Had a few bad days and ate Reese's. But now back to no sugar. Eating lots of good fruit and more veggies. I walked one mile both yesterday and this morning. It wasn't so bad but it sure is HOT out. I am feeling like yes, I can walk. Hopefully I will look forward to it once I've done it several days in a row. Right now I'm just tired and could fall asleep!

After I walked around the block yesterday I thought well I'm winded and it's only about 1/4 of a mile. But I went to google maps and tracked it - and it turns out it's one complete mile. So that alone gave me the incentive to do it again. I think once the heat breaks I will feel like doing it again after supper.

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Hang in there Sameboat - you are doing great! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other! I'm cheering you on!


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Well here I am after supper and I'm heading out the door for my 1-mile jaunt. Thank you Peggy! I was going to skip it but your post motivated me! :)

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Hi Again!

Just being nosy - how are things going today? I'm getting outside to work in the garden this morning before it gets hot. Had a proper breakfast (one of my challenges is not skipping meals) and bringing ice cold water (another challenge - drinking lots of water especially in the heat).

Also, are you giving yourself some YOU time - pamper time that does not revolve around food? Enjoy a book, bubble bath, goop your face up home facial or whatever? Something positive?

Just keep that one foot in front of the other, if you fall over, dust yourself off and get going again. The past is the past - don't quit on yourself. Bad day? Tomorrow is a new day! Bad day early on? As soon as you recognize it take action. Are you emotional about something? Or just fighting cravings? When I crave sweets I've used pickles to combat it - who wants sweet things after hammering down pickles?

I've responded to another post and recommended a FREE online site I've used (with lots of support, great articles for motivation, trackers like Weight Watchers and more. Even just an emotional lift I love SparkPeople. Sure they advertise their new book but you are not pressured to buy anything. It's all free and very successful.

Keep talking to me - I want to know how you are doing. I care - I've been where you are and it's taken me years but every year just keeping 5 - 10lbs off with maintenance I have used the method of fresh start when I'm ready. Usually the winter because that's the toughest time of year for me so I call it my winter tune-up. Take care of Peggy time - mentally, physically, spiritually. Eat healthier, watch my portions, I read self help books, online articles, get books out of the library or online for lighter meal ideas. If all I lose over the winter is even just 8 pounds I spend the spring to fall working on maintaining that new weight level. It gives me time to adjust and work on healthier habits. Then when I'm ready again in the winter I go another round of Taking Care of Peggy. I actually look forward to it every year because it's Peggy time.

There is no rule that you have to do a straight run at achieving your weight goal in one long shot. Sure we can lose weight but can we maintain it?

Are you stuck in a mental rut? Cut yourself some slack mentally. It's not a race at all.

I don't know if I'm helping but this strategy has helped me from 167 to 128 (with a five pound fluctuation for maintenance now).

I won't give up on you if you don't give up on yourself!

Have an excellent day!

Here is a link that might be useful: SparkPeople

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Cool Peggy- thank you! Your pickle trick made me laugh. Yuck - no sweets after pickles. Today its hot out but my brother has a pool and I think I'll take my 12 yo son there. Didn't walk this morning but will tonight once the heat breaks.

I do have to force liquids. Hate water but will drink it if it's hot like this. When I have a craving for sweets I eat a piece of fruit. Now I know fruits are high in sugar so how does that work? I haven't been eating sweets but I've been eating watermelon, grapes, apples, grapefruit, etc. I do believe it's better than downing peanut butter cups...

I weigh 160 so to hear you are now in the 120's is excellent! That's where I should be for my 5' 2" frame. Yes, plenty of "me" time as I am out of work. I've been taking better care of my skin and crafting. I also think once I find another job that my psyche will be better.

Thank you for the encouragement! I will check out that web site today!

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I can relate to you sameboat. I crave sweets like crazy - that and peanut butter. Just plain peanut butter. I love the peanut butter cups but make sure I don't have any in the house. I'm 80 years old. I'm on predisone but just a maintenance dosage now. On the higher dose my weight went from 160 to 192. I also have Atrial Fibrilation and the cardiologist wanted me to try to walk. Because of the poor balance, I use a walker and walk the dog eah morning before the temp gets up too high. Neither one of us can stand the heat. I got down to 148 and then was daignosed with breast cancer - had 30 radiation treatments after surgery. I'm exhausted a lot of the time but still try to walk about 1/2 km. This is Canada so not miles any more. I've managed to keep my weight between 150 and 152 for the last few months. Right now I'm not trying to lose more until I get rested up after the radiation and antibiotics for a urinary track infection.I'm still tryiong to be careful what I eat, though This forum has been a great help to me, Also McPeg, thanks for all your suggestions. I'm going to look into them too.

All the best and don't get discouraged. You'll get there.

Oh, by the way, I found chewing sugarless gum helped and also heard that drinking a mug of hot water helps curb appetite and I think it does, somewhat.

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Jean Bo

I hear ya, I just wanted to say a couple of months ago I was doing research on the HCG diet and as much information as I could find. Dr. Oz gave it a nod and then I ordered my first drops the first round I lost 20 lb in 40 days. I do not follow the 500 exactly. I don't really do any of it exactly. What I mean by that is I have a couple large salads each day most days. and I use a red wine vinegar and I DO drizzle olive oil on it. Not much but that way I can eat it, and I figure EVOO is good for you. Next I might eat a larger portion of the meat. they suggest 3.5 oz raw and I have portions cut up that size but some times I might go to a larger 5oz cooked size. Little tweaks here and there. I just wanted to tell you all cause loosing weight is hard. VERY HARD and my health has improved and I have more energy when doing this diet. I'm not selling anything just wanted to send some help out to those that are struggling. It is so exciting to see the scale lower in the morning (not every morning) but to see the scale go back wards for a change does my mind and soul good. I will recommend www.hcgdietinfo.com and before you label me a spamer! check my history on this and the other site you will see I am just like the rest of you just looking for an easier way.

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Thanks Jaazzy - I need all the help I can get! It's been hoooooot here in the Northeast and let me just say...when it's hot I am eating popsicles and no I do not feel guilty. I do not walk and when it passes I will get back on track. Well, the heat really broke today so tomorrow is walk day and back on!

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Another sugar addict here! I have learned that I must go cold turkey on it in order to keep my cravings at bay. It is sweets only that have made me gain weight, and as I am now in my 50s I've found, as so many have, that I can no longer lose those 5-10 lbs quickly. I am now on a good, healthy streak of eating carefully and mindfully and getting daily exercize (walking for an hour/day, despite this heat and humidity!). I absolutely love the Sparkpeople site nutrition tracker. It is so easy to use and comprehensive. I track daily and plan my eating day first thing in the morning. You can run daily or weekly "reports" that give breakdowns on protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, etc. This is the first tool I've found that really keeps me mindful of what I'm eating and shows me the nutritional emptiness of processed or junk food. I highly suggest using it!

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Hi Marita,
I can think of one other reason to lay off the sugar (especially in this heat) - yeast infection. It's been so hot out I was living in my bathing suit eating popsicles and fudgicles and after several weeks of no sugar let me tell you - my body rebelled! I am off it again and fighting this infection. Horrible! That will teach me. Sugar is poison.

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I stay away from sugar and when I do get some - wow, like an alcoholic falling off the wagon, it's terrible. Here is a video that can help motivate you to keep away from sugar. I will attach a condensed version too.


Granted, I don't have to lose weight but when I have too much sugar I get yeast overgrowth (not infections) but generally not well, fatigue, acne, greasy skin and hair, fissures. It takes me about four days of good eating to keep the cravings at bay. Good eating for me is low carb eating. Wish it wasn't so as I love my carbs:(.

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I'll have to watch that video later when I'm on a regular computer. I am pleased to say I've been off sugar and flour for many months and now weigh 136 (down from 160+). I'm 5' 2" so I still look pudgy but I am feeling so good about myself! I never feel bloated, and for a treat I have an Atkins shake or a diet rootbeer with a little cream in it. Tastes like an icecream soda. Now if I was eating sugar, these little treats might taste awful but my tastebuds have changed so much that even green beans taste yummy and sweet. This has to be my lifestyle because it's the only plan that works for me. No sugar, flour, milk or rice. Well, I can have cream. So even coffee with Splenda and cream is a yummy treat. I don't feel winded climbing stairs and now at my new job I have a spring in my step going up the stairs! I do still struggle with chugging down enough water. I just hate it. So I squeeze a little lemon in it or a squirt of Mio flavoring. I can't wait for summer!!!

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Christina Powell
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