Need 'health' info on dead mice & odor...

zbestoneOctober 6, 2002

This is my first visit here and I love this site!!!

I found the postings of removing dead mouse odor helpful, but I will take any other helpful info I can get.

First of all, I advise anyone NOT TO USE POISION IN THE HOME to kill mice. I could just kick myself... I couldnt bear to see a mouse stuck to a glue board or in a mouse trap, but its GOT to be better than the smell Im putting up with in my home now! YUK!

Im pretty sure we found the source of how they got in and I want to tell you a funny story and then I have a serious question! I have a dead mouse under my refrigerator and cant get to him so I have to wait it out. One night, I heard a mouse fighting around in my cookstove so I thought I would give him a scare and turn on the stove vent that sucks air outside.. OH MY GOSH... he was IN the fan motor compartment and you can just guess what happened! Well, my husband does not want to pay for a repairman to get inside the motor and get him out, so I hope its no harm to just let him die there. We can not smell him because its so tightly enclosed, and I hardly ever use the vent.

Sooooo, first question is... could that be a health problem with the stove? and then, I found where the mice had been in a food closet I have. I found droppings on the floor. All the food is up high on other shelves where I found NO evidence that the mice had been. There are no dead mice, only droppings which I cleaned and disinfected. Is it possible for my food to become contaminated although no mice were around the food, just on the floor?

I would really appreciate any info as soon as possible.

Thanks so much!!!


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No, your food is not contaminated!!
I get mice every fall and we think we have found where they come in also. I think if you live in the country its one of those things. I use regular traps and a cat!!
I have an indoor cat who does her job.
As for the mouse under the fridg why don't you pull it out and get rid of it??
I just make sure I keep my kitchen clean and use bleach in my dish water to clean when I find the sin sins...
The cat came up from the basement yesterday with a big one in her mouth...dh got it from her and took care of it.
Use those traps and soon they will be gone...and don't use the poison in the house..
Karen L

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Hey Karen. Thanks for your input. We DID move the fridg but the mouse is up IN the back of the fridg where we cant get to him. We even took the back off the fridg and still cant see him. Just decided to wait it out. I keep getting NEW smells around the house, but its not too bad. Found some good deoderizers at Home "D" and it helps. We too are out in the country by a large lake, and have never had this problem. We have cats outside, but my family are all allergic to them so they cant come in. Oh well, we will make it. Thanks again!

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And I was crying the blues for having a dead mouse inside the gas dryer. Even after disposing of the carcass and the maggots and GIing everything, the odor lingered for a month!! And a dryer is far easier to disassemble than a refrigerator.
Having a cat around should control the mice( on the farm, mice and birds were tha cat's diet, and of course some milk).

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I live in a house with a filled Behind me and these filled mice come in and I don"t know why cause. I am very clean.I use glue traps. One got in my stove under the clock. And fried itself. For days the smell kept getting. Worse. My husband. Swore it was in the wall because we couldn't. Find it,
so I got wake up 1 morning on a mission to find the smell and there it was in my. Stove behind the clock. problem solved. then 2 days ago the smell came back stronger every day.I. believe, This time its Either Under my house. Or cold air I deffently can't. Get it now..what should i Do..I can't wait For the thing to deconpose.and I don't. Like cats. Please. Help

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Mice are pretty small, the smell does not usually last very long.

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Lynne Reno

We always get mice, we keep closing up possible ways they get in but they always find a new way in. I bought one of these thing and OMG does it ever work, it's amazing, it's called the Nooski Mouse trap (Link is to Amazon where I bought mine but you can probably google it and find them elsewhere)

Here is a link that might be useful: Nooski Mouse Trap

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