Digital camera repair

lilypad22August 25, 2005

Ok, I dropped the digital camera. The LCD screen cracked. Not good. The camera store quotes $239 to repair it, and reminded me I could buy a new camera for that. So it still takes pictures, I just can't preview and scan thru them with the camera.

I was thinking maybe I could buy a part on the internet and replace the screen myself? I was wondering if anyone knew if this could be done, has ever done it themselves and might know of a site I could purchase a new led screen. The camera is a Sony.

Thanks...for any info. tish

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Amazing!!.... A honest owner. Most would just say "I don't know what happened, it just broke".

I wish I could help, but I believe that this project would be beyond most people's ability, even if you could find the replacement part/s.



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Some manufacturers will repair their own products directly if you mail it to them. Charges would apply but it would eliminate the middle man (camera shop).

Did you check the manufacturer's website or contact them?


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No I hadn't contacted Sony but I planned to. I really thought it would cost even more to repair it from Sony. I never "bought a warrantee" cause I thought it was a waste of $$. I did plan to take care of it after-all. Oh well.
Thanks. tish

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What model is it? I may have a used LCD for you since I repair Sony cameras and have some units that people left because they didn't want them repaired. LCD's are not cheap.

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Steve, if you are still there, it took awhile to get back here as we had a good deal of computer and server connection problems, had to try another server, etc.

The camera is Sony Cybershot BSC - P92, MPEG Movie VX. If I could get a replacement screen, would it be easy to replace? Like unplug, disconnect, replace. Is there a chance I would mess up the works of the rest of the camera in trying to replace the screen? Thanks, tish

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Don't fool around with it, get another camera. The prices are unbelievably reasonable comapared to what they were two years ago.

Struggle with what you got until Feb. Don't buy now...companies are gearing up for Christmas. The deals will be better after the holiday season.


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Did Steve ever get back to you? Here's a link to the LCD
But its $100
I'm not familiar with the 92 only the 73/72/41. The main layout seems similar and the problem will be your expertise in opening the camera and unclamping the end of the flex without breaking the practically microscopic clamping device (done it!)
Also I've repaired cameras by getting parts off eBay and for a camera like the 5 mp Sonys which are very sought after you'll be hard pressed to find a cheap intact LCD. I fixed my DSC-P73 but it took 9 months and ultimately cost ~ $70 for camera and LCD parts camera.

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Buy a new one and keep that on as a back up. Don't miss the Chirstmas photos with a camera in repair.

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