Water leak - Mold?

ronellisOctober 2, 2007

My AC condensation drain backed up overnight. My unit is on the 2nd floor and some (very little) water dripped onto the 1st floor ceiling, which is sheet rock covered by bead board. It was enough water to leak though the bead board in a few spots.

The condensation drain is now cleared, and there is no longer a source of moisture, but the space (between 1st & 2nd floor) is closed and probably won't dry quickly.

What is the probability that mold will grow and survive? Should I take up part of the upstairs subfloor to dry the space out?

Thanks for your help.

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i would not worry abotu a one time leak. mold needs moisture to survive, so if it does not leak again the mold will die of thirst.though i seriously doubt any forms.

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