Please help me with this hook-up.........

catherinetAugust 31, 2006


I have a DVD recorder/VCR hooked up to my TV. But I'm adding a VCR to things. Is there an easy way to do this? I have all the instruction booklets from all 3 machines, but can't seem to find instructions on this

3-way set-up. I just have an antenna and no cable. If you could explain it to me, like you would a 10 year old, that would be appreciated! :)


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What do you intend to do with these machines? Record on all three? Record only tapes on one machine? Is the "new" VCR only for playback? Once you tell us that, we can tell you the easiest way to hook up everything.

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Hi Steve,

The DVD recorder/VCR was originally to transfer home movies to discs, and also tape shows on the VCR, and watch DVD movies. But.....the remote is so complex for my everyday taping of shows, that I decided to buy a simple VCR for that. I didn't want to wear out the VCR function of the expensive DVD recorder/VCR. So.....that machine will be basically for transferring VHS tapes to DVDs. The new, simple VCR will be for taping my favorite shows every day.

After trying to get the new simple VCR to work, we're discovering that it has to have a co-axial from the antenna, and then a connection back to the TV. (plus the 3 colored wires to the TV). We need to get a couple splitters to do this, so we can have both machines hooked up at once. But just to get the VCR working, we've disconnected the needed wires from the DVD/VCR and plugged them into the VCR.
Our dilemma has now become that, even after doing the initial set-up on the new VCR, the tapes won't play on the TV, nor can we watch the TV through it. I'm sorry I'm so stupid about this. Any help is really appreciated!

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